Newsletter for the week ending Friday 6th May
6 May 2022

A shorter week, but it hasn’t felt like it with all that has been going on in and around the classes!  Please read the main text of this post to find out more.
We have vacancies on our governing body. Please click here to find out more and how to arrange an informal conversation to find out if it is for you.
This week the governors reviewed the possibility of the school providing a holiday club. Due to both operational difficulties that the school has been unable to overcome and the limited demand for places for children at Appledore School the holiday club will not reopen. We are sorry for any convenience this may cause. The before and afterschool club will continue to operate as the school continues to seek a manager to oversee it.
Carol Anne NC is a large Netball club based in Barnstaple catering for all ages and abilities. They are recognised by our governing body England Netball as a Gold accredited club under the CAPS and Sport England Clubmark accreditation scheme, meaning they are a well run and highly regarded club. They are really keen to welcome players that are new to netball, especially years 2, 3, 4 & 5  who would be part of their U9’s and U11’s age groups.For more information: Website:


Wishing you all a lovely weekend

From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff


In Turtles and Dolphins this week we have carried on using the book ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ to help us with our learning. We have looked at the Coral Reef, the mud flats and the midnight zone to work out where the animals from the story live. We have changed our role play areas to under the sea. We have been using the binoculars to identify the animals that we can see. We have also made moving sea pictures. Today, we enjoyed visiting the Library to change our books.

This week in Year 1 we have carried on with our oceans book in Literacy and the class have really enjoyed learning about different animals. We are writing our own version of the book about minibeasts, so this week we went on a minibeast hunt around the school to see what we could find. In Maths we have been learning about capacity and have been comparing items to see which one holds the most liquid. In our Values lessons we have started our new topic of positivity so we have completed journals where we thought about ways in which we are unique and special. We also chose positive affirmations that described ourselves.

Year 2 hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend. We have had a busy week, even though it has been a short one. In Maths we have continued recapping our learning. This week we have focussed on multiplication, particularly the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. In English we have continued our work on The Dragon Machine, the children have written letters to explain what happened when the dragons came into our classroom. In our Topic work we answered the question ‘How do people enjoy themselves at the Seaside?’. In Computing we have looked at the BeeBots. Our Philosophy session this week will be based around the book ‘The Bear, the Piano, the Dog and the Fiddle’ by David Litchfield.

Year 3 continued their work on physical theatre when they told the next part of the story of On Sudden Hill. Some members of each group are becoming important parts of the scenery and props and are being manipulated by the other actors. Year 4 selected instruments to add texture to their compositions. Each counter rhythm is going to be played on a different instrument. Year 5 developed their dance by tackling some challenging choreography. Their own motifs were performed in a waterfall effect so that their were changing numbers on stage.  Year 6 filmed the montages to accompany their reworking of the SATs song. They had good fun and we got the footage in one take!

Seahunter have been learning how to recognise and find halves and quarters in Maths. In English, we have recapped what an adverb is and the children have written up their invent writing using the skills they have learnt through Paddington. Next week, we will be starting our new text ‘A River’ which links to our new Topic. The children have begun their Topic learning by ordering pictures of a river from source to mouth. The children are taking part in both swimming lessons at Northam pool and tennis lessons at school run by Atlantic Racquet Centre. The class enjoyed taking part in both sessions this week and are excited for next week’s lessons!

HMS Echo have been amazing film stars and explainers this week, recording themselves explaining the human digestive system. They created tabards to wear with a labelled diagram of the digestive organs so they had their insides on the outside! They then talked through each step and what happens. They did a fabulous job. They then developed their computing skills by uploading their videos to Google Slides and learnt how to create a hyperlink to a digestion quiz. They also enjoyed their first tennis session with Lottie from ARC this week. Finally, in PSHE, we read ‘Have You Filled A Bucket’, which is a story about how the things we say and do can make others feel better or worse about themselves (filling or emptying their bucket). We have a giant bucket on the wall that the children are filling with suggestions for being bucket fillers. We will share some of their great ideas next week

This week year 5 have started to find out more about the explorer Ernest Shackleton and his crew on Endurance.  We have written letters of application to join his crew and then researched one of the actual crew and found out more about their job on the expedition. Our class story book (Race to the Frozen North) is about the explorer Matthew Henson, and the challenges he faced due to the colour of his skin.  In history we discussed the question ‘Why did England have so much debt when Elizabeth 1 came onto the throne?’  We used the Chromebooks to create some word art; linking this to the current positivity value and listening to the story ‘Two Seeds’.  In maths we have been using the protractor to measure angles.  All the class enjoyed their tennis session with Lottie (ARC) and have playing cricket.

Year 6 have had an incredibly busy week refining their skills in maths, spelling and grammar. I have been impressed by their hard work. It’s the last chance to revise those skills this weekend so I hope they will take the chance and have some fun too! With the weather improving, and our timetable adapting a little after SATs week, please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school every day – we have some hockey (Thursday 12th May, pm), rounders and cricket sessions to look forward to. I am hoping to sort a trip to the Wake Park for nearer the end of term so look out for more information on this to follow soon.

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