Newsletter for the week ending 2nd November
2 November 2018

A busy week around school, so please read on to find out what has been happening…


Kingsley School Art and Science Enrichment Morning
This event is for pupils in Years 5&6 and being held at 10am-12.30pm on Saturday 24th November at a cost of £10 per child. If you are interested, please contact Diane Smart at

Cross Country
A big well done to those children in Years 4 and 6 who ran in the Stephen’s Shield cross country event at Torrington rugby club.


School Photos
The photographer will be in Monday 5th November taking portrait and sibling photos during the day and 8am and 9am photos with the wider family can be taken. The photographer will confirm where on the day, so just come along if you want a photo.

Halloween Disco
This will happen, but not until 9th November so please keep hold of that costume (or buy one after halloween at a greatly reduced price!). The disco is 5pm -6.15pm for Dolphins, Year 1 and year 2 and 6.30pm – 7.45pm for years 3, 4, 5 & 6. Ticket price is £3 and popcorn, ice lollies and glow sticks are for sale. Tickets must be bought in advance from the school and parent details and agrreement need to be provided, see Belinda on reception for both.

Thrift Club
There will be no Thrift Club until 5th November which will be the last pay in day. The following week, Monday 12th, will be paying out day between 3.15pm -3.45pm.


This week in FSU we had a fun day on Wednesday with all things Halloween. For the rest of the week we have celebrated Diwali which is a festival that has lots of fireworks, we have acted out the story of Rama and Sita, made diva lamps, looked at patterns called rangoli and found out a little bit about the different countries that celebrate Diwali.

Year 1 have had a great first week back. We have started our new topic – ‘Everyday Heroes’. We have described super heroes. On Thursday we came back from playtime to find our classroom had been messed up and covered in ice. We realised that Bob our class teddy had been stolen and we guessed that Mr Freeze had taken him. We wrote Wanted posters to try to catch Mr Freeze. In Maths we have continued to learn about number bonds to 10. We have added numbers together and learnt how to add by putting a number in our head and counting on. Our Philosophy session this week used the book – Room on the Broom. We discussed the question ‘Why was the dragon so mean?’

Lundy Puffins had a great time this morning at the Multiskills Festival. They were able to try out lots of different activities and worked very well in teams with children from other ACCT schools. They were very supportive of each other and were enthusiastic about the activities on offer. Well done! In English, they have been helping to write a class story about a chimpanzee. They had to change the original story ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’ into ‘How to wash a chimpanzee’. They had some really imaginative and funny ideas. In Maths, they have been making sure they know all their number bonds to 10 and then using these to work out number bonds to 100. So, if they know 7+3=10, they know 70+30=100, because it is 10 times bigger. Please keep practising number bonds to 10 at home. In the Art Studio, they were able to design a patter for a hot air balloon using pastels and Brusho.

Seahunter have made a great start to the half term. They have spent much of this week working on their final Paddington stories, which will be published and on the writers wall by the end of next week. There are some great tales! In science, we have concluded our work on bones and muscles, which involved attaching ‘muscles’ to our skeleton Boney Maloney, to see how we move. Before we started the unit of work, they drew what they thought their skeleton and muscles looked like then they repeated the task this week. They have enjoyed seeing how much they have learnt.

HMS Echo have been continuing to develop their subtraction skills in Maths and have learnt how to use the column method to subtract and looked at writing the inverse calculations for their subtraction problems. In Literacy, we have been learning how to punctuate direct speech and have boxed up our class innovate of ‘Leon and the Place Between’. The children have continued to develop their tag rugby skills in P.E and are ready to carry out a match next week before moving onto our next unit. We have looked at our new value ‘kindness’ in Philosophy and had a discussion about what this means. For Computing, we continued to develop our coding skills on the programme ‘Scratch’, and in Science, we have started to learn about teeth.

This week in Year 5 we have been learning about Semi-colons (;) and colons (:) so we can have more descriptive writing. We have also learnt how to add extra information into our sentences using parenthesis. In maths we have played a game where we have a budget of £100,000 or £500,000 and we had to make it to the end of the board and try to have the most money left to win. In science, we tested different materials mixed together and tried to separate them using different methods. Make sure you are ready for our residential next week. Watch out for a letter about a fish workshop we are taking part in next week – parents in year 5 are welcome to come and take part in taste testing just before school finishes.

Year 6 have been learning about biographies in our literacy sessions and began finding out about Charles Dickens. In maths we have been focusing on BODMAS and multi-step questions, using the four number operations. In science we have been finishing off our work on the human body and in art we sketched Tudor portraits. Our value this half term is ‘kindness’ and the house captains presented the shoebox appeal in assembly. We are looking forward to our Tudor day next week at Poundstock.

Have a lovely weekend
From Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children

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