All children from Reception to Year 6 contribute to the team ethic and success of their house.

“Being in a house is fun, because you get to work and learn together with people from other classes. It’s a team thing and makes me more determined to put extra in for my team.”

Suggested by the children, the names of our four houses reflect Appledore’s maritime links with the seas and oceans of the world. Each house has a House Captain and Vice Captain elected annually by the members of that house and throughout the year they meet to plan House activities and competitions. These events are deliberately varied to provide each member of each House an opportunity to contribute to the success of their House and to develop a wide range of personal attributes, not least teamwork, confidence and a sense of pride to name but a few.

The whole House (including the staff who are also in a house!) meets to plan and prepare for activities and competitions such as art, singing, poetry, football and handball. House Points are awarded for participation in these events and for displays and actions worthy during everday school life.

At the end of each term the House with highest total is awarded the Cabin House Cup, sponsored by the Cabin House Coffee Shop in Appledore, and receives an afternoon of reward.  To find out how each House is fairing and about forthcoming House activites please see the ‘tubes’ and timetable of events in our Reception Area.   

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