Newsletter for the week ending Friday 5th May
5 May 2023

A sea of red, white and blue and many crowns and tiaras too!  A super day to bring in the coronation bank holiday weekend.

Please take a look at the diary dates, including an online safety workshop we have booked for parents, and what has been going on in each class by scrolling down or clicking ‘more’.

Have a lovely weekend from

Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff

Diary Dates

  • Sarah Weston is hosting a meeting Friday 5th May @3.30pm in the hall for anyone who would like to volunteer for the parade dressed as characters in the theme of Matilda and/or for decorating the float.
  • Castle Hill Creatives Art & Crafts Spring Fair which will take place on Saturday 13th May 2023 from 10 am until 4 pm at Castle Hill Community Center in Great Torrington, EX38 8AA
  • Sports Day is Tuesday 23rd May (weather permitting!). Please click here for the details and here for a poster by the children. Please be aware that changes to this plan could be required and potentially at short notice – hopefully not though!
  • We have booked a live online safety parent workshop on Monday 3rd July at 5pm delivered by Devon County Council Safeguarding Team you will be able to access live virtually from your own device or here on a big screen. It will last for approximately one and a half hours and we have deliberately scheduled it just before the summer holidays when children typically spend more time online. You will be able access it remotely on or clicking here We will remind you nearer the time.


This week in Turtles and Dolphins we have started to celebrate the King’s Coronation. We reminded ourselves of our learning about London, looking at Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament. We have found out a little bit about King Charles and what the Coronation will look like. We have made flags and crowns and drawn pictures of King Charles. Today we had a street party. This morning we acted out the Coronation. We made sandwiches and cakes to have at our party this afternoon.

In Year 1 this week we have made our own lift the flap books in the style of our Oceans book, but written about minibeasts! To decide which minibeasts to write about we first went on a minibeast hunt to see which minibeasts we might find around the school, in pairs we wrote them down and then had a go at drawing them. In Maths we have started our multiplication and division topic, starting with counting in 2s. We are amazing at counting in 2s up to 10 so we are now practising up to 20 and seeing how much further we could go! In our topic lesson we thought about what we might find in the ocean, both living and not. We discussed how litter can get into the ocean and then made posters to tell people the dangers of rubbish getting into the ocean. Unfortunately we have heard back from the organisers of the KS1 Music Morning on 18th May and parents are unable to come and watch this time, so we will record the class singing the songs we will be performing and upload it to Google Classroom for you to see!

Lundy Puffins (year 2) have started to look at a new book this week for English which is called ‘Outdoor Wonderland’. They will be learning how to write instructions. In Maths, they have continued to learn about fractions and have been looking at two thirds and finding out that 2 quarters is the same as a half. In their Science learning, they went around the school looking at different objects and found out what material they were made from and had a go at saying why that material was suitable. They will be continuing with this during their outdoor learning time where they will be finding out about man made and natural materials.  Each child has been given a login to Times Table Rockstars via Google Classroom, so make sure you take a look if you haven’t already done so.

Year 3 wrote a person specification and a job description for the role of disciple. They then applied for the job. In music they played a German lullaby on the recorder and in their French lesson learnt some traditional French songs. Year 4 learnt how to play the accompaniment to a sea shanty on the chime bars. In RE they imagined what it must have been like when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost. Year 5 looked at the imagery in the sermon on the mount. In music they began to recognise the notes G, A and B on the stave. Year 6 considered the meaning of The Parable of The Great Banquet. They explored the dramatic change in the music by changing their physicality in the dance lesson and in French they translated a description of a monster to help them draw in accurately.

Seahunter class (year 3) have had a fantastic week! We have continued our learning on rivers in geography. We recapped the vocabulary that we learned last week and then drew our own rivers and labelled the journey. In science, we monitored our investigation looking at what plants need for life and growth. We then did some research to look at how some plants are adapted to certain conditions and learned that a plant’s requirements for survival and growth varies. In English, we discovered a glass bottle in our classroom with a note and a map inside. Using the present perfect tense, we wrote a short news story to report on the message found in the bottle. In PE, we have really been enjoying learning new tennis skills and we have also been working on our agility skills and had a go at seeing how quickly we could react and catch a tennis ball when it was dropped from shoulder height.

In HMS Echo (year 4) this week, we had fun making electrical circuits as part of our Science. The children were able to make a lightbulb light, a buzzer buzz and a motor spin! In Topic, we’re learning about how to conserve water and why conserving water is important. The children are going to design a poster or booklet encouraging people to save water. In English, the children have written setting descriptions about their circus and they’ve been a joy to read – the children have tried really hard at including some excellent vocabulary to make it more descriptive. Next week, we’ll be preparing to write a story. In Maths, we’re coming to the end of decimals and will move onto money next week. Finally, as part of our value this term ‘inclusive’, we read the story ‘Pink is for Boys’ and the class had some interesting discussions about how children, no matter what gender you are, can like any colour you like, and you shouldn’t be judged for what you like.

Another very busy week for year 5.  We have continued with our story writing about Shackleton’s journey to the South Pole.  We have learnt how the men survived once their ship sank and how they had to leave their dogs behind.  In our geography sessions we have found out about Elephant Island and how they survived in these harsh weather conditions.  In maths we have been finding out about angles around a point and angles on a straight line.  Our science has looked at the butterfly life cycle, and with live caterpillars in the classroom, we are hoping to witness, first hand, the miracle of metamorphosis. Our outdoor learning session focused on pollination and parts of a flowering plant.

Year 6 have been putting thier brains to the test this week ready for SATs next week – they have a few final little things to revise over the weekend and then they are set – the hard work done! Don’t forget meeting in the hall at 8:45am, after placing bags in the cloakroom as normal. Fresh fruit snacks can go in coat pockets/bags. Please don’t go into the classroom as it will all be set ready. We will have  2nd breakfast in the hall for those having food – if not, join us in there anyway. We can then register you and there will be time for a short run around and toilet stop before we get going. Homework this week is checking those last minute things you know you need to,  plenty of rest and relaxation! See you ready to ‘show your stuff’, on Tuesday, for the Grammar paper, short break and then the spellings!

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