Newsletter for the week ending 8th November
11 November 2019

A busy week, not least as a result of Year 5 being on their residential and they were ace!  Please read on to find out about that and what else has been happening in and around the classes…


Sport News
A great showing at Kingsley School annual cross country competion by our runners with a number of placings across the age groups. Our Year 6 children were at their multi skills festival and lots of adults from the other schools commented on how sensible they were and how well they led the activities and teams.

Ear Rings
Please note that staff are no longer permitted to tape over a pupil’s ear rings during PE or other activities, so if a child attends school wearing ear rings that are not possible to remove any related injury is the responsibility of the parents / carers.

Please ensure that we always have your current contact details, including address, email and all telephione numbers. Thank you.


This week in FSU we have had great fun celebrating Bonfire night with our firework party on Tuesday and a camp fire with the Forest School ladies down in The Jungle on Wednesday. We have made rocket models and painted pictures of bonfires and fireworks. We have also listened to firework music and used the ribbons to move to it.

In Year 1 this week we have been writing sentences starting with ‘If’ like the sentences in ‘What do you do with a tail like this?’ We have also been deciding if a sentence is a statement or a question and choosing the correct end mark. We are now ready to write our own version called ‘What do you do with a hat like this?’ and we got to try on lots of different hats to help us think of ideas. In Maths we are continuing with subtraction and we have been using number lines to count back and using resources such as numicon and unifix to help us find the difference between two numbers. On Thursday we went to the multi skills festival at Atlantic Racquet Centre, everyone had a great time, behaved brilliantly and enjoyed seeing friends from other schools and making new friends.

Seahunter have had a busy, messy and delicious week! In science, they have been learning about how rocks are formed. They ordered some images of igneous rocks being made; from the erupting volcano to the cooling lava. In groups, they then created model volcanoes, which they erupted using vinegar, food dye and baking soda. They watched carefully as the lava flowed out and observed how it follows the shape of the landscape and slows the further away from the volcano it is. Finally, they made some chocolate rocks; they poured melted chocolate into a foil mould and left it overnight. The next day they discovered that it had turned solid and were able to link this to the process of lava cooling to create igneous rock. As well as all the practical experiences, they have also done a great job of writing scientifically about their discoveries.

In Maths this week, HMS Echo have been learning how to calculate the perimeter of rectilinear shapes as well as converting between kilometres and metres. In English, we have looked at what skills are needed when writing newspaper articles and the children have written their own. In computing, the class have practised efficiently searching on the internet and how to copy and paste images. The class have carried out our personal best challenge for this half term which is shuttle runs. We have also started to learn about our new topic ‘rivers’.

Y5 had a fantastic residential at St George’s House. Despite the rather wet weather at times they all remained positive and happy. All did the activities: surfing at Putsborough, canoeing on a lake, rock scrambling at Baggy Point and rock-pooling at Lee Bay. The class worked as a team and enjoyed their free time at the centre; both inside and out on the play equipment. A big thank you to all the children for behaving so well, the staff, both from school (Mrs Evans, Mrs Hughes and Mr Cooper) and the centre, whom made everything run safely and smoothly, and to the parents for allowing their child to take part in the experience. We are now thinking ahead to next years residential at Heatree. A letter will be coming home with the details very soon.

Year 6 have been reading ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo and finding out about being an evacuee. In maths, they have been solving problems and using reasoning skills around multiplication and division. In science, they had a yeast race and in art they continued with their poppy pictures. They also had a visit from Julian at The Burton Art Gallery, who told us all about ‘Bideford Black’, which they then crushed and used to camouflage faces – on paper – although, it used to be used in make-up – much to their disgust! As an amazing team, the children helped at the Year one multi-skills festival and did themselves proud – such enthusiasm and motivation was shown by all the class. I was very proud of them all! Please encourage your children to keep up with spellings on Spelling Frame as we still have some way to go, to be as confident as we need to be!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

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