Newsletter for the week ending 6th November
6 November 2020

 Another busy week that has brought in tighter restrictions for us all as we try and maintain as much normality as possible. Again, the children have been amazing and risen and adapted to the challenges and uncertainty and the challenges that uncertainty can bring.  

Please continue to support us as you have so well so far with the requests we place upon you, eg wearing face masks, staggered timings etc, and please do keep your your children close to you when you dropping off and picking up, because there have been occasions where children have strayed form their parents sides and interacted with children in other bubbles – something we are doing all we can to avoid at school.

Congratulations to Mrs Stephens for the birth of her baby girl. Mum and baby are doing very well.
Please read on by clicking on the headline to find out what has been happening in and around the classes.
Have a lovely weekend
From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff


A Christmas toy bank has opened with the aim of helping families in the local area struggling to make ends meet over Christmas with presents for children. If this could be you, please email to access their help.



This week in FSu we have been learning about bonfire night and fireworks. We had a great day on Wednesday when we went to the Jungle and toasted breadsticks on the campfire. We have learnt about why we celebrate bonfire night. We have made rockets, painted pictures of bonfires using sponges and fireworks using frozen paint.

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn Term. This week the Sea lions have been busy completing our topic on polar bears. The children have created some amazing polar bear books and they are looking forward to sharing them with you soon. In our English learning we are continuing to use the book ‘What do you do with a tail like this?’ and have written a series of information sentences about different vehicles. Half of the class have started their outdoor learning sessions this week. They really enjoyed building a den for the different seasons. It was lovely to hear the sounds of laughter as the imaginary rain poured on the rooftops of their dens. You should as have received an email this week informing you of a phonics workshop that I am running in the coming weeks. It would be great if you could attend at least one of the two sessions.

Lundy Puffins have had a great first week back after half term. We have been impressed with how enthusiastic they have been with their learning. They have enjoyed Miss Turnbull teaching them Maths and Science. In Maths they learned how to use their number bonds to 10 and 20 for related calculations and in Science they were able to find out about food chains. In English, they have written some fantastic instructions based on the book ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’, using the new vocabulary they have learned. The polar bear topic has been finished this week and next week they are excited to start their new topic. If any polar bear homework has been completed, please send it in the clear plastic homework folder so that it may be shared next week. Half the class have taken part in some outdoor learning, with the other half completing their session next week.

Seahunter have been amazing authors this week, planning and writing their own Paddington stories. They had some fantastic ideas for Paddington to get up to some mischief, from dog walking to swimming lessons to car washing. They will be publishing and illustrating them next week and displaying them on the writers’ wall for other people in school to share and enjoy. In Maths, they have been using arrays and bar models to explore multiplication and division as well as spotting patterns and links between the two, four and eight times tables. This morning (Friday), they worked on the Chromebooks to create some amazing animations using the fabulous rainforest dioramas the children made at home. They used Slides to create the first stage of their animation and next week will complete their work, finishing it with a slide about all the amazing facts they have discovered. They will then be able to share these at home using Google Classroom.

Year 4 this week in Maths have been learning to convert different units of measure including mm, cm, m and km. They have carried out some practical measuring and adding, and will look at working out the perimeter of shapes next week. In English, we have started to learn the features of non-fiction texts looking at the book ‘Penguins’ and have started to work on complex sentences. The children have carried out an elicitation task for our new topic ‘Romans’, and in computing wrote an email to a Roman soldier asking him questions.

Year 5 have been using  statistics this week in maths – particularly learning about line graphs. In Literacy, they have explored a variety of versions of Beowulf in order to look at author techniques to then write their own story. In science, there has been more investigating with how to speed up how sugar dissolves as well as learning about reversible and irreversible changes in materials. Art enabled them to complete their plastic pollution pictures – a line drawing of an animal trapped inside a plastic object in the ocean to represent the damage that is being done. They enjoyed their outdoor session building mounds and villages – it did involve a lot of dirt for some children! Keep looking for messages about Bikeability – as far as I am aware it will still go ahead on the dates sent out to the children taking part.

This week Y6’s topic has been World War Two and evacuees. The evacuees were young children who had to leave their parents and cities and move to the rural places and the countryside because of World War Two. World War Two started when Hitler invaded Poland from the West and two days later, France and Britain declared war on Germany.
In Maths we have been learning about equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions to their simplest form. To simplify a fraction, you must find the highest common factors in the denominator and numerator.Eg: 24/6 can be simplified to 12/3. In Literacy we have been writing about the story ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo and doing diary entries for the main character, David. The story is about how David leaves his mother and moves to the countryside with Tucky (his classmate), Mr. Reynolds (his new guardian), Jib (Mr. Reynolds dog) and Ann (Mr. Reynolds French wife).

In Art we have made a piece showing the earth before pollutions and after pollutions, the side before pollution is happy, sunny and the people are care-free, however, In the polluted side, it’s dark, misty and very polluted and the humans are living a hard life. We made these pieces to try and remind people that this is what will happen if we don’t help the earth. My piece (Maxim) was a comic about people going for a prance outside and the prancing people walk by rainbows, fresh air, beaches and sunny skies with green trees, but on the other side is a comic about a rough dad going for a walk with his daughter and behind him are dead trees, smoke emitting from factories, dried up beaches and harsh lightning storms. In Ernie’s piece, he did half a beach and street with a good side and a bad side, the good side having relaxing waves and birds, but the bad side having smoke and people coughing and dried up polluted water. Reporters: Maxim and Ernie


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