Newsletter for the week ending 28th January
27 January 2022

And that’s nearly the end of January and it appears to have gone so quickly. As per usual, lots has been happening here this week and please do read up on what has been happening this week.  This includes congratulations to Jenson who is the first recipient of our Literacy Cup for his passion for reading. Similar to our Values Cup, each half term it will presented to a child and they will have their name engraved on it and can keep it for the half term. Well done Jenson!

We are part of ACCT (Atlantic Coast Cooperative Trust) which is a group of primary schools and three schools in the trust are proposing to federate. For more information please see this letter.

Could you be interested in becoming a primary school teacher and would want to find out more? SCITT is a primary school teacher training programme and we regularly host trainee students. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a primary teacher via the SCITT route, please click here.

The number of cases in school has risen considerably this week and thank you for being so supportive with the testing of your children. Teachers are now very stretched between teaching the class and simultaneously providing remote learning. Unless your child is too unwell to access remote learning, provided physically for those in Reception or in the Google Classroom for Years 1-6, please do all you can to ensure your child engages with the learning provided.

Have a lovely weekend

From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff

This week in Turtles and Dolphins we have been learning about the lifeboat in Appledore. Harley’s Dad came to talk to us about his role working on the lifeboat. We want to say a big thank you as we learned so much! We have painted pictures of the lifeboat and made collages of them. We had great fun making boats from tin foil and trying to sink them by putting marbles on them. We have also found out the history of the lifeboat.

This week Year 1 have invented their own version of the story No-bot, The Robot with No Bottom and wrote it independently in their books. We loved their imaginative ideas and the way they changed the characters and locations. In Maths we have been ordering numbers and challenged ourselves with some word problems. We have carried on our topic learning and recapped what we learnt about Florence Nightingale. We talked a lot about how Florence started cleaning the hospitals which led to us thinking about the importance of washing our hands. We then carried out a Science experiment to find out what would happen to different pieces of bread that we have touched with clean hands, dirty hands and pieces that have not been touched at all. We have been very excited to check the bread everyday to see if anything has changed!

Another great week for Lundy Puffins! In English they have continued with the book ‘Chinese New Year’ and have learned some of the book and looked at how the sentences are written. In Maths, they have continued with division and have learned how to divide by 2, 5 and 10. In their Science work, they learned about animals and their young and played a fun matching game to pair the name of the animal and its offspring. In their topic work they learned more about Grace Darling and her life and were able to sequence the events. Outdoor learning last week was great fun as they got ready for planting.

Seahunter have been learning how to multiply and divide in Math using arrays and other images. They have also been using their RUCSAC skills to answer worded multiplication and division problems. In English, the children have carried out further research on their great woman they have been learning about, and have been planning and suggesting how to best organise their information into paragraphs. In P.E, the class have been practising their long jump for our personal best challenge where they are trying to improve on themselves. They have also continued practising their gymnastics skills and have been learning how to include partner balances holding their partner’s weight.

HMS Echo have worked really hard this week, particularly in Maths, where Miss Wood has been teaching how to convert mm, cm and km. There has been a lot to learn and they have all been very determined. In English, they have also faced a huge challenge; understanding the difference between simple, compound and complex sentences. They have grown in confidence and have started to make sure they are using a variety of sentences in their writing. FInally, they have continued to enjoy and develop their football skills in P.E. They are showing greater control and have a great attitude to team spirit.

Beechcroft have now completed publishing and illustrating their story books about the great plague.  These will be displayed in the main building, on the writers board, outside the hall. The next sequence of work will be a non-fiction unit, looking at explanation texts.  In maths we have completed our unit of work on fractions and just started to look at decimals and percentages.  In science we now know how to use a Newton meter and the difference of measuring weight and mass.  We have continued with our work on forces in the outdoor learning session this week. We have continued with our topic work by looking at historical sources and thinking about what the images from the time tell us about the living conditions in London.

Year 6 have been using decimal numbers and fractions again this week in Maths and have been refining their balanced arguments in Literacy. Science has looked at adaptive traits and selective breeding – if only you could make the pet you wanted! In grammar, they have been revising clauses and going over spelling patterns too. As part of our mental health focus this half term they have been looking at emotions and how we all cope with situations differently – as part of this they have been looking at how your body feels as your emotions change and suggesting ways of helping to ease some of the emotions or recognising the signs before it all becomes too much. In art, they have been either completing final pieces of work or starting work on printing. Please return SOE3s for the Bristol trip as soon as possible – thank you to all those who have paid online already.

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