Newsletter for the week ending 23rd September
23 September 2016

Please read this newsletter to find out about clubs, voting for our school fund raising project at Tesco and what has been happneing around the classes…

Date Changes for When We Need Your Votes!
We have been shortlisted (one of three) for the Tesco Bags of help initiative and your votes will secure us between £8,000 and £12,000 to develop our outdoor area for our younger children. Between Monday 26th September and Sunday 9th October, please visit the Tesco store at East of the Water to vote for our project. In the meantime, please inform your friends via Twitter and Facebook. Many thanks

Yr 5&6 Netball Club Info
Netball Club is starting on Wednesday 5th October 2016. It will take place after school from 3:40 – 4:30pm and will be run by Mrs Mitchell and her team of volunteers. It will involve ball skills as well as learning how to play High Fives Netball.
The club is open to year 5 and 6. Children will need to wear suitable clothing and have trainers for the session. They will need to change and wait in the Year 5 classroom at the end of the school day. It is advisable to bring a small snack to eat beforehand and to make sure they have water to drink.
Please click here for the letter with details about how to sign-up.

Cross Country Date and Venue Changes
It’s the first cross country race this Sunday. Don’t forget to get there early to collect your number from the registration tent and to walk the course. The first race starts at 10am and registration tent is open from 8.45am. As it is the first race, getting there at 9am would be a good idea.If you haven’t entered yet, you can register and run at the first race.

Sunday 25th September: Kingsley School Bideford for further information

Shebbear College Open Days – Yr7 entry September 2017
These are bing held 3rd-7th October. Full details at or call 01409 282001

West Buckland School Open Day – Yr7 entry September 2017
Saturday 1st october 9.30am. For more information contact tel 01598 760629

Around the Classes
We have loved being Superheroes this week in Dolphins and Turtles, inventing our own new Superhero along with thinking of their super powers, we had many ideas ranging from shooting rainbows out of their hands, running really fast and jumping very high! We have made vehicles for them to travel in along with capes and masks. We finished off thinking about us being Superheroes and what we are really good at.

Another incredibly busy week in Sea Lions this week. Each week we have been gradually increasing the amount of time children spend on adult led activities, and decreasing the amount of time they spend on activities of their own choosing. This week we have introduced Phonics and PE into every afternoon session. We have also continued our work on the book ‘What would you do with a tail like this?’. We have all written questions, making sure they start with a capital letter and end with a question mark. Then we answered the question ‘What would you do with a hat like this?’ – lots of very imaginative ideas. In Maths we have learnt a song about the Days of the Week, to help us put the days in the right order. We have looked at 1 more and 1 less, and played Numicon Bingo to help with this. We have also played Guess My Number using numbers up to 100.

This week, Lundy Puffins have read more of the book ‘Penguins’. Having watched a clip of some penguins diving and swimming through the icy water, they then had to construct sentences to describe what the penguins were doing. They then had to identify the verbs in their sentences. Everyone is working hard to improve their handwriting and some of their efforts are starting to pay off. The pop-up African animal books are almost finished and ready to be displayed. We have been impressed by the careful art work for these. Next week we will be moving on to animals from colder climates. In Maths, they have been again looking at place value and examining how numbers are written.

This week Seahunter have been writing a poem about how to be a scarecrow. They had to have good memories to be able to remember the poem and choose lots of great adjectives to make it interesting. In Maths they have explored partitioning and combining and completed a 100 square challenge. In P.E. they have worked hard on handball and tag rugby. In handball they showed amazing teamwork skills and in tag rugby learnt to run forward and pass backwards…a tricky skill!

In HHS Echo this week, they have been counting and calculating between negative and positive numbers and getting really confident when rounding numbers. In Literacy, they have decided to take their character, Max, into a haunted mansion and been creating expanded noun phrases to describe the mansion and the character they find there. They have been gathering facts about Ancient Greece and using the internet to check whether their initial ideas were accurate or not. In Science, they have been learning more facts about the digestive system in readiness to share their expertise with pupils in Year One. Their tabards and T shirts that they created last week for homework were amazing and the pupils had clearly spent a great deal of time on them to ensure that their diagrams, drawings and labels were true to life. Thank you.

Year 5 have had a productive week – maths has involved place value and numbers up to 1 000 000. Writing has been in the form of a diary, reflecting back on experiences from Beam House. They have also looked at events in Tudor Times and begun research on famous Tudors as well as drawing Henry VIII. Next week on Friday 30th September Year 5 will host the cake sale in aid of Macmillan (World’s biggest coffee morning) – we hope to sell some cakes during morning break and if there are any left, they will be on sale after school on Friday. Also don’t forget the trip to Poundstock on Thursday 29th September – (wellies required)!

This week, Year Six worked on several fronts with the usual maths and literacy which has included writing auto biographies on famous people e.g. Michael Morpurgo, James May and Muhammad Ali. In maths we have been looking at investigations in groups. In our topic we have finished our fact pages on the Tudors and started to find out about Henry VIII. In P.E. we played football as well as benchball. In art we have been continuing our Tudor portraits with a lot of detail. We also went to Poundstock where they had a Tudor guild house. We dressed up as Tudors and made bread, a cob brick and some ginger made ale (only non-alcoholic ginger ale – headteacher editing!); we are looking forward to drinking this next week. In the morning we dressed as peasants and in the afternoon rich people. In the morning we worked and made food and bricks but in the afternoon we played games, learned to write with an ink pen and did some Tudor dancing.
By Class Reporters, William Bowden-Ritchie and Laurence Fitzgerald.

Have a great weekend!

Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff

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