Newsletter for the week ending 25th June
24 June 2021

Sadly, we aren’t able to have parents attend sports day but that didn’t dampen the enthusiam of the children as they participated in numerous races and activities.  Once all classes have completed their races and events next week we will be in a position to add up all the scores to see which house has won. Thank you for support with providing house colour clothing.

Please read on to find out what has been going on in and around the classes…

Have a lovely weekend from

Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff


This week in Turtles and Dolphins we have carried on learning about The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We chatted about what the troll might look like and in groups we drew a picture of him or her. We had some interesting names! We have looked at pictures of bridges in our local area and we have found out about how bridges were used in the past. We had an interesting discussion about whether bridges move. On Thursday Dolphins had a great time at the farm finding out about goats.

This week in Year 1 we have launched ourselves into our topic about castles. The children have looked at lots of different pictures of Norman castles and have started to learn the names of some of the features. In maths, we have started to learn about numbers between 50 and 100. Over the course of this week, the children have played counting games and compared numbers by looking at how many tens and ones a number has. In writing the children have been constructing funny questions and then using their imaginations to answer the questions. On Thursday afternoon the children took part in sports day events. They competed in 6 events across track and field with the finalists competing against the other house groups.

Lundy Puffins have had another great week. The highlight was our sports afternoon on Thursday. They took part in running, jumping and throwing activities and showed brilliant sportsmanship and teamwork. Well done everyone – photographs will follow! In Maths, they have been learning to tell the time – first o’clock and half past, then quarter to and quarter past, finally to the nearest 5 minutes. Please keep practising at home. Here is a game to help:  In English, they have been writing an introduction, instructions and extra information for a class piece of writing about snakes. Next week, they will be writing about dragons. In their topic work, they learned about William the Conqueror and in the Art Studio, they almost finished their map of Appledore

Seahunter had a great time in the woods on Tuesday and Wednesday. They worked really hard as teams to plan and develop settlements alongside a river. They world as ship builders, fish shop owners, bridge builders, farmers and town builders. They needed to decide where they should build along the river and why. They then realised that they would need to work with other groups to plan and trade materials. They did a great job using their knowledge of rivers to make decisions as well as working cooperatively and diplomatically to share and trade. This work will now help them to explore why the NIle was so important to The Ancient Egyptians with Miss Rose next week

HMS Echo have been learning how to present data using different graphs and charts in Maths. They have particularly been focusing on using line graphs to present their data. In English, the children have written up our class version ‘Shapeshifter’ following the text that we have been learning ‘Firebird’. The children had to include skills that they had learnt using a success criteria and worked hard to check and edit their writing for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. In the Art Studio, the children have begun their woodworking sessions, and started to be introduced to the tools that they will be using and how to use these safely. In Computing, the children have recapped their coding skills where they created algorithms to make Scrat from Ice Age move correctly.

Year 5 enjoyed a busy Sports Day this week. There was great team spirit and some fantastic performances from individuals and teams – well done! In maths, we have been working on shapes position and direction – plotting shapes on grids and using co-ordinates. In Literacy, we have been exploring poetry and writing some of our own. In science we looked at why objects float and in art we have been trying to complete textile work on Sunflowers. Children are now well on the way with their Arts Awards and have section B to complete for homework this week – they have worked hard on this. Don’t forget to inform school if you want your child to gain their National Award for this – some people haven’t responded yet. Also please check residential payments – I know we are in uncertain times but without payments, the trip won’t be able to go ahead – paperwork for this trip has to be sorted but the end of the summer term.

This week we have not only been doing the normal lessons but also work about Appledore’s heritage and making maps of it. Also this week it has been sports day and we have done races and other activities in an attempt to win the cup. In English,  we have been writing about some imaginary islands from the book An Atlas of Imagined Islands.  For the topic work we have been writing about Lundy and what’s there, preparing for our visit next month. We have also started work on some bird boxes in DT (we are doing woodwork this half term). In maths we have completed our unit about finding angles and drawing shapes accurately.  We have continued to enjoy our cricket and tennis lessons.

Reporters: Felix and Sophia


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