Newsletter for the week ending 6th January
6 January 2017

Welcome back and happy New Year. Please read on to find out about what has happened this week and what is going to happen…

Welcome back everybody and happy New Year.

Places in Reception Next year
If your child is in Nursery/Turtles and you want a place in Reception/Dolphins in September, please be aware that you must apply to Devon County Council by 15th January 2017.

Club News
Tag Rugby club – starts next Tuesday for children in year 4,5 & 6. Children who expressed an interest have been given a letter. Places are limited and going fast, so please contact the school asap if you would like your child to attend.

Art Club – for years 3, 4 and 5 starts next week on Wednesday 11th January from 3:30 until 4:30pm. It is £3 per session and there are still places up for grabs. Please see Belinda as soon as possible to confirm a space.

Around the Classes

Welcome back everyone, all in FSU hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We have helped our new children settle in, showing them around The Unit and helping them with our routine. We have also talked a lot about Christmas! Writing about our Christmas presents, painting pictures of them and talking about what we did with our families.
For our new children joining us in Turtles and Dolphins since September, please could we have a family picture to display in our feelings area.

We have had a great first week back. Everyone has come back ready to learn and keen to work hard. On Wednesday we started by sharing our favourite part of our Christmas holiday. Then we wrote a recount of our holiday. We have all thought of resolutions for the New Year and have written them out neatly, ready for them to be displayed in the classroom. In Maths we are focussing on addition and subtraction. Everyone has worked really hard to remember the number bonds to 10, next we are going to look at number bonds to 20. With Kay we have started planning a birthday party for Barnaby Bear.

Happy new year from Lundy Puffins! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind Christmas gifts and cards. Lundy Puffins have settled well after the Christmas break and are ready to learn. In English, we watched a film clip called ‘Baboon on the moon’, comparing this to the ‘Man on the moon’ clip they watched before Christmas. They will be writing their own ‘Baboon on the moon’ stories. In Maths, we have been comparing and ordering numbers. The topic this term is ‘Who lives in a house like this?’ We will be looking at different homes and houses around the world and throughout history before moving on to look at castles.

Seahunter have had a great week back at school. They have enjoyed seeing each other again and sharing their Christmas experiences. Our new topic is The Caribbean and Tropical Rainforests and they have enjoyed the introduction to this. We have a trip to the Eden Project in the pipeline as well as a Caribbean themed theatre workshop experience (in school) so it should be an exciting term.

HMS Echo have settled back quickly after their Christmas Break. In PE, they focussed on working well together. They found out some interesting facts about each other ! In Maths, they have been focusing on countng back through zero and comparing numbers. In Literacy, they have begun their focus on the story, The Paperbag Prince. They will use Colon Thompson’s amazing illustrations and descriptions in this book as inspiration for their writing for the Rotary Young Writers’ Competition. Next week, they will start their work on learning about The Romans. Just a reminder, Swimming Lessons will begin on Monday 16th January. Please can any permission slips not yet returned, be handed in early next week. Thank you.

Year 5 would like to wish everyone a happy New Year. They have been preparing for thier new topic on Space by writing about Pandora in Literacy. Maths has involved problem solving and we have been finishing the text Holes in reading. As it is the start of a new year, they have decided on a couple of personal targets to work on as our ‘Stars of the Future’ and have started working hard already. Next week we have a few weeks of cooking starting – please can children bring in £1 towards this. The next residential payment is due by the end of the month – thank you for keeping up with payments so far.

This week has been a short week, but we have done this: Science, SATs revision and started our new topic on Storms and Shipwrecks. In science we have continued our work from last term on light. We looked at how white light can be split into the colours of the spectrum. We made coloured spinners and tried to change this back into white light. Some were more successful than others. We have also done a bit of SATs revision in which we did reading and reasoning, maths and grammar tests. By Class Reporters: William and Laurence

Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff and children.

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