Newsletter for the week ending 8th June
8 June 2018

Wlecome back! Please read on to find out about a trip to The Burrows, learning texts involving turnips, spiders and dragons, fractions and much, much more…


Summer Disco
This will be held after school on Friday 8th June (today!). Please contact school if you have missed the publicity want your child to come.

Summer fayre
The date is set for the afternoon of the 6th July. Again, more details to follow…

Sports Day
Is set for Tuesday 3rd July.

Play Putty and/or Play Dough
Please esnure your child does not bring either of these (or similar) to school, because it is causing no end of problems. They have been told on numerous occasions not. If children are found to have it in school it will be disposed of. Thank you.


This week FSU have finished off our topic over under the sea and learnt about sharks, the children were fascinated about them before the holidays so we thought we would find out more about them. We have looked at where they live, their diet, the different types of sharks and named their body parts. We have painted pictures of them, made masks for the role play area and made 3D models of them.

This week Year 1 have gone Phonics Crazy! We have recapped 5 sounds a day in lots of fun ways, ask your children if they can remember the sounds we have recapped. In Maths we have been learning about place value, we have partitioned numbers and counted to 100. Our Philosophy session this week used the book ‘The Gigantic Turnip’. Our question was ‘Why did they ask other people to help them?’ We have also chosen our new Author of the Month – Roald Dahl. We have read The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me and have started to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Lundy Puffins have read a book this week called ‘The Dragon Machine’. They will be using this for their writing over the next couple of weeks. Some fantastic maps were produced, showing where the dragons were taken. They were able to comment on the language used in the book and had a go at writing what the main character might be thinking and feeling. In Maths, they have been using estimation to check their answers to calculations and partitioning numbers in different ways. They have started a new science topic: ‘plants’ and showed what they already knew by labelling the parts of a plant. P4C this week used the book: The Gigantic Turnip. The question discussed was: Do you always need to co-operate?

Year 3 have had a busy week learningh the cups song. Fractions and dividing has been the focus in maths, so next time you share a pizza please test test them on their fractions! Pirates and magnets is the focus of next week. If you can bring in any games that use magnets that would be fantastic please.

HMS Echo have had a busy first week back! They represented the school well when we went on our trip to Northam Burrows and Westward Ho! The children were very inquisitive asking lots of questions, showed respect listening to the park rangers and worked together in their activities. Well done HMS Echo! Back in class, the children then created booklets, leaflets of posters to present what they had learnt about habitats. We have carried out an elicitation task for English, an assessment task for Maths and have continued to learn our athletics skills in P.E, but we will be starting a new unit next week. For art, the children have been drawing and painting their regatta posters for out annual competition. The children enjoyed going down to the art studio and seeing the changes. In philosophy, we read the story ‘Room on the Broom’, linking to our value for this half term ‘collaborative’. The children voted to discuss ‘is working together always the solution to everything and why?

Beechcroft have enjoyed starting to learn about Anansi, the spider, and the tricks he likes to play. We have focused on the use of better vocabulary in our writing and how an exciting story opening makes a reader want to read the story. The stories are linked to our topic work on Ghana, West Africa. We also looked at the life of Nelson Mandala and apartheid. In maths we have been having fun breaking codes using coordinates, using four quadrants. We read the story ‘ The Rocking Horse Winner’ in our philosophy session, which was a story about luck. We discussed the question ‘Are there some things in life what are always a matter of luck?’.

Year 6 have begun acting out the end of year play – I think you’re in for a treat. They have been investigating in science with their topic on electricity, drawing building scenes in art and writing a review of a walk around Appledore in literacy. The rounders team did amazing well on Tuesday and have now qualified for the next round next week, so well done to them! As a class we’d like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who either bought or donated cakes in our cake sale to raise funds for our end of year party. We have Oceanfest on Friday next week (June 15th) – please make sure all SOE3 forms are handed in and payment is made online – thank you to all those who have already done this!

We wish you all a super weekend
From Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children

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