Turtles & Dolphins (Foundation Stage Unit)

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We walked down to The Quay to look at the poppies on the anchor and to pay our respects.

Turtles and Dolphins have had great fun this week learning about why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We have made rockets, visited The Jungle to make campfires and we finished the week off with our Firework Party. It was great to be able to hold this event this year and we hope you had as much fun as we did. We need to thank BLaK Property for buying the fireworks and sparklers and letting them off for us.


Dolphins have won the Values Cup this half term for being Inclusive. Miss Olliffe and Mrs Bannister notice them playing on the monkey bars. Children were having a go and were a little unsure and they sat on the bank cheering, “You can do it!”


We were set the challenge of making a scarecrow. Turtle’s Scarecrow is called Pumpkin Shazza and Dolphin’s Scarecrow is called Rainbow Blue.


We made sheep cakes.

We spent the afternoon in The Jungle looking for spiders. We remembered what Steve had told us – we looked in dark places and were very careful and quiet when we saw one.


Steve from Exmoor Zoo visited us today. We showed us Sharon the spider and some of her friends. We learned how to carry a spider outside safely. 


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