Newsletter for the week ending 5th February 2021
3 February 2021

Well done this week everybody. Don’t forget next week is the last week before the half term break. Please read on to find out was has been going on in the classes in school and at home…


This week Turtles and Dolphins have thought about how we are superheroes. We have looked at ways that we need to look after ourselves apart from eating such as exercising, sleeping and brushing our teeth. We have talked about the things that we are good at and how we know this. We have also carried on making superhero capes to wear.

What an exciting week in Year 1. The children who are at home have been doing lots of fun and interesting activities in addition to all of their set learning tasks. Some have been doing Year 7 Science work! Others have been playing football in the garden. Many children have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen perfecting their blueberry muffin and pancake recipes. While others have been enjoying cosmic yoga, building dens, contrasting things out of lego, learning about other cultures, bird watching and collecting sea glass. All of this on top of numerous walks through forests and across beaches. What an exciting and wonderful time the children are having. I look forward to hearing about what next week brings!

There has been some great writing from everyone in school and at home this week from Year 2. After all our learning about the information book ‘Chinese New Year’, this week they were able to write an information text about something they were interested in, using all the skills they have learned. There was a really wide range of topics from Minecraft to guinea pigs, puppies, cheetahs and even ballet and dancing. We will be publishing these soon and putting together a book of all their work. In Maths, they have been learning about multiplication and looking at equal groups in particular. They will be learning the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, so any help you can give to support this at home would be greatly appreciated. The Great Fire of London topic continues and we have been very impressed by how good they have all been at gathering information and remembering facts about the Great Fire. We will be spending some time outdoors on Monday afternoon, so please remember your wellington boots.

Seahunter have worked really hard at home and in school this week to write and publish some fantastic books based on The Beasties by Jenny Nimmo. In their books they have used some wonderful vocabulary to describe the actions and feelings of the characters as well as the settings. On the outside, they have created wonderful covers, blurbs and even included barcodes and prices! Some will soon be on the writers’ wall for everyone to enjoy. In maths they have worked hard on data handling and down a fabulous job learning how to create bar charts. They all deserve a restful weekend after their hard work!

HMS Echo have continued to show amazing effort and attitude towards their learning both remotely and in-school. Well done all! In Maths, we have looked at drawing shapes with a given area, and comparing area. We have now started a new unit ‘fractions’ and the children have begun to identify, write and represent fractions. In English, we have been focusing on rhyming and punctuating poems, and have planned our own version of ‘The Sound Collector’. The children have carried out a Science lesson on pitch and frequency, and in Computing have continued to extend their learning on Scratch

Year 5 have been busy Planet hopping this week and making space logs of their travels in Literacy – this has involved using skills such as parenthesis, fronted adverbials and commas. I have been impressed with the control that has been shown in this writing. In maths, we have been continuing with fractions – it has been trickier trying to compare them and having to think about what it means about the size of the fractions when the numerators are the same, or when the denominators are the same (I know – we have stretched our brain cells this week)! In science, we have finished reproductive cycles and have begun learning about Space – thinking about how the Sun, Earth and Moon move and what a solar and lunar eclipse is. In computing, we are becoming great at vector drawing – there have been some amazing images created using Googledrawings. We have also had a go at Yoga and cricket skills (or skipping in school) to keep ourselves moving as well as completing reading, RE and P4C and spelling. Thank you to those people who have responded with regards to the residential so far, I know we are still in uncertain times, but we always have to make plans well in advance for these trips – we have to have everything crossed that it will actually be able to go ahead. Well done to all those working at home – you are doing a fantastic job!

This week year 6 have been busy out of school and in school. Let us tell you more about it. In English, we have been writing diary entries on Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance expedition to Antarctica. We had to pretend to be a crew member that went with him. In maths we have been doing percentages and we started our block on algebra. We have also been using our skills to do some problem solving on finding who stole the dragon head from the Chinese New Year celebrations. In Art we have been working on bird collages and we have all created different birds.  Those at home have been doing collage work in the style of Matisse. In Science we have been working on the history of science including how humans use of materials has developed over time and also the changes in the human body. We have also started to learn Spanish.  We can now say hello, where we are from and something to describe ourselves (Hola, soy alto/alta).  We have read the story of the Chinese New Year, which is on 12th February, and that it is the Year of the Ox.  Those who are the oldest in the class were also born in the year of the ox. By Felix and Zach


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