Newsletter for the week ending 9th November
9 November 2018

A busy week for all, not least Year 5 on their residential, and please don’t forget the rotary shoebox we sent home recently. Please be aware there is no charge for the shoebox, it doesn’t require new items placed in it and it will go to children who are very deserving.

Please read on to find out all that has been happening in and around the school…

Kingsley School Art and Science Enrichment Morning
This event is for pupils in Years 5&6 and being held at 10am-12.30pm on Saturday 24th November at a cost of £10 per child. If you are interested, please contact Diane Smart at


PE Kit
Please make sure that your child always has their PE kit in school.

Children in Need
The theme is Spotacular, so on Friday 16th children can come into school in spotty themed Non-School Uniform for a £1 donation.

Shoebox Appeal
Please remember to fill and return the box provided by the Rotary Club so they can be sent away to less fortunate children. We have chosen to support the Rotary Club shoebox appeal because there is no charge for the box and for sending them.

Halloween Disco
This will happen, but not until 9th November so please keep hold of that costume (or buy one after halloween at a greatly reduced price!). The disco is 5pm -6.15pm for Dolphins, Year 1 and year 2 and 6.30pm – 7.45pm for years 3, 4, 5 & 6. Ticket price is £3 and popcorn, ice lollies and glow sticks are for sale. Tickets must be bought in advance from the school and parent details and agrreement need to be provided, see Belinda on reception for both.

Thrift Club
There will be no Thrift Club until 5th November which will be the last pay in day. The following week, Monday 12th, will be paying out day between 3.15pm -3.45pm.


This week in FSU we have been learning about Bonfire night, we have created fireworks and bonfire pictures using many different types of media and we went down to The Jungle to make bonfires. We have found about Guy Fawkes and looked at pictures of that era and compared them to what we wear and what buildings are like today. Today we have made sparklers to eat from breadsticks, chocolate and sprinklers. Thank you to everyone that attended our Firework party on Monday, it was a lovely evening

We have had an exciting week in Year 1, starting last Friday when we arrived at school to find a treasure hunt from Mr Freeze. We followed the clues and found Bob our teddy. Mr Freeze apologised for stealing Bob and gave us some gingerbread men, in order to earn them we all had to write a clue like Mr Freeze. We have also written questions and sentences about super heroes. In Maths we have started working on subtraction, we have subtracted by taking away, crossing out and by partitioning. As part of our ‘Everyday Heroes’ topic we have learnt about Mary Seacole. In Philosophy this week we read the book Dogger and discussed the question ‘Would you have been as kind as Bella?’.

In Maths this week, Lundy Puffins have been saying 10 more and 10 less than a 2-digit number. They used this knowledge to add and subtract a multiple of 10. They discovered that the ones digit doesn’t change when you add or subtract tens. In English, they wrote the class instructions for ‘How to wash a chimpanzee and have begun to plan their own instructions. In Science, they completed some food chains. This term’s topic: Explorers and Adventurers has begun with the class thinking about what land they would like to discover. In the art studio they made some beautiful clay poppies.

Seahunter started the week finding out about the gunpowder plot. On Friday last week, they worked as historians to investigate an artefact. They asked questions and identified what they knew and thought they knew. After some developing their ideas, they interviewd the ‘expert’ about the artefact and by gathering clues, discovered that it was Guy Fawkes lantern that he was found with under the Houses of Parliament 413 years ago. They then created some detailed observational sketches of the lantern using charcoal. On Monday, they learnt about the story and found out how Guy Fawkes came to be the man that was caught with the lantern and the gunpowder. We had a lot of discussion about whether we agreed with his actions. In the end, the final though was that he was right to stand up for the rights of catholics, but planning to destroy a place or person is never ok. The children created some great storyboards to tell the story, some with some rather gruesome pictures!

In year 4, we have been estimating addition and subtraction problems through rounding. In Literacy, the children have written up our class text ‘Luna and the Place Between’ and have looked further at writing fronted adverbials. In P.E, we have carried out a tag rugby match in teams, and the class had to give their peers feedback on what they had done well and how they could improve. In Art, we have looked at star constellations and the children sketched their own constellations. For Philosophy, we read the book ‘Superhero Brain’ and the class discussed the question ‘How would you make sure that someone with autism is included?’ We also discussed how you could include people with other learning needs.

Year 5 have just retruned from their residential and just in time because the rain certainly came down!

This week in year 6, our class did an elicitation task on co-ordinates to see what we know. With Mrs Evans on a Monday, everyone took part in a fractions assessment which involved some reasoning. We played tag rugby which was called mice and monsters. In English, we wrote about Walter Tull- a world war one participant- and watched a short film called War Game. In our topic work, we wrote about what a poppy means and why we wear them. Lastly, on Thursday, we went to Poundstock to learn more about the Tudors which involved dressing up and taking part in lots of fun activities.

Have a lovely weekend
From Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children

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