Newsletter for the week ending 31st March
31 March 2017

Please read on to find out about our new outdoor play equipment, tag rugby, time capsule, gymnastics and much, much more…

Time Capsule

Today our house captaibns wnet to Appledore Village Green (‘Back Field’) because our school has filled a time capsule with six books that explained: what we want to do when we grow up; our family; our favourite things and what we are looking forward to this year on the back of an apple. However, when we got there we had to plant pear, cherry, plum and apple trees. before we did all of that we me the reporter from The Gazette, who took lots of photos, and members of the Appledore Pirates. In the end fabulous kay gave let us have ten minutes in the park and then we got up to go and begged Mr Cooper for another ten miutes, but he only gave us one more minute!

Term Dates

Please be aware that today is the last day of term and the children return on Tuesday 18th April. Our term dates have been published for the 2017-2018 academic year and are available by clicking here

Developing our Outside Area

We have been hard at work improving our outside play equipment and hope this is just the start of things to come. All of this is as a result of PTA events and outside funding for which we are very grateful.

Gymnastics Club
There are places in Wednesday’s after school gymnastics club. For more information, please contact Jade on 

We are very lucky to have two gymnastics clubs! And very lucky to have Jannine Hamman supporting one of our clubs. Jannine took a very successful team to a competition in Branstaple recently and to read all about it please click here.

Netball Club
There will be no netball club on the 19th April (due to staff training).

The House Tag Rugby Competition
On Tuesday the 28th of March, years 3, 4, 5 and 6 (KS2) took part in a house tag rugby competition, but not everyone took part as it was 8 aside from each house.  This event took place in the school field, with helpful year 6 volunteers to set out the cones and the try lines. It was a round robin format; Artic won the year 3 and 4 competition and Atlantic won the year 5 and 6 match.
Sports Reporter: Julian

Thrift Club
Next payment date is 24th March.

Around the Classess

This week in FSU has had a real Easter theme, we have read the Easter story and thought about why it is important to some people. We have painted chicks using a variety of tools and made eggs with repeating patterns. We have enjoyed cooking chocolate cakes and had a great time in The Jungle on Thursday looking for eggs. Have a lovely break everyone.

We have had a really busy end to a really busy term in Year 1. Everyone has now finished their final version of their robot story, and these are now on display in the Writing Gallery. We have also looked at the poem ‘My Robot’ by Gareth Lancaster and used this as inspiration for writing our own poems about our favourite toys. In Maths we have completed our work with measuring, and have also been problem solving, using symbols to crack a code. We have spent a few afternoons junk modelling; making our robot string puppets. Tuesday was a really busy day, with the House Singing competition in the morning and a House competition in the afternoon, arranged for us by the House Captains. Every team worked really well together, and were really suportive of their friends.

Lundy Puffins have worked hard this week to finish their stories based on the  book ‘Previously’. They are publishing into small books at the moment so look  out for them after the Easter Break. In Maths, we have been revising the  addition of 2 two-digit numbers. Well done to everyone for taking part in the  House singing competition, especially the eventual winners, Indian house! We  wish you all a relaxing break!

Seahunter have had a fantastic final week of term. We have welcomed Lewis into the class this week and the children have been amazing at taking time to get to know him and make him feel welcome. Lewis has been amazing fitting straight in…it feels like he’s always been here. Well done to all of you. We have focused on our Caribbean topic this week, finding out about fair trade, creating rainforest animations and completing map work skills. Our topic culminated this morning in a fantastic work sharing event with parents. Both the children and parents did a great job with their singing and we spotted some impressive dance moves! The children have worked really hard all term and deserve a lovely Easter break. Enjoy the rest!

HMS Echo have had a busy week again! We have been designing and creating cushion covers, which will be displayed in the corridor, once the ink is dry!  We have looked at various fonts and experimented with printing, using cardboard strips. In maths, we will be starting a new block about timetables using the 24 hour clock, so any extra help with this over the holidays, would be appreciated. In Literacy, we have been using a book about Penguins, to help us to write a fact book. Our next topic is Rivers, and we will be doing some local trips to look at different aspects of geography.

Year 5 have been working on factors, prime numbers and prime factors in maths this week. Literacy has involved newspaper reports about landing on the moon and science has looked at forces – we were rained off with our parachutes on Wednesday, but later in the week we were successful. Our topic on Space is about to end and we will start Australia after the holiday; any information or things to share will be greatly appreciated. Homework over Easter is tables and spellings. There will be a mixed tables test after the holiday and the year 5/6 words will be tested too. Thank you for all the residential money in so far. Have a lovely Easter!

This week has been a usual week (even though it was the last)in Year 6 and we have completed various tasks including: English, maths and a couple of tests. In English we continued and (most of us) completed our write up of The Tempest by William Shakespeare. In maths we have done some revision on the mean and interpreting data. We also did two tests, arithmetic and grammar. We also did some P.E namely bench ball with Mrs Evans in which there were 3 teams: non-bands, boys and girls (but things got a little bit weird when the team no-bands came into place later on in the game). Just a quick thing… BOYS WON!
Mrs McMorine is flying to Tanzania and is hoping some of us will follow her flights to and from Africa on the KLM website:
Saturday 1st April: Flight KL1046 leaving Bristol at 6:20am and Flight  KL569 leaving Amsterdam  (arrival in Dar es Salaam at 22:00)
Return Saturday 7th April: Flight KL567 / KL1049    
Happy Easter Y6 (don’t forget to do some SATs revision!!)                                                                                                                                      
By Class Reporters: William and Laurence

Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff and children.

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