Newsletter for the week ending 21st October
21 October 2016

Please read on to find out what has been happening in and around the school…

Don’t forget it’s Halloween Disco tonight!

This week has been full to the brim with Harvest festival celebrations in school and at St Mary’s Church. Thank you all of you who came along and for your kind donations for Harbour Bideford charity.

Harvest Festival at St Mary’s Church, Appledore.Sunday 23 October 10.00am
You and your family are all warmly invited to join in our harvest festival celebrations.The service at 10 o’clock will be very child-friendly and suitable for all ages (the children from Poppins playgroup will be taking part). Any gifts of food (fresh, tins, packets etc) will be gratefully received and passed on to the Harbour project and the local housebound.
Straight after the service we will move over to the church hall for home-made entertainment and then a shared lunch (no charge). We expect to be starting lunch by 12 o’clock.If you would like to take part in the entertainment (singing, dancing, joke telling, juggling, poetry …) please let David Foster know (07810 575247 or
Any questions? Feel free to contact Anne Foster (07949 931498 or

Around the Classes

FSU have continued with our Autumn theme this week by looking at Harvest and finishing off with a little bit of Halloween. We have looked at what machines the farmers use during harvest time and why we give food during this time. We used apples from Iris’ garden to make flapjack, pumpkins from Mrs Harvey to make pumpkin soup and apples and pears to make a crumble from Mrs Bannister. The children sang lovely during our Harvest Festival and we really enjoyed sharing our Learning Journeys and the apple flapjack with you. Have a lovely holiday and we will see you all refreshed, ready for bonfire night!

Firstly, a big well done to all the children for making it through their first half term in Year One. The progress they have all made since September is huge, particularly in their writing; much neater handwriting, and improved letter formation all round. This week we have practised our neater, and newly joined up writing by editing our recounts of our day at Exmoor Zoo and then writing them up neatly. We have also written postcards to Sunny, the meerkat we met at Exmoor Zoo. In Maths we have practised adding and subtracting by playing games and by completing jigsaw puzzles that required us to answer simple addition or subtraction questions. We have also all designed, made and evaluated a junk model animal. Some very imaginative ideas and lots of good construction techniques learnt. As well as making junk model animals we have been studying vegetables, and have made our own giant vegetables using paint and wax crayon, all will be revealed at the Harvest Festival…

Lundy Puffins have been super bookmakers this week putting the finishing touches to their animal books. Some of the finished books are on display on the writers’ wall and others will be added as they are finished. In Maths, they have again looked at adding numbers, first adding a one-digit number to a two-digit number and then looking at different strategies for adding 3 one-digit numbers. They have created poster to advertise Exmoor Zoo, following their visit last week. Emily brought in her two guinea pigs on Wednesday and everyone asked some interesting questions to find out a bit more about them. They are all looking forward to sharing songs and poems with you at the Harvest Festival on Friday.

Seahunter did a great job at the Harvest Festival on Thursday afternoon. Those who read Haiku poems did so clearly and all the children sang enthusiastically. In class, they have done a wonderful job planning and writing stories about a beastie they have created, based on ‘The Beasties’ by Jenny Nimmo. They have used some beautiful language and will spend Friday publishing and illustrating to create a class book. It will be available to read next to the writing wall after the holiday. Overall, the children have really done well this half term, settling in to Key Stage 2 and maturing into brilliant year 3s. They definitely deserve a lovely week’s break, ready to start again on what will soon become the lead up to Christmas!

This week, Year 4 have been busy creating their poems using a painting of a tiger in a tropical rainstorm as a starting point. They have been working hard to include poetic devices such as alliteration, similes and onomatopoeia. After half term, they will write a poem using the piece of art work they chose today. In maths, they have been solving worded problems. As part of their Ancient Greek topic, they have been discovering the differences between the states of Sparta and Athens. They have carefully studied the egg shells that were placed in different liquids last week and reached their conclusions. A very happy half term holiday to everybody.

Year 5 had a busy week this week. Buddy’s workout on Tuesday was fun and we are now collecting our sponsor money.
In maths we have been rounding numbers and thinking about what we have learnt this year so far. In literacy we have written our own story based on the ‘Cat Burglar’ by Tamsin Cooke (the author who came into school).
On Friday we took part in the project ‘What’s Under Your Feet’ – we had to dig to see what insects we found in an area 30cm x 30cm – we even found a newt! This data will be part of a national project about birds.
We enjoyed our Harvest Festival and would like to thank all those that came to watch and have donated food.

During this week year 6 have completed a variety of tasks as it is the end of half term. In maths we have learnt about Line Bar Graphs and made our own. In Literacy we have continued to work on our Heatree leaflets and power-points. We have also been on a trip to Brixham where we got to board the Golden Hind replica. We found out a lot about the life on a Tudor ship and about the captain, Sir Francis Drake. On that trip we also had a walk down to the Brixham lifeboat station where we were told about the two lifeboats. It was amazing being allowed to go on the boats and see how the lifeboat people work. We also had our Harvest Festival this week in St. Mary’s Church.
By Class Reporter Laurence

Thank you for all your support this term.
Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff

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