Newsletter for the week ending 23rd February
23 February 2018

Please read on to find out about World Book Day, around the classes and much more…


Parenting Course for those with children aged 5-8 years
The Incredible Years Parenting Programme is aimed at understanding more about your child’s behaviour and setting effective limits. Please click here ?????? for more information or call the Children’s Centre on 03300 415494 and ask to speak to a member of staff about enrolling on the Incredible Years Parenting Course. It starts next week and runs for 14 weeks.

Message from Appledore Village Green Group
We look after the village green, known locally as ‘Back Field’. We meet a few times a year to arrange our Village fayre and to discuss any matter arrising. We are looking for new members to come along and offer new ideas for fundraising and to help on the day of the fayre. We especially need someone to help with the secretarial side of things. If anyone could help in anyway please contact Kathy Hancockon 07715 973877 or Dave Thomas on 01237 420823. Thank you.

Burton Art Gallery, Bideford
We have submitted art by our children to the Schools Exhibition that opens 27 Jan, 2018 – 05 Mar, 2018 that is free to view.

Total Theatre School
Drama, singing and movement sessions for Reception and Year 1 children are available at St Mary’s Chruch hall in Appledore. For more information, please contact or 07801 257544

Parent Workshops
All courses will take place at Barnstaple Library and will run from 9:30am until 2:30pm each day. Refreshments are provided but not lunch. Supporting a Child with Challenging or Aggressive Behaviour – £30 Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th March 2018 [2 day course] Understanding and supporting an Autistic Child – £30 Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th April 2018 [2 day course] Understanding & Supporting Autistic Individuals with Demand Avoidance [PDA] – £15 Monday 21st May 2018 Understanding & Supporting Individuals with Attention Difficulties [ADHD/ADD] – £15 Tuesday 22nd May 2018 There are only 24 spaces per workshop and we are expecting a good uptake so book early to avoid disappointment. To book a place go to: If you cannot book online please contact us directly on 01392 813028


World book Day – Thursday 1st March

On Thursday 1st March, we will be celebrating World Book Day. Children may come to school dressed as a character from a children’s book for a £1 donation to raise money for new books for our school library. Throughout the day, the children will be completing activities related to reading and will be sharing lots of books.
At the end of the day, the children will be given a £1 World Book Day token which can be exchanged for a book at many bookshops or can be used to get money off any book …. a great excuse to read something new! For more information about World Book Day, please visit:


This week in FSU we have celebrated Chinese New Year. We have made lanterns and dragons. We have read the story and drawn pictures and written about it. We had a go at different races and presented each other with rosettes. Today we have tasted noodles and prawn crackers.

In year 1 We have had a great first week back. We have looked at the book ‘On the Way Home’ and discussed what we liked and disliked about the book. We have also described the characters in the book. In Maths we have continued our work on addition and subtraction and used the more than, less than and equals symbols to compare number sentences. In Science we have recorded what we know about plants. We have also compared the weather in the UK and in Australia. We used the text ‘The Empty Pot’ in Philosophy this week. We discussed the question ‘Why did the Emperor choose the honest boy to be the new Emperor?’ We also discussed whether the Emperor had been honest, as he had tricked everybody, and whether it was ok for him to be dishonest.

Lundy Puffins have been writing a story about losing something and then going on a journey to find it. There were some really imaginative stories about pirates and mermaids, so well done everyone! Next week, we will be reading a story called ‘Augustus and his smile’, which is a story about a tiger. In Maths, they have been working on division and have completed a final assessment task to show what they have learned. They have drawn patterns on card hands to create the front cover of their Diwali books. They also learned about Rangoli patterns and had a go at designing and creating their own in small groups. For this week’s P$C session, they read a book called ‘The Empty Pot’ to link to this term’s value: Honesty. They had a fantastic discussion about being honest and the question they chose to discuss was: Why did the Emperor cook the seeds? We are all looking forward to taking part in the Multiskills Festival on Monday.

Seahunter’s week got off to a great start with a day in the art studio with Mrs Harvey, finishing the backdrops for the arts trail project. The children worked layer by layer to build up a collage of a specific point in Appledore. They used a number of techniques including burnishing to create their amazing images. Next week they will work on some descriptive poetry to describe their point of interest then incorporate their work into the collage. In maths, they have worked really hard on subtraction, using number lines to count back. Some children have also moved on to using column subtraction, learning how to decompose tens and hundreds. In English, it has been wonderful to see some amazing Paddington stories n=being planned and developed. The finished storied will be published and displayed on the writer’s wall on world book day (next Thursday). Philosophy this week was with Mrs Smale. The stimulus for discussion was the story ‘Stone Soup’ retold by Tony Ross. The question the children chose to discuss was ‘Why did the man use the stone, why didn’t he just need food?’ They took turns to listen and make suggestions that linked to each other’s ideas.

HMS Echo have had a busy and productive first week back at school. They have worked through some new tricky methods to solve division problems, in Maths. Learnt new writing skills in English; using pronouns, writing in the second person and using a variety of punctuation for effect. For Science the children learnt how sound is made through vibrations by experimenting with drums, elastic bands, tuning forks and other equipment. We also continued to learn about our topic, where we learnt about Boudicca’s rebellion and sketched pictures of Boudicca for art, using a written description of her. The philosophy session this week was linked to our new value ‘honest’. The children were introduced to this through two video clips showing fair play. The class came up with lots of questions and we discussed ‘is being honest always the right thing to do?’ and ‘Should you lie to win the point or be honest?’ It was great to then see the children showing fair play in our P.E session!

Beechcroft have been looking at the features of ‘explanation’ texts and starting thinking about new inventions. In maths we have been looking how to convert units of time and how these are applied to word problems. We had a very good science morning looking at three of Newton’s Laws and trying different investigations. We also started our potato growing by putting the seed potatoes in the window to ‘chit’. We have been in the art studio completing our pastel space pictures and building a large space station structure. In P4C we discussed the question ‘If we don’t look after our world, who will?’

In year 6 this week we have been using BODMAS in maths to answer questions. Do you now what it means? In English we have been making our own character for a Harry Potter story and writing about them, including their emotions and their experiences.In PE we have been practising how to throw further and have been recording how far to see if we can beat our personal best. In science we have been learning about famous scientists such as Charles Darwin and Louis Pasteur.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend. 
Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children

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