Newsletter for the week ending Friday 28th June
26 June 2024

Dragon eggs, River Nile and writing quest stories is just a sample of what has been happening and is documented in Around the Classes, so please read on to find out more…

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Wishing you all a super weekend

From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff


This week in Turtles and Dolphins we have been learning about the lifeboat. On Monday we had a great day visiting the Lifeboat Station. Owen and Martin taught us a lot about how they save people. We have compared the Inshore and Offshore boats and looked at the clothes that they have to wear onboard both boats. We have made collages of the lifeboat and made prints using potato skins.

We have some eggciting news from Year 1. Our dragon has hatched and we have had to be very quiet in the classroom so we didn’t scare it. The children have been fascinated by its colours and shapes on its body. They thought of fantastic names for it and how we could describe it. They have started to create ideas for their own dragons and what special powers it may have. We have had to send the Dragon back today so they were very sad having to say goodbye to it. On Thursday they thoroughly enjoyed their morning in Year 2 and are particularly excited about having their own pencil cases next year. We have finished the week with another fantastic tennis lesson where they were praised for super listening and how much they have improved. Well done Year 1 and have a super weekend!

Year 2 were very excited to spend the morning in the year 3 classroom on Thursday to meet their new teacher and teaching assistant. In Maths this week, they have been completing some assessments and then going back over some of their Year 2 learning so they are ready for KS2 in September. Please see the link for Timestables Rockstars on Google Classroom which will help children to learn and remember their 2, 5 and 10x tables. In English, they have been making their dragon writing into books which will be ready to share soon. Everyone has tried so hard with their handwriting – well done! In their History work they looked at paintings of seaside holidays from 150 years ago and acted out some of the things they could see. They enjoyed their tennis lesson on Thursday afternoon and are looking forward to another outdoor learning session next week which will be on Thursday not Friday.

In RE year 3, the children are looking at how religious and non religious people seek to make the world a better place. The focused on particular charities that have religious affiliations. Year 4, are looking at how different religions mark and celebrate particular moments in their life. The watched a Hindu naming ceremony and a sacred thread ceremony and a bar mitzvah. They marked these ceremonies on an illustrated road showing a person’s life. Year 5, are considering why some people believe in Fox and others don’t. They thought about where we get our ideas of what God looks like from and drew their own representations of Him. Year 6 are looking at how religion helps people in difficult times. They compared a Hindu, a Christian and a Humanist funeral.

Year 3 have had a wonderful week! In Science, we explored which materials are magnetic and which are non-magnetic. In History, we learnt about the different uses of the River Nile in ancient Egypt and learnt that it was very important to ancient Egyptians as it enabled them to water their crops using a system called irrigation. In Maths, we started a new topic on shape. We learnt new vocabulary for describing the size and direction of turns and we learnt all about right angles. We sorted different shapes in a Carroll diagram based on the number of sides and number of right angles that each shape had. In English, we wrote our own instructions for how to mummify an ancient Egyptian. We focused on using commands and adverbs in our writing. In Values, we did our own research on Malala Yousafzai and recorded our own ideas as to why we thought she was inspirational.

In HMS Echo (year 4), the children have been learning about different quadrilaterals and symmetry in Maths, where they have also had a go at drawing their own symmetrical figures. We will soon be moving on to statistics. In English, the children began writing a quest story which will take a week or so to write! They already sound really good and the children have worked hard on including some excellent vocabulary and expanded noun phrases. In History, we looked at the invention of the steam engine and the Industrial Revolution. In Science, we looked at soundproofing and how sound travels differently in different solids. They designed a bedroom to make it as sound proofed as possible! This week, the children had a day of design and technology where they designed and made their own Victorian toy using a linked lever mechanism. The children’s designs were very creative and they are very much looking forward to taking them home!

Year 5 have now published their books based on the ‘Dragonology’ text. A lot of work has gone into these so please take a look at them on display in the main building. The clay dragons emerging from an egg are also on display. These are amazing! In maths we have continued to add and subtract decimal numbers. In our history lesson we asked the question ‘What evidence exists to authenticate the story of the Trojan Horse?’ All the class returned positive, following their transition morning into Y6, and meeting next year’s teaching staff.

Year 6 have been busy with transition this week so I’m sure you’ve heard all about it. They have also made Scribblebots in science and added to their knowledge about the Maya Civilisation. We also had a visit from the Lundy Ambassador about our trip – there is so much to see on the island, it should be great fun. Please remember costumes on Monday for the play – we have our dress rehearsal on Wednesday.



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