Newsletter for the week ending 9th February
9 February 2018

Please read on to find out about art, drama, football, a trip to an Exeter mosque and much more…


Message from Appledore Village Green Group
We look after the village green, known locally as ‘Back Field’. We meet a few times a year to arrange our Village fayre and to discuss any matter arrising. We are looking for new mebers to come along and offer new ideas for fundraising and to help on the day of the fayre. We especially need someone to help with the secretarial side of things. If anyone could help in anyway please contact Kathy Hancockon 07715 973877 or Dave Thomas on 01237 420823. Thank you.

Burton Art Gallery, Bideford
We have submitted art by our children to the Schools Exhibition that opens 27 Jan, 2018 – 05 Mar, 2018 that is free to view.

Total Theatre School
Drama, singing and movement sessions for Reception and Year 1 children are available at St Mary’s Chruch hall in Appledore. For more information, please contact or 07801 257544

Football Sessions During Half Term
FA Skills team in Devon are running football sessions for BOYS and GIRLS aged 5-11 for just £5 a day. The FA Skills holiday football coaching sessions are perfect for children who want to develop their football skills, meet new people, be active and have some fun during the holidays. All children who attend the session will be entered into a draw to win a signed England football shirt from the players. Thursday 15th February, Tews Lane, Roundswell, Barnstaple, Grass, BOYS and GIRLS aged 5-11, 10am-2pm, £5. Please bring a packed lunch and pay upon arrival.

To book a space please email or visit our website

Appledore Library Events
Saturday 10th Feb 10 – 11:30am Children’s Crafts
Wednesday 14th Feb 2:30 – 4pm Lego Club


Scrap Paper Please
Any size, any colour, for our Foundation Stage. Please contact the school or leave at reception.

World book Day – Thursday 1st March

On Thursday 1st March, we will be celebrating World Book Day. Children may come to school dressed as a character from a children’s book for a £1 donation to raise money for new books for our school library. Throughout the day, the children will be completing activities related to reading and will be sharing lots of books.
At the end of the day, the children will be given a £1 World Book Day token which can be exchanged for a book at many bookshops or can be used to get money off any book …. a great excuse to read something new! For more information about World Book Day, please visit:

Year 1 Phonics Evening
Parents of year 1 (Sea Lions) are invited to a Phonics Evening, Thursday 8th of February from 5:30 in the Year One classroom. A letter with the information has been sent out with more information.


This week in FSU we finished off our theme on Space. After the rocket crash landed in The Jungle last Friday we had a letter from an alien telling us he needed our help. We wrote questions that we would like to ask the alien, drew pictures of what he looked like and painted pictures of his underpants. Today he wrote another letter to us and left us a surprise. And of course we enjoyed the day playing in the snow!

We have had a great half term in Sealions, learning all about the Weather and Seasons. In writing this week we have learnt about suffixes and written sentences with words ending in ‘ing’ and ‘ed’. We watched a video of a dodder, also known as the vampire plant and we have written sentences about the plant, then gone back to add description to our sentences. In Maths we have started to look at subtraction, we have used ten frames to help us subtract and have written stories about subtraction number sentences. We have also started a new school wide, personal challenge. There are 4 activities; a 1km run, a standing long jump, tennis ball throw and a 5m shuttle run. We have had a go at all 4 activities and recorded our scores, we will now spend the next couple months trying to beat our personal bests. In Philosophy we found out about Emmeline Pankhurst and discussed the question ‘Why didn’t they let women vote?’. Hope you all have a lovely, relaxing half term.

What a good half term Lundy Puffins have had! They’ve been writing about the Hindu festival of Diwali and have started to publish these into books which will be on the writing display shortly after the half term break. In Maths, they’ve continued with division and have been recognising odd and even numbers. The fire brigade came into the class on Tuesday afternoon to talk about fire safety. They listened really well and learned lots. They have also started the school-wide personal challenge which involved them taking part in four activities: a 1km run; a standing long jump, a tennis ball throw and a 5m shuttle run. They had a go at the activities and recorded the scores. Over the next couple of months they will try to beat their personal bests. With Mrs Smale, they completed a P4C session and the question they discussed was: Why did he pick up the stone in the first place? This came from the book ‘Stone Soup’. Have a great half term with your families!

On Monday, Seahunter spent the day with Mrs Harvey working on some backgrounds for the community arts trail project, creating colourful scenes based on their points of interest around the village. These will eventually form the back drop for the online trail. They have continued to work hard on their Paddington themed English work this week. They have watched a clip from one of the original animated programmes and used speech and adverbs in their writing to retell the story. In Maths, the children have worked on subtraction using number lines. The children have begun to use their skills to solve some real life problems. In science, we had fun making chocolate igneous rocks, using the melted chocolate to represent molten lava. Finally, in philosophy we read Sharing a Shell and discussed the question ‘Why didn’t the crab have a shell to begin with?’ They discussed their views with respect and made some inspiring suggestions, such as he had already gone through the process of making friends and making sacrifices in order to benefit the community.

HMS Echo have had a busy last week of half term! The children have continued to develop their swimming and tag rugby skills. In Maths, the class have been solving multiplication using the short written method. For English, they have enjoyed learning about our new text ‘Until I Met Dudley’, where they are learning how to write imaginary and real explanations for everyday objects. In Science, the children used their sense of hearing to discover more about sounds, when we went on our sound walk around the school. Our trip to Exeter went extremely well on Wednesday. The children had a very detailed tour of the Cathedral learning about changes to the building since 1050, the different sections of the Cathedral and fascinating facts about some of the artefacts there. Our two guides were certainly very knowledgeable and they were impressed by the questions that the pupils asked. After a walk up past the remains of the Roman Wall they were welcomed by the Imam at the Mosque and the children were able to watch during the second Prayer session of the day. Afterwards, the children had the opportunity of asking lots of questions. Well done Year 4 for representing Appledore School so brilliantly and thank you to Robert Enever and Natalie Fearon for your help throughout the day

Beechcroft had a visit from the local fire service who told them about making safety plans to leave the house if on fire, how to test your smoke detector and what trouble they would get into making ‘prank or hoax’ calls. In literacy we have continued writing poetry and now know how to write a Haiku, Tanka and Couplet. We have been adding and subtracting fractions whilst making sure we are confident in reading and writing Roman numerals. We have started using the new stop watches to time our 1K run and also measuring standing jumps. Have a great half term.

In year 6 we have been writing a letter to Dumbledore in literacy and some of us have been making wizarding gadgets! These gadgets have included a broomstick with cushions and SATNAV, a wand holder an outfitting changing hat. Maths has included shape and space and in PE we have been running 1 km and trying to beat our personal best.

We wish you all a wonderful half term,
Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children

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