Newsletter for the week ending 30th September
30 September 2016

Please read on to find out what has been happening and what will be happening in and around school…and please get voting at Tesco for us so we can receive  a tidy sum of money!  

The time has come for you to cast your votes please
We have been shortlisted (one of three) for the Tesco Bags of Help initiative and your votes will secure us between £8,000 and £12,000 to develop our outdoor area for our younger children. Between Monday 26th September and Sunday 9th, please visit the Tesco store at East of the Water to vote for our project. In the meantime, please inform your friends via Twitter and Facebook. Many thanks

Halloween Disco is Friday 21st October with more details to follow…

Yr 5&6 Netball Club Info
A reminder that netball club is starting next week on Wednesday 5th October 2016. It will take place after school from 3:40 – 4:30pm and will be run by Mrs Mitchell and her team of volunteers. It will involve ball skills as well as learning how to play High Fives Netball.The club is open to year 5 and 6. Children will need to wear suitable clothing and have trainers for the session. They will need to change and wait in the Year 5 classroom at the end of the school day. It is advisable to bring a small snack to eat beforehand and to make sure they have water to drink.
Please click here for the letter with details about how to sign-up.

Cross Country Date and Venue Changes
A big well done to all the runners who ran in last Sunday’s race at Kingsley School. This year we have entered a team with over twenty runners!If you haven’t entered yet, it’s not too late. You can still register and run in the next race next month. For information, including race venues and how to enter, visit for further information

Shebbear College Open Days – Yr7
These are being held 3rd-7th October. Full details at or call 01409 282001

Around the Classes
As Dolphins and Turtles have loved finding out about the Superhero Spiderman we decided to find out more about spiders. We have made webs with a range of materials including skipping ropes and spiders. We watched a fact file about spiders and we now know they have up to eight eyes! We enjoyed an afternoon in The Jungle looking for spiders and collecting leaves and sticks to make web collages.

This week in Sea Lions we have been learning about verbs, we have found verbs in our own writing as well as in books. We wrote sentences and then swapped the verb for a different one. We have written information about farm animals, so now we are ready to write and edit the sentences for our class book, based on the book we have been using for inspiration – ‘What would you do with a tail like this?’. In Maths we have been measuring, we made a word bank of measuring words, such as taller, shorter, heavier, lighter, bigger and smaller. We used the base 10 rods to measure objects around the classroom. We found things that were bigger, smaller and the same size as our hand spans, We organised ourselves into height order. We have investigated the capacity of containers in the water tray. We estimated which object we thought would be the heaviest and used the balance scales to check if we were right. In RE we learnt about Noah’s Ark and wrote sentences about what we remembered from the story. We then drew pictures of animals using Dazzle, a drawing programme on the laptops.

Lundy Puffins this week have moved on from writing about animals to writing about Superheroes. They are going to create a class book about superheroes and have begun to answer the question ‘What are superheroes?’ In Maths, they have
continued to deepen their understanding around place value and completed lots of investigations around this and got to grips with using a variety of different equipment to demonstrate their understanding. In their animals topic
they have looked at animals from colder climates and thought about how they keep themselves warm. They watched a video clip of animals in the Arctic and then had to create a fact sheet about the animals they saw. They looked at the
painting ‘Surprised’ by Henri Rousseau and created their own tiger drawings. We will be making collages in the next couple of weeks so if you have any different shades of orange and black paper / card / magazine pictures at home,
please send them in

On Tuesday this week, Seahunter had a great time dressing up as characters to use in their poetry writing. The costumes were amazing so thank you to all involved in their production! The children worked exceptionally hard to write poems such as How to be a Cowgirl and How to be a Spaceman. They wrote, edited and published throughout the day and shared their work with parents. The poems will soon be on (and next to) the writers wall near the hall for everyone to read and enjoy.

HMS Echo wrote their own story based on Leon and the Place Between on Thursday, writing in the style of the author, for example, using expanded noun phrases to describe where their chosen character landed. In Maths, they have continued to explore a number of different methods of adding depending on the numbers involved. As part of their work connected to Ancient Greece, they have considered what they can learn about that era from artefacts. In P.E. they have got really good at remembering to pass back and to hold and carry the ball with both hands as they develop their Tag Rugby skills. On Tuesday, they watched a very entertaining and sometimes somewhat noisy live performance at Bideford College. The main character, Dotty, rather quickly learnt about the need for staying safe after receiviing an ipad as a birthday present. All in all another busy week. Next week, weather permitting, they can look forward to Mulit Skills at West Croft School on Friday afternoon.

Year 5 enjoyed their visit to Poundstock this week taking part in activities as Tudor peasants and Lords and Ladies. They have also been introduced to Project 65 from the Burton Art Gallery – this will involve writing a Haiku based on special artefacts from the gallery. Bikeability letters have now gone home. Please indictae whether your child wishes to take part so that we can work out how many places are required. We will be busy for the cake sale today in aid of Macmillan – thank you for any cake donations.

Year 6 have been solving many different problems in maths including: NRich Envelope Problem, 4 Digit problems. In English we’ve been learning about poems, and writing our own. We have been specially focusing on Haikus and Tankas. Also, a visitor from the Burton Art gallery showing us special art, from the gallery, came to visit so that we could eventually form are own Haikus on the specially picked art work. Topic has revolved around making our own special autobiographies. In P.E we have continued to play outside games, most recent being Relay and Bench ball. The purpose of the relay that we did has been to pick three students to be in the gifted and talented group for P.E.

Have a great weekend!

Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff

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