Newsletter for the week ending 2nd December
2 December 2016

Please read on for all times of nativity performances and other things Christmas, plus Around the Classes…

hristmas has Landed!

A fantastic effort by the children and staff has resulted in some very creative and very impressive Christmas decorations representing the 12 days of Christmas. They are now hanging in our main corridor, so if you get a chance please pop-in and have a look.

Christmas Performances and Other Dates

2nd December – Performance – 2pm, Key Stage 1 (years 1&2), Christmas Performance, Community Hall, Appledore.
6nd December – Performance – 10am, Key Stage 1 (years 1&2), Christmas Performance, School Hall.
6th December – Performance -2pm, Foundation Stage (Turtles & Dophins), Christmas Performance, School Hall.
7th December – Performance – 10am, Foundation Stage (Turtles & Dophins), Christmas Performance, School Hall.
8th December – Christmas Fayre – 3pm, School
13th December – Christmas Dinner – lunchtime
13th December – Performance – 2pm, St Mary’s Church, Key Stage 2 (years 3-4) Carol Service

Very Pleasing Feedback

Please see below an extract from an email I recently received from the heaad of Key Stage 3 at Bideford college…

‘I have been asked me to contact you regarding feedback on our current Year 7 students who were previously at Appledore and if there were any skills we felt they could develop in Year 6. Having met these students and discussed this with Heads of House and tutors the feedback is very positive, they are delightful students who have all settled really well. They are well organised and are always the first to bring in homework, reply slips etc.’

Bideford Football club are hosting a free Football Fun day on Saturday 10th December, 11am to 12.15pm, for children aged 8-16 years with a disability. For more information, please contact Ashley Harris on 07912 089838

Around the Classes

Our Christmas rehearsals in FSU are going well and we look forward to performing our Christmas Celebration to you next week. On Tuesday we spent the morning in The Jungle making reindeers from a ball of clay and natural materials, we had some interesting end products! We have been very busy in Santa’s Workshop starting our Christmas cards, calendars and our decorations to sell on our stall at the Christmas Fayre.

This week in Year 1 has been all about the Nativity! We have finished making the props, we tried out our costumes in a dress rehersal and we are looking forward to performing ‘Children of the World’ to you all. Other than Nativity related work, we have continued our work on Place Value in Maths. We have chosen random numbers and tried to place them on a blank 100 square, and then looked at the numbers that are 1 more and 1 less, and 10 more and 10 less. With Kay on Thursday we travelled to Ireland with Barnaby Bear, and learnt about some Irish traditions.

This week Lundy Puffins have been rehearsing lots for the Christmas play and are very much looking forward to performing on Friday afternoon. Many thanks for all the wonderful costumes and for supporting your children to learn their lines – we really do appreciate it. In Maths, they have continued to look at 3D shapes, naming them and describing their properties. In English, they read a story called ‘Coming Home’ by Michael Morpurgo, which is the story of a courageous robin undertaking an epic journey to find its way home. They then wrote some fantastic stories from the point of view of the robin. They have also contributed to the fantastic turtle doves in the corridor hoop display

This week Seahunter enjoyed producing some great lords a leaping for our Twelve Days of Christmas hoop in the corridor. In Maths they have been finding out about angles; acute, right and obtuse and enjoyed using angle measurers to find examples around the school. In English this morning they were amazing, learning how to create sentences using independent and subordinate clauses. It has been a week of learning brand new things and they have really risen to the challenge!

This week in Year 4, the pupils getting to know the Greek myth, ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. They have looked at a cartoon version and listened to the story on the radio. In maths, Year 4 have continued looking at shape, including naming different sized angles and drawing symmetrical patterns. The Year 4 Christmas hoop is up in the corridor and includes nine Greek ladies dancing, as well as numerous lyres and flutes.

Christmas spirit is around in Year 5, with the completion of thier hoop ‘5 Gold rings’ for the corridor. They have also continued with their Christmas decorations (look out for them at the Christmas Fayre, you may want to purchase them). Thier Advent claendar is now underway, and they have been finding out about Christmas around the world. Group 2 have completed their Bikeability course this week and reports on behaviour and skills have been great. In topic the life of Henry VIII and his wives has caused many a discussion – they have created small books with key details about events. In ICT they have been creating race track games using Scratch – hopefully these will include multi-level games. Maths has moved to multiplication and Tudor Sea Stories are evovlving in Literacy. They have also enjoyed clay work with Kay, making a Buddah’s foot – they can explain all about it. A reminder that a residential payment of £20 is due before we break up for Christmas

This week in Year 6 has been busy. Numeracy, literacy, topic, P.E and even art! This week in numeracy we have completed daily assessments to prepare for SATs and secondary school. We marked them ourselves so we could see what areas we still need to work on. In literacy we started our new subject, instructional writing. This is linking with our science unit on ‘light’ and we made kaleidoscopes for homework. In topic we watched a lot of clips on Tudor times instead of writing as we have already done a lot of that. In P.E we haven’t done a lot except a bit of tag rugby and a lot of running. Finally, in art we have started to make snowmen and wooden reindeers (which are still work in progress) for the Christmas Fayre.
By Class Reporter Laurence

Have a great weekend
Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff

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