Newsletter for week end 3rd March
3 March 2017

Please read on to find out what has been happening in school this week.  Parents evening for years 1-6 are scheduled for the week commencing 27th March. More information to follow.

Parents Evenings
A reminder that parents evenings for Years 1-6 are planned for the week commencing 27th March. More information to follow.

Non-Uniform Days
24th March – Wear Red for Red Nose Day (small donation please)
28th March – Wear House colours for House events (no donation please)

Home School Agreement
I reminder that we have in place a home school agreement and this can be viewed by clicking here.

Thrift Club
There will be no Thrift Club 6th march, so the next pay-in day will be 13th March.

Around the Classes

This week in FSU we have travelled a little closer to home and visited Scotland. We have found out who the Loch Ness monster is, painting him and pretending to be him. We have enjoyed moving to Scottish music and finding out who St Andrew was and why the flag is a cross. We would like to thank Nick Messenger for coming in to talk to us. And how could we forget pancake day? – we enjoyed cooking pancakes and having pancake races! Our new outdoor area has been built this week and we look forward to playing with the new equipment next week.

In Year 1 we have continued looking at the book ‘No-Bot the Robot’. We have thought about how the characters feel at different points in the story. We have also looked at punctuation, including speech marks. In Maths we have been learning how to halve numbers, including 2 and 3 digit numbers. We have drawn robots which we will use as the background for our collages. We have also watched a video about how to make a string puppet, ready to make our own robot string puppets. For World Book Day we shared our favourite books, and wrote about them.We also got into small groups to do a Book Quiz from the World Book

Lundy Puffins have worked hard to learn the song ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’ and will  be performing it to other Bideford schools on Friday morning. We hope to be
able to record the performance, so will be able to show you once back in  school. In English, they have continued to read the book ‘Previously’ and have  looked at the verbs in the story. In Maths, they have been working on their  times tables and word problems involving multiplication. They have begun to  create their castles ready for printing next week and have looked at some  different parts of a castle. Some advance warning: on Wednesday 15th March we  have a printing workshop delivered by some visiting artists and are looking for  volunteers to support us with this. If you can spare some time, please let us  know.

Seahunter have worked really hard to produce some beautiful work following their visit to the Eden Project. They have written poems to describe their experience in the tropical biome and drawn a view into the biome through one of how hexagonal windows. In Maths they have worked hard on column addition and been able to explain their thinking brilliantly. Finally, in English they have collected evidence of dragon sightings and have statedto plan  their  own dragon reports. It has been a busy week and they have all tried really hard…well done Seahunter!

This week, Year 4 have been looking at the book Beatrice’s Dream. It is about a 13 year old girl growing up in Nigeria.We will be using the text to help with our recount writing. In maths, we have compared units of measurement and converted them, by multiplying and dividing by 1000. Next week, we will be looking at Roman soldier tactics and trying to make formations as an army, so watch out!

Year 5 have been problem solving in maths with fractions – they have been working hard on showing their working and trying to draw images to help them. In literacy they are writing their final persuasive piece about planets – some are so persuasive, if the places were real, the holidays could sell out! In science we have been finding out about the moon – this will go onto explaining about dayand night and the seasons. For homework we have been seeing amazing creations and have shared some fascinating facts about space. It is actually quite amazing to think about how much is known and how technology is now helping us to find out more – we had an interesting discussion about the latest announcment about the other planets ‘like ours’ that have been discovered. We enjoyed sharing stories on World Book Day and we are keen to try many new books – we decided that we love reading!

During this week we have done multiple things in Year 6, as usual: English, ICT, maths, topic, assembly, a special play and P.E and science. In English we started our new subject on The Tempest, which we do every day. We watched a short clip twice and made notes the second time so in our writing we can work from them. Along with ICT we joined up topic with it finishing of any un-finished work. We also started some new work on co-ordinates which we are really getting the hang of! We also did some science in which we worked on our shadows subject. In topic, and I said this earlier, we linked it up with ICT to finish of some work. In assembly we watched another Christian play about the Bible. Half the class also went to see a Spanish play which was completely in Spanish so nobody could understand! Aside from that, it was still a brilliant play!
By Class reporter, Laurence. Only me this week, because my co-writer has taken vow of silence (for the day)

Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff and children.

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