Newsletter for week ending 21st September 2018
21 September 2018

Please read on to find out about internet safety training for our older children, cross country, parking concerns and much, much more in and around the classes…


The end of another busy week and it has been a delight to see all the children, particularly our new ones, grow in confidence as they settle into their new routines and begin to find their voice!

September rain can only mean one thing…the Glidden and Squire cross ountry programme is upon us with the first race this Sunday (there’s still time to enter on the day). Good luck to all our runners and be sure to tie your shoes tight and/or tape them up because the mud through the trees at Kingsley School has claimed many a trainer never to be seen again!

Yesterday our older children received training on safe use of safe use and appropriate amount of time on the interent in the form of an interactive workshop. We have received concerning information from children (some even in our Foundation Stage Unit) of playing Fortnite, sometimes excessively into the night. Please be aware Fortnite has an an age rating of 12 for a sensible reason. 

Please respect the fact Kingsley Avenue is is not for stopping on when dropping off or collecting. Not only is it a private road, so it’s not permitted, some crazy drivig this week by some parents has put children at risk of an accident. 


This week in FSU we have looked at Batman and Bananaman as our Superheroes. We have made a Bat Cave and a Bat Mobile for a role play area, along with making masks and the Bat light. We have also designed and made our own Superhero capes. Today we thought about what Bananman might eat to keep up his strength and we made our own smoothies.

This week in Year 1 we have started to innovate the story Dear Zoo. We thought of different animals that the zoo might send and thought of reasons why they might be sent back. We have made a story plan of our new story and now we’re ready to write the story. In Maths we have been counting forwards and backwards, and finding one more and one less than a number. We have drawn bodies and labelled the body parts. We have also had our first Philosophy session as Year 1. Everyone listened really well and thought of good questions about the story ‘Please Mr Panda’. We discussed the question ‘Why did the lemur get all of the doughnuts and why didn’t he share?’

In Maths this week, Lundy Puffins have been partitioning 2-digit numbers into tens and ones and comparing numbers. In English, they have continued reading the book Traction Man and have been learning about verbs and how to choose effective verbs for their sentences. For P4C, they looked at a story called ‘Please, Mr Panda’, which a story about making sure we always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. The question they chose to discuss was ‘Why did the lemur have the doughnuts, but the other animals didn’t?’ There were some really interesting discussions and it was really obvious they had done lots of P4C in Year 1 as they were brilliant at listening to each other – well done! On Thursday, they had an art morning with Abby and collaged a super hero badge.

Seahunter’s week go off to a great start in the art studio. Our school focus for this half term is collage so the children were experimenting with some techniques that they could use. These included string pictures, tissue paper tearing and layering and creating a textures page in their sketch books. They will use the information they have gathered to create some collages of historical artefacts towards the end of the half term. In Maths they have done really well and made great progress with their understanding of place value as well as their reasoning skills. We have been particularly impressed with their ability to explain their thinking and justify their answers with evidence. In English, we have worked on our How to be a… poems. We had fun dressing Edie up as a scarecrow and wrote poems about it. We will work on the skills we need to develop further over the next few days, ready for out poetry writing day on Wednesday.

This week in English, HMS Echo have learnt how to use apostrophes for possession and how to write simple and compound sentences. In Maths, we have been looking at the place value of 4 digit numbers and how to partition numbers using the part-whole model. For Topic, the children learnt about the life of a an Ancient Greek family. The class have been continuing to practise their tag rugby skills in P.E. In our Philosophy session we watched a clip from the film ‘Surf’s Up’ from which we discussed our question, ‘Why did Big Z pick the little penguin to have the medal instead of the others?’. The children have also enjoyed their first session in the Art Studio this half term where they have created their Christmas designs for our upcoming School Christmas Card Project. You will be able to order these next month ready for Christmas!

This week in Year 5 we have been learning about the power of 10 in Maths, for example 10 to the power of 3 (10 ³ = 1 x 10 x 10 x 10) is 1000. In English, we have been taught how to use fronted adverbials including ISPACE and expanded noun phrases. In P.E we played bench ball. We had a visit about Virtual Reality and online safety, in the form of a play. The character Chip, changed into a badly behaved and miserable person, after spending too long playing games online – we need to enjoy our childhood whilst it lasts. Don’t forget about choir on Thursdays. There are also open evenings/mornings at the secondary schools – let us know if you’re going. We have letters about a school trip to The Big Bang out this week.

This week, our class have carried on writing about Macbeth and are nearing the end of the story. In maths, we have started a week of addition and subtraction and have done some fractions work with Mrs L Evans. In science, everyone has been exploring the function of the lungs and we have also found out more on the heart. Today we had a first aid lesson on how to perform CPR and put someone in the recovery position. Last of all, in topic, our class have written about Catherine of Aragon- King Henry the eighth’s wife! Reporter: Isabella


Have a lovely weekend
From Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children

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