Newsletter for the week ending 21st December 2018
21 December 2018

This has been a fantastically festive week with so much wonderful singing and performing, rounded off with all classes getting together and singing songs from their various performances from the last couple of weeks and presenting our Values Cup for this term’s kindness theme to our youngest ever recipient. 

Please read on to find out what each class has been up to and a very happy Christmas to you all from all of us here.


Maths Week
When we return in January, it will be maths week in school. Each class is reading a story and completing maths work related to the story. We will be looking forward to sharing our work with parents during that week, so please look out for times and dates which should be passed on soon.

Hospice Donations
Thank you to all who donated at the end of our KS1 nativities. You raised £150.39 for this worthy cause.

This week in in FSU we have carried on with the theme of Christmas! We have finished off our decorations ready for you all. On Wednesday we went down to The Jungle to decorate the trees and make them look festive and on Thursday we had a very special visit from Father Christmas. We have written our Christmas wishes and a letter to Father Christmas. We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and see you in 2019.

What a fantastic end to the term we have had in Year 1. The children were absolutely brilliant in our Nativity. Thank you for all your support with their costumes, learning lines and bringing your children back for the evening performance. This week we have written the Christmas Story, using our Nativity to help us. We also did a Christmas themed Philosophy session, we watched Mog’s Christmas Calamity and discussed the question ‘Did Mog really save the day?’. Thank you for all your help and support this term, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break.

What a good term Lundy Puffins have had! We can see a real improvement in their work, especially their attitudes towards learning and the progress they have made in their writing. Well done everyone! The highlight was definitely the performances on Tuesday. They did so well with their acting, singing and instrument playing and we hope you enjoyed the performance as much as they did! They have also been making Christmas cards and putting the final touches to their Neil Armstrong biographies. Thank you for all the Christmas cards and gifts and we wish you a relaxing break with your families!

Seahunter have had an amazing final week of term. They have written fabulous stories based on Mog’s Christmas Calamity and worked hard in philosophy on Tuesday, discussing whether it was kind to evacuate children during World War Two. There were many different view points and several children who found it hard to make a decision but they listened and shared ideas with great respect. Some of their thoughts are on the values display in the main corridor. The highlight of the week was our class museum. The children have worked hard all term, finding out about how we investigate the past and the different jobs people have such as archaeologists and archivists. They used their knowledge, skills and experience (from our visit to Appledore Museum) to create a wonderful museum of their own, which many family and friends visited (pictures to go on class page of website soon). They received some great comments in the visitors book. After the museum, they also performed their bones and muscles music and song that they have learnt with Mrs Smale. Again, they did brilliantly and put on a great performance. The children have been amazing this term in their learning, behaviour and attitude and certainly deserve a break. We hope that you all have a lovely Christmas together with them and look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

This week HMS Echo have been busy completing some end of term assessments for Philosophy, Topic and Science. We have been finishing writing up our non-fiction books in Literacy. We have also been busy in the art studio working on our batik snowflakes and making Christmas decorations. The children all performed beautifully when singing at the church on Thursday. Well done HMS Echo! I hope you all have a relaxing break

Year 5 have completed their Topic on Anglo-Saxons and Vikings with some research and powerpoints this week. They have also been extending their work on division to include long division – we will continue with problem solving with multiplication and division after Christmas. We had another group pass their Bikeability – even tough the weather tried to stop them on Tuesday and again they worked really hard which is good to hear. We have also been busy solving the mystery of the ‘Mince Pie Thief’ and finishing other bits of work. Don’t forget maths week when we return. Have a lovely Christmas!

Y6 have now completed writing their stories based on the Charles Dickens book, A Christmas Carol. They then watched the Disney film of the story to compare it to the written version. Maths this week has been on a Christmas theme, consolidating all the skills that have been covered this term. On Wednesday the local PSCO came into class to talk about online safety and being responsible for our behaviour actions when using the computer.

All of Y6 were fantastic at helping on Christmas Dinner day; they set up tables and chairs, served the food, and then cleared away at the end. Then during the carol service they continued to shine by leading with their readings and singing. On Friday the class are singing The Twelve Days of Christmas in the final assembly. Its been a really busy and hard working term. Well done Y6 for getting to the end! Have a restful holiday with your families, next term will be a revision term getting ready for SATs.

Have a lovely Christmas

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