Newsletter for the week ending 26th April 2019
26 April 2019

Welcome back everybody and we hope you had an enjoyable break. Please read on to find out what has been happening in and around the classes this week…


Girls Cricket Festival Using a soft ball, there’s a girl’s cricket festival at Bideford Cricket Club Sunday 5th May for KS2 girls. Please email for more information.


Dates for the Diary

Wednesday 5th June, sports day. Races for Y1-Y6 9:30am-12pm, lunch for all children and parents 12pm-1pm and afternoon activities for Reception to Y6 1:30pm – 3:30pm Wednesday

12th June, reserve day for sports day (if bad weather 5th June)

Friday 5th July (NEW DATE), summer fair. Details to follow.


As always, please ensure we have the current email and mobile number of the primary contact because this is to whom messages will be sent.


Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to our new children starting in Turtles, we hope you all had a great Easter. This week in FSU we have finished off our mini topic about Spring, we have looked the different life cycles of a frog and chicken, we have painted pictures of these animals along with other spring animals and thought about how they might move around during our PE sessions.

We have had a great start to the term in Year 1. The children have come back very keen to learn and have been working very hard. We have started our new topic ‘Castles, Dungeons and Dragons’. We have written the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and we have planted our own beanstalks. On Thursday we discovered a sandwich in our classroom and a letter from the badger in the story ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’. We then read the story and discussed what we liked and disliked about it. In Maths we have started learning about Multiplication and Division, we have been counting in 10s and learning about equal and unequal groups. Our Philosophy session this week used the song ‘The Bare Necessities’. We discussed the question ‘What do we need?’ and decided the three things we need are food, drink and company.

Lundy Puffins wrote some great instructions for making puppets and have been adding two 2-digit numbers and adding and subtracting multiples of 10. They were excited to find out their new topic: castles, knights, dungeons and dragons. As the first day back was 23rd April (St George’s day), they found out about the legend of St George and the Dragon. Next Thursday, we are off to Dunster Castle. Don’t forget to let us know by Monday if your child would like a school packed lunch.

Seahunter have had a good first week back at school. They spent the first finding out about Ancient Egypt; how and why people lived there. They found out about the challenges of living in Egypt by looking at Google Earth, from which they could see that it is hot and mostly desert. They worked out that a river ran through the country and went on to explore the importance of The River Nile, producing some amazing maps and writing to explain their discoveries. They also had a go at writing their initials in hieroglyphs on pieces of papyrus, traditionally grown on the banks of The Nile. They all worked with enthusiasm and have generated a lot of interesting questions for us to explore over the term.

At the start of the week, HMS Echo came back ready to perform their Roman play! They had clearly worked hard to rehearse their lines and organise their costumes over the holidays which meant that they presented their play excellently. It was clear that they really enjoyed themselves! Well done HMS Echo! We have now started to learn about our new topic ‘Rivers’ and have been looking at the different features of a river. The class have also taken their 100 word Spelling test, a Reading test and a Maths test for the start our the summer term.

Year 5 have been using Roman Numerals in maths this week and finding out how to calculate with these. In Literacy they have begun work on their new text: ‘The Ice Bear’. So far they have explored the style of the book and written their own endings after reading to a point in the book and not knowing what happens next. In science we have been looking at forces – balanced and unbalanced and thought about the work of Sir Isaac Newton. They have been looking forward to sharing their performance on Friday with you – we hope you enjoyed it. It has been a busy and productive week!

This week in Y6 we have being doing past SATs questions in maths, reading and grammar. In art, we drew a picture of the sea as if we were looking through a telescope on the beach. In science we started electricity and drew an electricity concept map and joined in with a BBC live lesson. In literacy, we have started to draw/write our own simple version of the Secret Garden which will have twelve boxes when it’s completed. In preparation for our visit to Exeter next week we looked at what you would see in a Jewish synagogue. We are looking forward to starting our cricket sessions today. Reporters: Isabella and John

Have a wonderful weekend everybody

From Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children

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