Newsletter for the week ending 20th January
20 January 2017

Please read on to find out what has been happening around the classes…

Around the Classes

We have had a very exciting time this week in FSU, flying to America. We went sight-seeing in America and tasted bagels and cream cheese. We found out a little bit more about Disneyland and watched a video clip where an animator showed us how to draw Mickey – having a go ourselves as we watched.

Firstly a big thank you to Shane who came in this week to talk to us about being a chef. Before he arrived we thought of lots of questions to ask him, he told us how to become a chef and what you have to do when you are a chef. He also showed us the knives that chefs need. We wrote as much as we could remember from Shane’s talk. Then we thought of sub-headings that could be used in a book about chefs and wrote the information that could go with the sub heading. Some of our work was typed up and printed, so that our friends could correct it and make it sound even better. In Maths we have been looking at patterns to help us find solutions to problems. We also made number sentences using pictures instead of numbers, we had a key to tell us what each picture was worth, and had to use the key to find the answer to the number sentence. We have also looked at finding the difference between two numbers, something that we are able to do well practically, but are finding a little harder when trying to record it in our books. The big excitement on Thursday was Barnaby Bear’s birthday party. We made party hats, bear shaped chocolate biscuits and danced to party music. Thanks to Kay for organising such a fun afternoon.

Lundy Puffins have been reading a new book called ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’. They are finding it very funny and are keen to write their own instructions based on the structure of the book. They learned and remembered a page from the book using actions and we were very impressed with how quickly they were able to do this. In Maths, they have been looking at the relationship between addition and subtraction. The topic on houses and homes has continued and they are making booklets about different types of houses.

Seahunter have worked hard on their English this week, building their skills ready to write their own Caribbean adventures next week. In Maths, they have explored place value and how to partition numbers in different ways. In P.E. they have been working really hard on ‘fitness friday’, building their strength and stamina. They quickly get tired and hot but their determination to keep going is fantastic…they are all super learners!

This week, in Maths, HMS Echo have been focusing on using column subtraction. They worked hard to use the method correctly including when solving worded problems. In Literacy, they have turned their attention to writing Quest Stories. They are focusing on the story of The Firebird as an example of this types of story. On Wednesday, they enjoyed having short Tag Rugby matches. They are managing to remember to carry the ball with both hands and pass back and worked well together in their teams. They have begin to learn some songs about life in Roman times.

Year 5 have continued working on their Arts Award this week and have had a visit from ‘Tangled’ Theatre Group. It explored themes of love, dreams, hope and change which fitted well with the messages in our class assembly about Martin Luther King. The performance they saw was thoroughly engaging and was followed by a workshop where they learnt some of the performance themselves. Literacy continues to explore 12 planets and punctuation skills. Maths has moved to fractions and is showing how important timestables knowledge is. Science is all about Space – it’s great to see the class discovering so many interesting facts.

This week has seen Year 6 back into our normal routine where we completed these tasks: English, maths, reading, P.E, science, topic. In English we started to write our own legends based on the story of The Mousehole Cat. In topic we have learnt and made our own information sheets based on Tornados and Hurricanes (two completely different things). In maths we have started fractions and have been converting, multiplying, dividing, subtracting and adding fractions. We have also continued our 30 minute a day reading session and on a Thursday we pair read with year 3. We have also done some science in which we worked on the human heart, investigating how it works and done 2 lessons of P.E in which we have done 2 mile runs and a gym session.
By Class reporters, William and Laurence.

Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff and children.

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