Newsletter for the week ending 2nd February
2 February 2018

Please read on to find out what has been going on around the classes, safeguarding matetrs related to online streaming and ROBLOX and much, much more…


Online Streaming
With the increased threat of offenders using online live streaming platforms there is a need to educate children about the associated risks. CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection national crime agency) want to help parents and carers protect their children from online offenders like Sam, the fictional narrator of the animation, who targets children online and quickly builds trust with them.
The short animation highlights the importance of parents and carers talking openly to their children about being safe online, about healthy relationships and encouraging them to speak out if anything happens online that worries them or doesn’t feel right. To view the animation, please visit

Please be aware about growing and widespread concerns about the the App ROBLOX. If your child is playing this game, please check their account as a matter of urgency because there have been reports of children speaking with ‘friends’ through it that they do not know and inappropriate messages being sent.
Year 5&6 Science Enrichment Morning at Kingsley School
Pupils in years 5&6 are invited to ‘Back to Hogwarts – A Muggles Guide to Science’,9.30am-1pm, Saturday 10th March at a cost of £10 per child. For more information please contact Mr Cooper.


Burton Art Gallery, Bideford
We have submitted art by our children to the Schools Exhibition that opens 27 Jan, 2018 – 05 Mar, 2018 that is free to view.

Football Sessions During Half Term
FA Skills team in Devon are running football sessions for BOYS and GIRLS aged 5-11 for just £5 a day. The FA Skills holiday football coaching sessions are perfect for children who want to develop their football skills, meet new people, be active and have some fun during the holidays. All children who attend the session will be entered into a draw to win a signed England football shirt from the players. Thursday 15th February, Tews Lane, Roundswell, Barnstaple, Grass, BOYS and GIRLS aged 5-11, 10am-2pm, £5. Please bring a packed lunch and pay upon arrival.

To book a space please email or visit our website

Appledore Library Events
Saturday 10th Feb 10 – 11:30am Children’s Crafts
Wednesday 14th Feb 2:30 – 4pm Lego Club


Scrap Paper Please
Any size, any colour, for our Foundation Stage. Please contact the school or leave at reception.

World book Day – Thursday 1st March

On Thursday 1st March, we will be celebrating World Book Day. Children may come to school dressed as a character from a children’s book for a £1 donation to raise money for new books for our school library. Throughout the day, the children will be completing activities related to reading and will be sharing lots of books.
At the end of the day, the children will be given a £1 World Book Day token which can be exchanged for a book at many bookshops or can be used to get money off any book …. a great excuse to read something new! For more information about World Book Day, please visit:

Year 1 Phonics Evening
Parents of year 1 (Sea Lions) are invited to a Phonics Evening, Thursday 8th of February from 5:30 in the Year One classroom. A letter with the information has been sent out with more information.


This week we have had great fun finding out about space shuttles and astronauts. We watched a rocket launch and made our own rockets using both large and small materials. We have found out about Tim Peake and had a go at walking like Spacemen using the stilts. We read the story Whatever Next! and had a go at acting out he story. Today we visited the Jungle to make space shuttles and found a rocket had crash landed…I wonder who was in it?! To finish the week off, we made some moon biscuits.

This week in Year 1 we have published our final versions of ‘Oi Frog!’. They will be on display in the writing gallery and are definitely worth a read. In Maths we have looked at number bonds to 10 and used our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to make number bonds to 20. We have continued our weather diaries in Science and have started to make tree sculptures in Art. In Philosophy we watched a video of Alistair Brownlee helping his brother cross a finish line, sacrificing his chance to win the race. We discussed whether Henri Schoeman should have cheered and celebrated winning the race.

Lundy Puffins are now looking at division in Maths. Knowing the 2, 5 and 10x tables really is helping with this, so please keep practising at home. For writing, we have been writing about another festival: Easter. We are impressed with how well they are writing and really thinking about how they could improve. Our P4C question this week was: Should you help someone even if means you have to give up what you were doing? They are almost ready to celebrate the learning they have been doing about this half term’s value: Inspirational, so they have created posters about who inspires them and who they inspire. In our topic work, they have started to create 3D maps of India, marking the key physical features.

Seahunter have had a busy week, including a fantastic day with Caroline and Lisa who are running the community arts trail project that they have been involved in since July. On Wednesday, they worked with them to identify and develop ideas around particular points of interest in Appledore including the shipyard, shops, the beach and schools. They have written poetry and created artwork that will become part of an online trail around the village. Over the next few weeks, they will be working with a film maker to add animated scenes to the trail. They have also continued to enjoy learning with Mr Bishop and this week started a brilliant unit of English work based on Paddington stories. We are really looking forward to seeing their own Paddington stories in a couple of weeks time.

HMS Echo have been busy publishing their stories into books this week. The children created their own stories linked to ‘Winters Child’ and chose to write about either, autumn, spring or summers child. Each page has been beautifully illustrated with seasonal leaves. In maths, some of the children found it tricky when we learnt how to use the written formal method for multiplication. However, they persevered until they got it! We have looked at bit more into our topic ‘The Romans’ where we have placed events from the Iron Age in chronological order and begun to learn about the history of the Celts. Next week, the children will be creating hill forts that they would have lived in!

Beechcroft spent the Wednesday morning at the Atlantic Racquet Centre playing a range of tennis games. It was lovely to see how they joined in the games with the other schools and improve on their skills. In literacy we have started to look at different forms of poetry. So far we have written Haikus and Tankas. In maths we have look at how to find equivalent fractions and how to change an improper fraction into a mixed fraction. We looked at the ‘super blue blood moon’ in our topic work and continuing to listen to the Planet Suite music by Holst. Our P4C work this week was based on the Indian folktale of The Timid Hares. The question we discussed was ‘Should you believe everything you hear?’

In Year 6 this week we have been learning how to calculate area and perimeter in maths, including a problem solving activity with Mr Cooper. In the art studio we made golden snitches just like in Harry Potter as part of our wizardry and magic topic! Ib literacy we have been explaining in writing a new location for Hogwarts (eg Niagara Falls!) and mapping it out in geography. On Wednesday all of year 5 and 6 spent the morning playing tennis games at the Atlantic Racquet Centre – great fun it was too!

Best wishes from
Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children

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