Newsletter for the week ending Friday 21st July
21 July 2023

What a week and did we relax? No we didn’t! Please read the class bulletins later in this newsletter to find out what has been going on in each class that include: a trip to a castle; a day of fun at the Wake Park; a sports festival at ARC; swimming at Skern lodge and rugby, cricket and football in school to name but a few.

For information on summer cricket camps being held at Bideford Cricket Club please click here and for family adventurous activities in this area please click here.

School holidays are typically a time of increased technology and internet use by children. Please check the parental controls you have in place and talk to your children about the importance of online safety, notably: not sharing personal information online; communicating with people they know and letting you know if something has happened that has made them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. For a parent guide on a new app proving popular amongst children, W App, please click here.

Please remember that the first day back for children is Tuesday 5th September and have a lovely summer everybody. The very best of luck to everyone moving on to a new school and we look forward to welcoming everybody else, including those new to the school, in September for another busy school year.

From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff


This week in Dolphins and Turtles we have continued reading our favourite Fairy Tales. We have been reading Little Red Riding Hood, we have also read some alternative stories. On Thursday we had our Fairy Tale Ball. We loved seeing you all dressed up! We spent the morning making sandwiches and cakes. In the afternoon we went to The Jungle and had to look for clues which spelt out a word. After that we had our tea party. Thank you for a great year and have a lovely summer holiday.

Year 1 have had a lovely week to end a fantastic year. We were so excited for our trip to Dunster Castle, and despite the long coach journey, it did not disappoint! We had lots of comments from the staff at Dunster to say how amazing the children’s listening was, how well behaved they were and they were amazed by how much the class knew about castles! They pointed out lots of the features we have learnt about and could explain how important they were. We loved looking around the castle and finding out more about what it would have been like to live there and even got to see the dungeon! We have had a brilliant year with the class throwing themselves into every topic we have done and always being excited about their learning. Enjoy your well deserved summer break!

Lundy Puffins (year 2) have had a busy last week! On Monday, they went to the Atlantic Racquet Centre (ARC) for a multi-sport festival with other local schools. They spent the morning taking part in a variety of different challenges involving tennis balls, footballs and obstacle courses.  In Maths, they made board games using their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. In English, they have written their own stories based on the book ‘Previously’. On Thursday, they enjoyed the last tennis session of the year. They have been a fantastic class to work with and have worked hard all year. Well done everyone! Mrs Stephens, Mrs Halloway and I (Mrs Stanbury) wish you and your families a relaxing summer break and thank you for your support over the year.

Year 3 researches some inspirational Christians so they could inform the rest of the class about their person. They guessed the animal in Saint Saens Carnival of the Animals and made some excellent guesses for which instruments they could hear. In French, they designed a French menu that they will use in some role play set n a cafe. Year 4 compared a Hindu wedding with a Christian wedding and found some similarities and some differences. They matched the instrument to the character in Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf. Year 5 researched some scientists who were able to reconcile their faith with their scientific discipline. In music they looked at melodies using the pentatonic scale and played them on the recorder. Year 6 looked at hymns and prayers that would be suitable for a funeral and then drafted their own prayer which could be made at a difficult time. In French, years 4,5 and 6 read their description of their monster to a friend who the had to draw it and then swapped over.

Seahunter class (year 3) have had a wonderful last week! We played our first proper tag rugby game and used all of our skills that we have learned this half term to play the game and score lots of tries! In Maths, we finished our topic on shape by learning about the properties of 3D shapes and then we explored statistics. We collected our own data and created our own pictograms. In guided reading, we read the book ‘Africa, Amazing Africa’. We used our summarising skills to think about how the author described Africa. In History, we researched the role of hierarchy in ancient Egypt and learned that the pharaoh is at the top. In Science, we learned about the poles of a magnet and explored which poles attract and which repel.

The last week in HMS Echo (year 4) We have been busy finishing things off – in English, the children have spent the week writing a very lengthy folktale and it has been impressive. Their ideas are fantastic and they have written an extract in their new Year 5 books. In Maths, we have come to the end of position and direction, and are consolidating lots of other areas of Maths in preparation for Year 5. In Geography, we have learnt about “why the most largest earthquakes don’t necessarily cause the most deaths and destruction”, where we looked into how a country’s wealth has a huge impact on the impacts of earthquakes. In Science, we are looking at how to change the pitch of sounds.

Swimming at Skern Lodge and cricket in school has been a great end to year 5.  The class said goodbye to James and Jay and we wish them every success as they continue their learning journeys in new schools.  Have a great summer break with your families and look forward to seeing you return, in September, as Y6!

Year 6 have had an emotional last week as we say our goodbyes. It has been a busy week filled with their trip to the Wake Park which was lots of fun, a football tournament and writing pieces for the Leavers Assembly as well as planting around the pond. All that’s left to say is goodbye and good luck!

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