Newsletter for the week ending 29th June
29 June 2018

Please read on to find out about sports aday and summer fair arrangements and much, much more that has happened around the classes this week…


Sports Day – Tuesday 3rd July

We are still hoping to go ahead with Sports Day on Tuesday, however the weather report does still show lots of sun. The full programme involves the morning activities for all children from Dolphins to Y6. Activities will start at 9:30. Parents can watch and follow teams around. The morning will finish with the long distance race at around 11:30. Children will go back to classes and they can be collected from class by family members to picnic on the field. The afternoon will start by 1:30 with races for all children from Y1-6 and should finish by 3:30. If for any reason your child finishes before 3.30pm please do not take them away.

If it is too hot on Tuesday for the full programme, we will go ahead with a picnic lunch and the races in the afternoon for Years 1-6. If you are planning to picnic, children must be collected at 12 midday from their classroom. Please be aware that children are not to leave the school tomorrow before 3.30pm

Gazebo request – if you have an available gazebo, please bring them in at the end of Monday or first thing Tuesday. Please be aware

We will inform you by text on Monday of our plans for Tuesday.

Summer Fair – Friday 6th July
Children bring £1 or a tombola prize to wear non school uniform on the day of the summer fair. Please can we have unwanted toys for the toys stall please. Please can children bring items for the tombola and toy stall on the morning of the fair.

3pm -3.30pm School Choir and Year 5 singing in school hall (all welcome)
3.30pm -5pm – Summer Fair



This week FSU have asked the question are mermaids real? We have looked at the patterns and designs on their tail, designing our own and then having a go at making them using fabric and paper. We visited the Jungle to create some tails using natural materials. We interviewed a couple of mermaids to find out where they swim, what they eat and drink and how they look after their hair. We have also painted mermaids and made tails from clay. The Dolphins also had a great football afternoon on Monday.

This week we have continued our work on the Light House Keepers Lunch. We have written sentences to describe the lunch and used conjunctions such as ‘and’ and ‘but’. We have pretended to be seagulls and asked each other questions, then recorded our questions and answers in our books, remembering to use question marks, exclamation marks and full stops. In Maths we have been learning about Time, we have ordered the days of the week and months of the year. Next we will be learning to tell the time to the hour and half hour. We have also had a trial run of the races for Sports Day and chosen who will compete in each race. Our Philosophy session this week used the text Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers. We discussed the question ‘Should Grannie Island have kept the secret?’

This week, Lundy Puffins have read a new story ‘Traction Man is Here’, which they really enjoyed and can’t wait to write their own stories based on this book. If they have any action figures at home (such as: Action Man, Barbie, Lego Figures) they can bring them in next week to help with their writing. In Maths, they have been problem and completing lots of different investigations around number. They have practised the races for Sports’ Day which they are looking forward to. They have started their Katie Morag topic by looking at maps of her island and drawing the main landmarks. On Friday, they are looking forward to watching a theatre group perform ‘Wind in the Willows’.
It is great to be back with Seahunter. They have had a good week and enjoyed their last day with Mrs Adderly. It was a fun packed afternoon dressed up as pirates, completing a treasure hunt. Some of them looked quite fearsome! Since Wednesday, we have been looking at life in Ancient Egypt. We have looked at the importance of the River Nile and the children have presented the information they have researched in some brilliantly creative ways including songs, poems, pop up books and posters. It is lovely to see them so enthusiastic about their learning and eager to think of creative ideas. Next week we will be exploring pyramids and life for children as well as getting back to our report writing about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

In Year 4 we have been working on statistics where the children have been interpreting bar graphs and line graphs. In Science, we have been learning about the water cycle and the children presented their understanding through their preferred choice of; poster, story, song or poem. We have been learning complex sentences in English and for Computing the children have been collecting images to plan and write their own version of ‘A River’. In P.E we have continued to practise our rounders skills and we also played a friendly game against the Year 3s! For Art, we have been sketching and painting our bridge pictures in the art studio. Our stimulus for Philosophy this week was an image called ‘Building Bridges’. The question we discussed was ‘Is your friendship stronger when you build a bridge? Why do you think this is?’.

Beechcroft have had a challenging week completing KS2 assessment tasks; maths, reading and SPAG. They have been painting their regatta posters and finding out more about Ghana. Anansi stories have been drafted and will be published next week. They have continued to produce work for their arts award. Today saw the start of their geography presentations. We have so far learnt about Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and Vietnam. Fantastic work Y5’s.

Year 6 have completed science work on ‘Animals Including Humans’ this week. They have also looked into Bideford history and added information to a map. We have had a rehearsal for our play – even though some children have been out – please start collecting items for costumes as our dress rehearsal is next Thurs/Fri. We are at the Wake Park on Monday so please come in promptly to register at 8:50am so that cars can set off. We also really need payments (online) before Monday. Year 6 parents will be selling refreshments (tea, coffee, cakes and ice pops) on Sports Day (3rd July) to raise money for the Year 6 party – cakes 50p, ice-pops 25p.

We wish you all a super weekend
From Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children

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