Newsletter for the week ending Friday 10th May 2019
10 May 2019

This week we’ve had dinosaurs, ice bears, secret gardens, ancient Egyptians, rain sticks and Years 1 and 2  and debating the ‘Is it better to be beautiful on the outside or beautiful on the inside?’. Please read on to find out about all of this and much, much more…


Carnival Queen Disco
This year it is 7pm on Friday 17th May at Appledore Social Club and it is then that the Carnival Queem will be selected. To be considered you must: live in Appledore; have or currently attend Appledore School and be available for Appledore Carnival (18th August) and Bideford Carnival (14th September). Attendants, Fairy Queens and Pirate will also be chosen at the disco.


Dates for the Diary – PTA run events
Wednesday 5th June, sports day. Races for Y1-Y6 9:30am-12pm, lunch for all children and parents 12pm-1pm and afternoon activities for Reception to Y6 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Wednesday 12th June, reserve day for sports day (if bad weather 5th June)
Friday 5th July (NEW DATE), summer fair. Details to follow.

As always, please ensure we have the current email and mobile number of the primary contact because this is to whom messages will be sent.


This week in FSU we have really got involved with our Dinosaur topic. We have created Dino Land and have loved spotting dinosaurs, volcanoes and footprints. We have read the story “We’re going on a Dinosaur Hunt”, acted it out and made up our own parts to travel through. Today we have been to The Jungle hunting for dinosaurs.

This week in Year 1 we have been planning our own stories based on The Disgusting Sandwich, instead of a hungry badger wanting a delicious sandwich we have written about a hungry seagull wanting a delicious ice cream. The stories have great vocabulary and really imaginative ideas. In Maths we have been doubling numbers and sharing objects into equal groups. We have also started working on fractions by halving and quartering objects and numbers. We have also updated our bean diaries, the beans are growing very well. Our Philosophy session this week used the book The Ugly Five and we discussed the question ‘Why did the animals think they were ugly?’. We spoke about how it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it matters how you are on the inside.

This week, Lundy Puffins have written some great recounts of their trip to Dunster Castle. In Maths they have been subtracting a 2-digit number from another 2-digit number. They did this by first subtracting the tens and then the ones. Some children found this quite tricky but we have been impressed by how they persevered. In topic work, they found out about why different castles were built in different places. In the Art Studio this week, they practised pen drawing techniques ready to draw castles next week. The philosophy book this week was: The Ugly Five and the question to discuss was: is it better to be beautiful on the outside or beautiful on the inside?

Seahunter have been working hard on their English skills this week, focusing on building phrases using determiners, adverbs, adjectives and nouns. It has been hard work remembering which word group is which and identifying them but everyone has focused hard and produced some good work. In Maths, we have continued to explore time and looked at Roman Numerals as they are often used on clock faces. The children enjoyed challenging themselves to work out how to write different numbers and some challenged themselves to write and complete calculations. In our topic work, we have been finding out about Tutankhamun and are in the process of creating some fabulous posters, booklets and pop ups about the famous pharaoh.

This week, HMS Echo have been learning how to compare and order decimal numbers in Maths. In Literacy, we have looked at how to write prepositional phrases. For Science, the children worked together to create simple circuits including one and two bulbs and learnt how to draw circuits. In P.E, we have been doing athletics and have been focusing on running skills this week. In Art, the children have used water colours to paint their river drawings that they sketched last week. On Friday, the children enjoyed visiting the Burton Art Gallery to see an exhibition of the work they carried out last year! They were polite and a great representation of the school. Well done Year 4!

This week we have been learning about ‘The Ice Bear’ and writing emotional stories about Australia and including metaphors, similes and personification. In maths, we have been learning about shapes, lines of symmetry and angles. In art, we have been designing the features of our rain sticks which we will soon be making. In science, we have been continuing work on forces and thinking about air and water resistance. Please can you make sure that you are completing your Geography homework and weekly maths test corrections.

This week, year six have been writing up our stories based around The Secret Garden. We’ve been down to the Art Studio and to draw mackerel and went over it in pen. We have also started our new topic on coasts and learning about the water cycle. So far this week, we have taken three SPaG tests, three spelling tests and three maths tests. We’ve been going through these tests with partners and seeing how many we can get them right together. We are all super excited and happy to be getting our SATS done next week. Reporters: Daisy and Isabella

Note from Mrs McMorine: Well done Y6 for working so hard in revising for SATs next week. You have achieved so much. Have a restful weekend and don’t worry about the tests next week. You all have the skills and knowledge to complete these successfully. I know you will all try your best and that is all anyone is going to ask of you. Believe in yourselves!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody
From Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children.

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