Newsletter for the week ending 9th December
9 December 2016

Please read on to find out what has been happening this week..

Art Club Spring Term
Thank you to all the brilliant key stage one Artists this term at Art Club. We will be back after Christmas with Art Club for Years Three, Four and Five. Art Club will run on Wednesdays from 3:30 until 4:30and will cost £3 per session from 11th January for the Spring term. If your child is interested please leave their name with Belinda by the end of next week (Friday 16th December) and we will contact you with more details.
Please be aware that Art Club is for those children who love Art and would really benefit from specified time to spend on it. This year, children will work on Art awards within class time but Art Clubbers will be producing Art work to further beautify our school and develop their own portfolio.

Y5 residential (St George’s House)

Deposit of £25 needs to be paid by Monday 12th December to secure a place.

Choir News
Several members of the Choir took part in the Village Christingle Service last Sunday at St Mary’s Church. Their singing made a beautiful ending to this annual event. At one point, young and old alike made a circle of lit Christingles around the edge of the Church. A lovely sight with all the lights turned off. All safety procedures were followed and there were no mishaps – no singed hair – something which has not always been avoided in previous years I gather. Many thanks to the choir members who came along to represent the School and thank you too to the parents who stayed to enjoy the service. Many thanks Mrs Smale for making this happen.

Remaining Christmas Performances and Other Dates

13th December – Christmas Dinner – lunchtime
13th December – Performance – 2pm, St Mary’s Church, Key Stage 2 (years 3-6) Carol Service

Around the Classes
This week inn FSU has mostly been about our Christmas performance and didn’t the children do well?! Thank you to everyone for all the lovely costumes and helping the children to learn their words and the songs. We have also continued making our Christmas cards and lots of decorations.

Firstly, a big ‘Well Done’ to all the children in Year 1 for their fantastic performances in our Nativity Plays. They were able to transfer what we had practised in our School Hall into a polished performance at the Community Hall, pretty impressive as they only had one practise at the Community Hall. We also need to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to all parents, grandparents and carers; for providing excellent costumes, for supporting the children at both performances, and for helping them to learn their lines and the lyrics to the songs. We have written about our experience of the Nativity and also what we learnt about how Christmas is celebrated in countries around the world. When the Nativity was over we were able to focus on making crafts for the Christmas Fair. The children have learnt lots of new skills, such as bending pipe cleaners, threading beads, wrapping wire, as well as the importance of using glue sparingly! In English, we have drawn and cut out pictures of Traction Man, and then sent him on missions around the classroom. We took pictures of him on his missions and then wrote about them, In Maths we have continued looking at 1 more and 1 less, as well as 10 more and 10 less.

What fantastic performers Lundy Puffins were! We are so proud of the way they sang and acted and spoke so clearly in front of a large audience. Once again, thanks for all your support with costumes and learning lines. This week, Lundy Puffins have enjoyed making and painting their clay owls to sell at the Christmas Fayre. In English, they have shown how much their writing has improved over this term by writing part of a story of ‘The man on the moon’. The stimulus for writing this story came from watching the 2015 John Lewis Christmas advert! They very much enjoyed watching the advert and couldn’t wait
to pick up a pencil to write! In Maths, they have finished working with 2D and 3D shapes and are now moving back to numbers – counting, ordering and comparing. They have enjoyed learning about toys from the past and how they have changed over the years

Seahunter have enjoyed a great week in amongst the glue and glitter! They used their mathematical skills to design and measure trees made from twigs from the jungle. They then glued, glittered and added buttons to create some lovely decorations that sold brilliantly. In English they have enjoyed listening to the rest of Chimney Charlie and have planned their own chimney sweep stories, to be written next week.

HMS Echo have been busy finishing their Christmas themed brooches this week ready to sell as part of the Christmas Fayre. Everyone worked really hard and persevered with the sewing. There was also some great team work seen as pupils helped each other with the tricky bits. In Maths, after exploring symmetry and properties of shape we are now turning to counting back into negative numbers and ordering at least 4 digit numbers. In Literacy we are about to start writing the diary entry might have written after he slayed the Minotaur. They created some very gory descriptions of the Minotaur yesterday !!

This week Year 5 have been writing and editing out Tudor sea stories that are turning out really well. In maths we have been studying long multiplication-how to set it out and how to use it. In our topic work we have been learning about the Battle of Bosworth, we made a comic strip about it. We then completed our booklets about Henry the VIII six wives. We have also been finishing our Tudor house pictures. During this week we have been completing the finishing touches to our wooden Christmas decorations that we then bought/sold at the Christmas fair.
Written by Alex, yr 5

This week in year 6 (Golden Hinde) we have done a fair bit of DT and all the other usual stuff. In English we haven’t done much except our recount of Bugsy Malone, our trip that we went on Wednesday the 7th December to Kingsley school. We haven’t done a lot in maths either except an algebra test and the Autumn Assessment task. In science we went on a trip on Monday to Northam Burrows where we went mud dipping, looking for wildlife. We also did some DT where we built reindeers made out of wood and tea light candles that we decorated with the Christmas theme. We had also previously built snowmen which unfortunately went a bit wrong….
By Class Reporters, William and Laurence.
P.S Only 16 days til Christmas

Have a great weekend
Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff

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