Newsletter for the week ending 30th June
30 June 2017

Please read on to find out about the summer fair, choir news, a trip to Lundy and much, much more…

Staff News
Class teachers for next year will be as follows:
Nursery – Mrs Duda
Reception – Mrs Bannister
Year 1 – Mrs Stevens
Year 2 – Mrs Stanbury (4 days) & Mrs Harvey (1 day)
Year 3 – Ms Rushworth
Year 4 – Miss Goodman
Year 5 – Mrs McMorine (4 days) and Mrs Evans (1 day)
Year 6 – Mrs Mitchell
Mrs Vicki Stephenson, who has been at Appledore School for 27 years, will be leaving us at the end of this year due to taking retirement due to ill health. Vicki is a wonderful teacher, colleague and friend to us all and we all wish her well.

Choir News
Nine members of the Choir represented the school superbly on Saturday 24th June at the Bideford Youth Music Event at Victoria Park. Rhi, Molly, Ellie, Henry, Matthew, Louis, Louise, Winnie and Maya you were truly superb !! Thank you to Rhi and Ellie for introducing the songs and congratulations to Henry for performing his solo part with such confidence. Thank you to all the parents and the extended families of the pupils for your cheering, support and enthusiasm and to the many members of staff for your support.

For Dophin Parents in Preparation for Next Year
Dear parents and carers of children who will be in Year One next year,
On Tuesday the 18th of July, we will be having a brief introduction to Year One.
It will take place in the Year One classroom from 3:45 until 4ish.
It would be great to meet you all, share some information for next year and answer any questions you may have.
Mrs Stephens

Art Studio Latest
A huge thank you to everybody that gave their time last Saturday to get stuck in at our new studio. It is taking shape and with more wonderful helpers this weekend, is set to look ship shape soon. Please drop in and take a look, lend a hand and check out our progress on the arts@appledore Facebook page.
*We are working hard on our new studio and will be launching a crowdfund from Friday 7th July to try and raise money for a kiln, potters wheel and printing press. The children have been busy making beautiful clay boats and limited edition screen printed t-shirts that you will be able to pledge on to help us kit out the studio with some awesome arts equipment. Get ready to pledge and share to help us spread the word. Follow this link when we go live next Friday from 3:00pm to donate:
*Don’t forget to sign up for the Splodge Summer School at the studio to avoid disappointment , places are going fast! For more information and to register your child visit

Summer Fair Reminder
– own clothes day in exchange for either £1 or a tombola prize,
– cake donations on the day,
– any brick a brac, raffle prizes etc
Thank you


New Summer School/Holiday Club at Appledore School
The Splodge Summer School will be running here at our school this Summer holiday for children currently in Year One to Year Six. Sessions will run from 10am until 3pm Monday to Friday. Splodge is run by Kate Harvey (our art coordinator at Appledore School) who is looking forward to lots of arty Summer fun with the children. We are now taking bookings for the weeks beginning Monday 7th August and Monday 14th August. For more information and to register your child, find us online at and follow ‘Splodge Arts’ on Facebook and instagram.

Healthy Child Clinic for Under 5’s
The school nurse is runnubg the above clinic on the first Friday of the month, 9:00am – 10:30am at East The Water School. For more information please contact


Ahoy FSU Pirates! This week we have continued looking at the story of Peter Pan but focused on the Captain Hook and his pirates. We have painted pictures of Pirates and written Wanted! Posters about them. We drew treasure maps and visited The Jungle on Thursday to find the treasure! We also had a great trip walking to The Library and changing our books.

For Maths through Stories week we started to make a number line. We weren’t able to finish it last week but have managed to finish it this week. It snakes around the classroom and we are very proud of it! We have also looked at number sentences and worked out how we can swap the numbers around but make sure the number sentence still makes sense. We have continued our work on Christopher Nibble by making up our own version of the story. We also learnt all about how food is packaged on Science Day and we are conducting an experiment about the best place to store bread.

This week, Lundy Puffins have read their new story ‘The Black Dog’ and found out whether their predictions were correct. As they listened to the story they had to think about what they liked and disliked and what puzzled them. They had to work in groups to share their ideas. In Maths, they have revisited multiplication and made arrays on the playground. Science work involved them investigating food chains and completing some food chain art work. They were very much looking forward to spending Friday morning in their class for next year, so hopefully they will be able to tell you all about it.

Sea hunter had a great time on Tuesday taking part in science day. They started by exploring the nutritional content of food and reading food packaging to think about making healthy choices. They then investigated the sugar content of fizzy drinks, comparing original 7Up to 7Up zero. By putting a can of each in a tank if water, they saw how when the sugar content was high it made the can sink. They talked about how this image may help them to make sensible choices. Finally, they enjoyed finding about why we have so many different meals and access to different ingredients from around the world and explored how healthy they are by researching on the internet. They all learnt a lot and felt able to make healthy choices.

For science day this week, Year 4 looked at the palm oil production and the effect it has on rainforests. They studied food packaging and were surprised to find how many products contained the oil. They made posters to persuade people to buy products with sustainable oil. Lots of the class enjoyed Bikeability this week and I am pleased to sat that they all passed their Level 1. The instructor commented on their excellent behaviour and bike skills. In maths, Year 4 have completed work on multiplication, including pyramid puzzles and bingo. During PE, they played a game, directing a robot using actions to pick up a ball and move it to a bucket. They really had to be careful with the directions to keep the robots in the hall!

Year 5 have written about their visit to Chivenor on Friday and enjoyed looking back at the photos. They have also experienced ‘The Mix’ which enabled them to be involved in a variety of musical performances, despite the wet weather. This has enabled them to write more about Art Organisations for their Arts Award which they hope to complete soon. On Friday, even though they have the same teacher next year, they will be finding out about life in Year 6 and preparing for some of the responsibilities of being the oldest children in school.

This week Year 6 have been doing lots of rehearsals for our play which we will be performing soon. It is really coming along and we have been able to start putting in the acting, although we are still waiting for our stage to come. On Wednesday afternoon 8 of us went to do some screen printing with Mrs Harvey in our new art studio which was very fun.
On Tuesday we went to Lundy Island on the Oldenburg for a school trip. We arrived at the Quay at 7:45am and got on the boat at 8:00am and sailed from the Quay at 8:30am; the boat was really big and super fun. It had a shop, a small café, a bar and 3 decks; down deck, middle deck and top deck. When we got to island we had to walk up a massive walkway and it took us 15 minutes to get to the village.It was really tiring. We stopped on the village green and had a snack and we also looked in the shop and then set off for the old lighthouse. On our trek we saw Lundy puffin’s, Soey sheep, ox’s Lundy pony’s and lots of other interesting animals. We also saw dolphins and seals!! After our little adventure we went rock pooling and saw a huge spider crab and tiny starfish. Overall the Lundy trip has been a huge success – it was really fun and we would love to go again.
Written by Amelia, Rhiannon, Moses and Jaydon

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