Newsletter for the week ending Friday 1st July
1 July 2022

Another busy week that included the children meeting their new teachers for next year and more transition days and activities for Year 6 as they prepare for secondary school.  An understandable blend of excitement and apprehension as all children prepare for their next stage.  School reports will be available in your child’s Google Classroom for Years 1-6 and in book bags for Turtles and Dolphins during the week commencing 4th July. If there is anything in the report you would like to discuss with their class teacher there will be bookable appointments the following week. More information to follow next week.

Success on the rugby field for pupils from year 2 at a local tag rugby tournament with one of our teams winning first spot.

At Appledore Village Hall on 1st August, 2,30pm-3.30pm there is a summer science workshop for primary aged children. For more information, please click here.

Please don’t forget it’s sports day on 15th July. Again, weather permitting!  Please see earlier articles for details.

We wish you all a happy weekend
From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff


The Turtles and Dolphins have been very keen to find out more about lighthouses after our learning about the ones on Lundy. So, this week we have been reading the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.’ On Tuesday we acted the story out in groups and then we found resources outside to create the parts of the story. On Wednesday we talked about our favourite sandwiches and ones that we thought were disgusting! On Thursday we
interviewed the characters in the story to find out more about them. Today, we went down to The Jungle to make our own pulleys.
Year 1 have been learning more about castles this week and the features they usually have. They then designed their own castles and made sure to include features such as a drawbridge, moat, portcullis, battlements and arrow slits. They then wrote sentences describing why these features were important. In writing we have been carrying on with the Tell Me a Dragon book and have drawn our own dragons to then describe. In Maths we have been learning about position and direction. We have learnt our left and right so please keep practising at home!
Another great week for Lundy Puffins. Following the discovery of a dragon’s egg in the outdoor area, they have written information about dragons and brilliant instructions for what to do should you encounter one. There were some really imaginative ideas – well done everyone! In Maths, they have been finishing their learning about position and direction by thinking about clockwise / anticlockwise and describing repeated patterns of shapes. In their topic work, they have learned about what people might have done at the seaside 100 years ago. Some children represented the school at a Tag Rugby match and played really well. On Thursday morning, the children were very excited as they were able to spend the morning with their new teacher for September in the Year 3 classroom. Next Thursday, we are looking forward to a trip to Rosemoor to learn more about plants and how they grow.
Seahunter have had another busy week. They have been continuing their learning on Time and next week will be starting their learning on shape. In English, they have been thinking about different characters’ feelings and how the story might be told from a different character’s point of view. For Topic, they have made season wheels showing the Ancient Egyptian calendar. We also learnt about the Aswan Dam and discussed pros and cons about it being built, and made posters to show our opinions. In Philosophy, we discussed our big question: ‘Why would you follow other people’s words when you can follow your own dreams?’ The children had a lovely morning on Thursday meeting their new teacher!
All key stage 2 year groups translated a traditional English nursery rhyme into French and then read them to the rest of the class so we could play, “Name That Nursery Rhyme.” Much fun was had by all. Year 3 looked at how The Golden Rule is important in many different religions and also for people of no religion. Year 4 designed a birthday celebration for the church to mark Pentecost. Year 5 looked at the views of famous theists, atheists and agnostics and continued to rehearse their soul song with recorder and glockenspiel accompaniment. Year 6 studied the importance of showing gratitude and also read an unfamiliar piece of music. They were able to play the tune correctly on the recorder.
Year 4 have been working hard on time telling in Maths and have been able to use their skills to solve problems. They were also able to recognise how and why a clock will still work without its minute hand! In science, they have explored how sound is made and how it travels. They made (alot) of noise with some percussion instruments next to cups covered with clingfilm and sprinkled with salt. As they hit the instruments, they could see the salt move and were able to explain that this was because of the vibrations, which make sound. In PSHE, they have been creating some amazing self portraits and surrounded them with positive affirmations. They received compliments from their classmates and also reflected on their own strengths as part of our positive theme.
Year 5 are continuing to write their ‘dragonology’ books.  We have looked at where to find our creatures in the world, plotting them on a map.  We have also written descriptions about their habitats and the species that live there.  In maths we have been translating shapes and then writing the new coordinates. We have been looking at the countries of Africa and finding the key physical and human features.  For the weeks ‘Arts Award’ we have been working on our graphic design skills and experimenting with typography.  We had a fantastic transition morning and met Mrs Mitchell.  A kit list is being sent home for the Y6 residential in September and a letter about the planned trip to Lundy in the summer of 2023.  Please complete absence forms if your child is attending the GTS taster day next Friday.
Year 6 have had another busy week with transitions to their new schools. They have also been preparing for next week’s trips to Lundy on Tuesday and The Wake Park on Friday. They have written poetry based on the senses in Literacy and tested various maths skills in maths. We will shortly be having a day of Science to complete work on light and electricity. The singing is coming along for the play but they still have lines to learn – please remind them! Thank you for all the forms that have been returned promptly in preparation for next week.

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