Newsletter for week ending 18th November
19 November 2016

Please read on for Around the Classes, Christmas dates and other announcements…


No football club on Wednesday 7th December.
Shebbear College Entrance & Scholarship Examinations. Register now on 01409 282001 or email: 23rd – 27th January
Over 80 filled shoeboxes with presents for children less fortunate than ours dispatched to Operation Christmas Child! What an outstanding effort.

Christmas Dates for the Diary

2nd December, 2pm, Key Stage 1 (years 1&2), Christmas Performance, Community Hall, Appledore.
6nd December, 10am, Key Stage 1 (years 1&2), Christmas Performance, School Hall.
6th December, 2pm, Foundation Stage (Turtles & Dophins), Christmas Performance, School Hall.
7th December, 10am, Foundation Stage (Turtles & Dophins), Christmas Performance, School Hall.
13th December, 2pm, St Mary’s Church, Key Stage 2 (years 3-4) Carol Service. Please note this date has changed.

Around the Classes

In FSU we continued our theme of space this week and looked at the planets. We have named the planets and described what they look like and have listen to the planet music to see if we could identify them all. We found out lots of facts about the sun and sung a song incorporating these facts. We finished the week off by making moon buggies!

This week has been a bit different with Abby instead of Mrs Stephens from Monday to Wednesday. We have started our new Maths unit, looking at numbers and the patterns they make. We played Bingo with the numicon. Then we used Maths resources such as the Base 10, Numicon and Bead Strings to make numbers. Our partners had to guess what number we had made. We thought of a number and tried to think of as many number sentences as we could which had that number as an answer. In Writing we have started looking at our new book – Traction Man. Before we read the book we tried to guess what we thought might happen in the story. We have also written an information page about our favourite cuddly toy. Friday had a Pudsey Bear theme. In Maths we counted the spots on Pudsey’s eye patch, and then worked out how many spots he would have if he had 1 more or 1 less. Then we wrote a story about why we think Pudsey has to wear an eye patch.

In maths, Lundy Puffins have begun to look at 2D shapes, naming them and describing their properties. In English, they have planned and have started to write their own stories based on our class text ‘Augustus and his smile’. They have tried hard to bring together everything they have learned over the past three weeks to put into their story. Practising for the play has begun and we are now rehearsing in the hall. Thank you for continuing to practise the lines with your child; it is having a big impact.

Seahunter have had a great week and have completed their amazing Paddington stories. They’ll be in the writers board next week for all to enjoy. They have also worked really hard in multiplication and division and made super progress. We have been really lucky to have Miss Goodman teaching for the past 4 weeks and today was her last teaching day until the summer term. She will be in each week until Christmas but the children will definitely miss her teaching and we wish her well in her Spring term school placement.

This week, Year 4 have written a report about Ancient Greek theatre. They found out that the audience would throw food at the actors, if they did not like the play. Luckily, this doesn’t happen in the classroom! In maths, they have explored Archimedes Bath. This included looking at a line graph to show what happens to the depth of water over 100 minutes, as the tap is put on, the plug is taken out and Archimedes gets in and out! In DT, the children have enjoyed making various pop up mechanisms which they will use to design a pop up picture to illustrate a Greek myth.

Problem solving with addition and subtraction in maths has been making a few brains hurt this week in Year 5- skills seem to be improving and we have become better at reading and understanding the questions. Literacy has had a drama element this week as we have been looking at character emotions and have created freeze frames of sections of the text, trying to show the emotions at key points. We should finish reading our text next week and begin writing some of our own tales. We have been busy in science with testing materials to see whether they will dissolve or not and also looking at reversible and irreversible changes. In PE, our teamwork has improved by passing the ball accuratley and effectively in Handball. Please remember the next payment for next year’s residential is due by 25th November (£30) and also £20 by the 16th December.

During this week a number of things have been completed: Maths, Literacy, Topic and P.E, the usual. In Maths we started our new maths topic, Proportion and Ratio. In Literacy we wrote some more about Macbeth and also started our own version of the story from some of the characters perspective. We could choose from a variety of characters including: Banquo, King Duncan and The Weird Sisters, there were a lot more though! In topic we did a bit of finishing off our Tudor work like Homes or Tudor London. Finally, in P.E we did Cross Country on Monday and Tudor dance with opposite gender on Wednesday (which also links to our topic).
By Class Reporters, William and Laurence.

Have a great weekend,
From Jeremy Cooper and all the pupils and staff.

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