RESPONSIBLE is our core value for this half term
6 September 2017

This year we have launched our new PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) curriculum based on twelve core values we believe important. The twelve values are responsible, inclusive, inspirational, honest, appreciative, cooperative, respectful, kind, determined, creative, positive and successful.

The children were introduced to ‘Responsible’ in an assemby (with a little help from Marge Simpson(and not a lot of help from Homer Simpson!)) or a visit to their class for an explanation. Over the term they will learn more about what being responsible means with the aim of them becoming more responsible. At the end of the term, progress in becmong more repsonsible will be celebrated in an assemly and one child will be awarded our Values Cup, complete with their name engraved on it!  For that to happen, we need to know what your child, or another child you have witnessed being responsible, do so please do inform your teacher or email me on so they can be considered. 


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