Newsletter for the week ending Friday 24th
24 March 2023

As I write this I can hear the squeals of excitement of our reception age children in our woodland as they search for signs of the changing seasons with Sarah as part of our whole school outdoor learning provision. A sound we can never grow tired of.

Thank you for all the red and and donations last Friday for Comic Relief. You raised an impressive £225. Thank you.

A link to the Class photos has been emailed out today and please contact us if you haven’t received it.

School diary dates:

  • Spring disco Friday 21st April. Tickets available on sale on Friday 24th and Friday 31st on the bottom playground by Friends of Appledore School. Please click here for more information
  • Cake sale Friday 31st April on bottom playground after school. Donations on the day please
  • Sports day for Reception and years 1-6 is Tuesday 23rd May
  • Keep an eye out for pop up ice pop sales on the bottom playground. Details to follow prior to each one

Outside school diary dates:

  • Appledore library Easter Lego & crafts session and egg hunt during the school holidays. Please click here
  • Traditional gig rowing taster sessions taster sessions in Appledore in April (year 6 upwards). Please click here
  • Years 1-6 Bude Lifeboat Junior Run fundraising for RNLI run is Wednesday evening 14th June 2023. For more information click here
  • Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and don’t forgot the clocks change this weekend and to click more to find out what has been happening in the classes!

From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff


This week in Turtles and Dolphins we have been learning about Spring. We have found out about the chicken cycle, the butterfly cycle and the frog cycle. We have also looked at animals that are born during the Spring term and named the parent and their offspring. We have used a range of medium this week to create pictures of these cycles. Today we went to our woodland to look for signs of Spring.

This week in Year 1 we have carried on learning about the Great Fire of London and have been thinking about how we know about it. We discussed some of the ways that we find out about the past and thought about which sources of information are most useful and why. In Writing we have been creating our own version of the story The Disgusting Sandwich and loved having a go at making different sandwiches that different animals might enjoy based on their diet. In Maths we have started length and height and have been comparing objects using the words taller, shorter and longer. We had some amazing auditions for Appledore’s Got Talent this week, well done to everyone who entered and to Lottie who was voted through by the class to the final!

Lundy Puffins (year 2)  have enjoyed the last session at Northam Burrows. Although it was quite wet, everyone had a good time. Look out for the photographs on Google Classroom so you can see what they all got up to. In English, they are using the book ‘The Dragon Machine’ and are looking at the vocabulary used and trying to use this in their own sentences. In Maths, they have been measuring mass using grams and kilograms and solving word problems. The ‘Explorers’ topic has continued and this week they learnt about Christopher Columbus.

Year 3 have had a fantastic week. In history, we carried on our learning all about the Bronze Age and researched the Amesbury Archer. We looked at lots of images of his burial site and discovered that he was buried with all sorts of possessions, including spears and gold jewellery. We discussed why we thought that the discovery of the Amesbury Archer is significant and thought about what it can tell us about life in the Bronze Age. In Science, we took part in some really exciting outdoor learning where we dissected owl pellets to find out what the owl had eaten. We had a really fun end to the week when we watched everyone’s audition for the Appledore’s Got Talent Competition. We were blown away by all of the different skills and talents that we have in our class!

In HMS Echo (year 4) this week, we have started a brand new unit on Decimals in Maths and how this links to fractions – we have begun looking at tenths as fractions as decimals and will move onto hundredths. In English, the children have been working really hard at writing an explanation text of a chosen object/machine – I’m looking forward to reading them! In Science, we have been looking at how environments change, and whether this is human or natural and also discussing how this affects living things. In History, we have been learning about how Lord Shaftesbury helped steer the government during the Victorian era to change the laws so that children were treated better. In addition to this, the children have also been extremely busy practising their acts for Appledore’s Got Talent – their acts have been quite extraordinary and it’s been lovely to see how passionate and dedicated they have been for it.

Beechcroft (year 5) have been busy writing their poems in new forms: tanka, Kennings and diamante.  They have really needed to think about using effective words and knowing how many syllables they contain.  In maths we have continued with our work on statistics; this week reading and interpreting tables.  Well done to all those who auditioned for the Y5 place in Appledore’s Got Talent competition.  All acts performed brilliantly but there was only one place for the final.  Congratulations to the girls singing and dancing act who will be representing the class next week.

In Literacy, Year 6 have been having fun with the text ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’ and finding voices in objects that can’t really speak – otherwise known as personification. They will be completing their work in Chrome books so they can share it with you at home. In maths, it’s been all about data and shape. Now is the time to make sure you know the difference between all the types of triangles and the 2D and 3D shape names and properties. In PE, seated volleyball has been entertaining and actually harder than it sounds. We enjoyed our class ‘Appledore’s got Talent’ and can’t wait for the final next week!

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