Newsletter for the week ending Friday 5th July
5 July 2024

A week that is included: Year 6 play – it was very good; talent show auditions; Greek mythology; two football matches against other schools; exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb; members of the choir once again on the road performing; musical workshops at Bridwell  Park and an online safety workshop for upper key stage two are a few examples of the breadth of enriching activities that happen in any given week.

As part of Devon’s work on Ordinarily Available Inclusive Provision (OAIP) Devon CC would like to invite parents/carers to co-produce the section of the framework which outlines expectations for Working in Partnership with Parents. They are holding a parent workshop on Tuesday 9th July 9.30-11am at Roundswell Community Primary School open for all parents who have children in any primary or secondary setting to attend. For more information please click here and here.

Matters relating to penalty notices for unauthorised absence have changed and that information can be found here.

Working with Exeter City FC, North Devon Regional Talent Centre are looking for Year 3 Footballers! If you would like to come along for a free coaching session and trial please register here

Wishing you all a good weekend

From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff


This week in Turtles and Dolphins we have continued finding out about the lifeboat. We have labelled parts of the Offshore Lifeboat and we have found out a little bit about the history of the lifeboat and what the first ever lifeboat looked like. We have made collage pictures of the lifeboat.

This week the children in Year 1 have created their own books based on our key text Tell me a dragon.  They have written some wonderful descriptive sentences and created amazing dragons of their own.  In maths this week we have started our new unit on Money, looking at recognising coins and their value. On Wednesday they really enjoyed watching the Year 6 play, it was brilliant with lots of hilarious moments.  Some of the children auditioned in class for the talent show and we have been thoroughly entertained by all the acts. Just like the country this week, the children took part in a vote today to decide who would go through to the talent show final on Monday. We had our own polling station in class and a voting box.  It was a very exciting and close race, we wish the winners all the best for the final!

On Thursday Year 2 held their own important vote – everyone voted for their favourite talent show act to go forward to the final on Monday. Well done everyone who took part in the talent show auditions – there was a wide array of talents on show including singing, dancing, ukulele playing, guitar playing, reciting Maths facts and reciting a poem. You all did amazingly! In English this week they have been reading seaside poems and writing their own using alliteration and rhymes. In Maths, they have been looking at subtracting 2 digit numbers using different methods. For their outdoor learning session, they asked the question: Do the biggest seeds grow the biggest plants? They are looking forward to seeing the results of their planting and growing over the next couple of weeks. Next week we have some sessions in the Art Studio for a Design and Technology project.

Year 3 have had a great week! In Maths, we learnt all about right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles and we also recapped lines of symmetry. In English, we read all about how Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb. We wrote a telegram in the voice of Howard Carter to Lord Carnarvon to ask him to come to the tomb quickly. We then used noun phrases to write a diary entry to describe all of the things that were discovered when the tomb was opened. This week, we have also spent a few days on a Design and Technology project. We designed, made and evaluated our own paper circuit cards. We had to use an LED light, copper tape and a battery to create a card that had a light that would light up when a button was pressed. We also watched the auditions for Appledore’s Got Talent and we were very impressed by all of the different acts that we saw.

In HMS Echo (year 4) this week, the children have started learning about statistics in Maths, where they are looking at different graphs to interpret data and create their own graphs, such as bar charts, line graphs and pictograms. In English, the children are busy writing their own quest story where they will publish this next week when it is finally finished – they are writing quite long and complex stories! In History, we looked at why Britain was considered ‘the workshop of the world’ during the Industrial Revolution. In Science, we looked at what volume is and how sound waves vary when it shows quiet and loud sounds. In our Values, we had a parent come in to inspire us with their job as a lifeguard!

Year 5 has had another busy week.  We have started to read and learn about ancient Greek myths,starting with the story of Persephone and Hades while in maths we have continued to add and subtract decimals numbers.  A lot has been happening outside of the classroom this week.  On Tuesday the choir members went to West Buckland school for a musical day.  I heard they were extremely well behaved and sang beautifully.  On Wednesday the boys football team went to St Margarets and had a fantastic win (6-2).  Well done boys.  We had our class auditions for the ‘Appledore’s Got Talent’ competition.  Well done to all the acts who auditioned.  The winning act will perform again on Monday in the final.  We wish them good luck.  We have an outdoor learning session, dissecting parts of a plant and learning each of the jobs they have.  We end the week with a trip to The Mix, taking part in many musical workshops, at Bridwell Park.

The year 5 members of the choir attended a music day at West Buckland school on Tuesday. They rehearsed alongside other schools in the morning and then performed to parents in a lovely concert in the afternoon. The repertoire was very varied with everything from sea shanties to pop songs and musical theatre. The concert ended with a stirring rendition of Wonderful World. The children had a thoroughly enjoyable day and the sound they made with the other schools was truly beautiful.

Year 6 have enjoyed performing their play this week; we hope you enjoyed it too! It was great to see the children having fun and there are some amazing performers between them. They have also had a workshop this week on peer pressure and alcohol – they should have brought a fact sheet home with them to share with you. The workshop had quite a powerful message about standing up for yourself and not following the crowd through fear of missing out and being different – all a very difficult concept as you grow up. In the class, nobody was able to take this step and all opted to follow the crowd – this was discussed with them, but it may be an area to have conversations with your child about in light of moving on to secondary school. We have Lundy on Tuesday and the weather is mixed (keeps changing). Please ensure your child is going to be dry/warm enough as it’s a long day if you’re cold and wet! Meet on Bideford Quay at 7am. Thank you to all those who have sent in a baby picture of their child – please can I have them as soon as possible. You can email them to school or bring in a picture. Mrs O’Shea has asked if you can all check everywhere at home for any school reading books – we seem to be quite a few short and we would love to have them back as soon as possible so that they can be sorted for next year!

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