Newsletter for the Week Ending 24th January
24 January 2020

This week has been a week of nunerous ‘firsts’ for me in a school that includes a couple of poet pupils taking it upon themselves to convert some of the school rules into poems! Please read on to find out…it’s in the unform section.

This term we have all worked hard on what one might describe as a ‘whole school New Year’s resolution’ – only to run in school school where you’re meant to. With the excitement of Christmas looming a large number of children had forgotten this as last term drew to a close. It has been nothing short of inspirational how the whole school has worked together, led by the children, to so quickly kick this habit and left me wondering if us adults are so rapidly effective when trying to break a habit. I can’t remember the last time, if ever, I keep a New Year’s resolution! And of course, our new poet laureates wrote  about running in school but I’ll save that one for another time.

Please do read on to find out what has been happening in and around the classes.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody and we look forward to seeing you next week.
From Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children.



These are things you shouldn’t do,

Like wearing something that isn’t a shoe.

You shouldn’t wear colourful bands or bows,

Because you will be in trouble if Mr Cooper knows!

(written by two Year 4 pupils)

I reminder to please check your children are wearing the school uniform. Trainers tend to appear instead of school shoes and headband become increasingly colourful and large! I have spoken to the whole school about it and individuals if required and the repsonse from the children has been excellent. If you are unsure please click here to see what is acceptable uniform and if you are syill unsure please do call us before buying new.

Please ensure that we always have your current contact details, including address, email and all telephione numbers. Thank you.


This week in FSU we have started our new topic, “Transport” We have started off by collecting all the different modes of transport we know and then talking about which ones we would like to find out about over the next term. We have looked at how we might travel to places and the further away from Appledore we go the bigger the type of transport we might need to use. We have created collages of our favourite types of transport and drawn pictures of them, looking carefully at the shapes we can see. We talked about how we travel to school and work out which way was the most common, this lead us to creating our own questions and collecting data ourselves. Outside in the lovely weather we designed and made an obstacle course and time each other to see who was the fasted and we created a car wash to wash all of our bikes and scooters.

This week in Year 1 we have had lots of fun making up our own version of Oi Frog called Oi Slug. Mrs Eversley has helped us to think of our own rhyming pairs, then to plan our story and draw a story map to help us remember it. We then worked really hard and spent two days writing the whole story. In Maths we have been using our number bonds to 10 to help us work out number bonds to 20. We then looked at how to add two numbers together by making 10, we used ten frames to help us. We then started working on subtraction and used number lines to help us solve the problems. Mrs Halloway has borrowed a class set of trombones and is going to teach us how to play them over the next few weeks, we had lots of fun in our first trombone lesson.

Lundy Puffins have learned a little more this week about Grace Darling and her brave rescue. They designed medals for her and watched a recreation of the rescue. In English, they have started a new non-fiction sequence and have written some information about birthday parties to practise. In Maths, they have continued with multiplication and have been making and describing arrays. Next week, we will learn the 2,5 and 10 times tables. Science this week has involved them finding out about the importance of exercise and then creating their own exercises that everyone had to do for one minute.

We have been busy in Year 3 this week. We have in learning about joints in bones, writing a glossary on women who have changed the world and made 3D shapes out straws and masking tape. By the end of the week we had also learnt about the story of Noah’s Ark and discussed it in philosophy and of course Fitness Friday’!

This week in Maths, HMS Echo have been working on their 11 and 12 times tables and learning how to multiply 3 numbers together. In English, we have been working on writing compound and complex sentences. For Topic, we have begun to make pop-up booklets detailing information about butchers, bakers and grocers during the war. We have also researched some war time recipes. In Science, we have looked at reversible and irreversible changes of states of matter.


Year 5 have really immersed ourselves in the events of the Great Plague this week.  In literacy we have found out more about what it would have been like to live during this time as a child.  The young boy, Daniel, has lost all his family and found himself caught up with rouge watchmen.  Will he ever escape the death and illness he sees in London?  The class have been doing some amazing writing based in the story.  In maths we have continued to find an accurate method for multiplication calculations can started to look at methods for division.  To improve the speed in answering questions we have been making sure we know all our times tables.  In science we loved doing the experiment, ‘exploding buboes’.  Only half the class have done this, as half were in the art studio working with Abby, but they will certainly find out all about this next week when the groups swap.  Also in topic work we found out more about rats, fleas and the Yersinia pestis bacterium.  Congratulations to Sophia for her winning plastic poetry entry. 

 Year 6 have had another busy week. In Literacy, they have been writing a diary as the main character in Pig heart Boy. In Maths, they have been problem solving with ratio and proportion. In Science, they have been analysing how skeletons have changed as humans have evolved and in art, they have been preparing materials for collage work. They have also started revising spelling patterns and are hopefully collecting helpful information and keeping it together for use at home.


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