Newsletter for the week ending 1st December
1 December 2017

Please read on to find out about Christmas jumpers, decorations and the fayre (7th December 3.30 to 5.30pm – don’t forget) and for news of what has been happening around the classes…


Appledore Library Christmas Events
Friday 1st December 4pm – 6:30pm: Late night Christmas opening with hot chocolate and cookies for children. 
Saturday 16th December 10am – 11:30am: Children’s Christmas Crafts
Wednesday 20th December 2:30pm – 4pm: Lego Club with a Christmas theme
All events are free and there is no need to book, just drop in.
Many Thanks,
Appledore Library


Christmas is Now Here!

Please come and take a look at our wonderful Christmas hoops in our main corridor and don’t forget that children can wear a Christmas jumper on Friday throughout December for a minimum donation of £1 for all of the days. On Thursday 7th November, as apart of the Christmas Fayre, children can wear non-school uniform if they bring a donation for the tombola. 

School Nurse Service
For information about how the school nurse can support your child, including information on free flu vaccinations for children, SEPSIS, mental healthb and much more, please click here

Christmas Lunch

Christmas lunch for the children will be Thursday 14th December and is £3 for KS2 children. Please pay online by School Money by Monday 4th December. For the full menu please click here.

Term Dates 2018-2019
Please click here for the dates.

Christams Fayre
Please note the date for the Christmas Fayre is Thursday 7th December, 3.30pm – 5pm. Please see previous news item for details of the hampers for the raffle.


We have combined two rhymes this week in FSU – London’s burning and London Bridge. The children have really enjoyed these rhymes and we have seen some great independent learning. The children have made many different bridges and tested their strength. We have painted pictures of bridges and fire engines and found out why fire fighters wear the clothes they do. We have sung London’s burning in four different rounds. Our P4C question was what would you rebuild London Bridge with? Alongside all of this we have started practising our Christmas Play!

This week we have continued our work on ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’. We have written questions for the characters in the story, we have written sentences and identified the verbs and we have used ‘and’ to extend our sentences. In Maths we have used the same three numbers to make as many number sentences as we can, all of us were able to make 4 number sentences, some of us were even able to make 8 number sentences. We have also looked at finding the difference between two numbers. In Science we have labelled the body parts on dinosaurs and compared which body parts are the same for dinosaurs and humans, and which are different. For P4C this week we watched the ‘Man on the Moon’ the Christmas advert from a few years ago, we thought of some really great questions and chose for our discussion ‘Why did the little girl make friends with the man?’.

Lundy Puffins have been showing what they have learned about addition and subtraction and next week will begin to look at money. We will start by making sure we know all the different coins and notes, so any support you could give with this at home would be great. In English, they read a Michael Morpurgo story called ‘Coming Home’ about a robin who goes on a journey to be home in time for Christmas. They then wrote a story from the robin’s point of view. Next they will watch a Christmas advert called ‘Man on the moon’ and begin to write stories from this. They enjoyed starting to make a scene from Bethlehem for the corridor display. Those that aren’t on display on the hoop will be on display in the classroom, so keep an eye out! Play rehearsals have continued and they can’t wait to perform to you on Wednesday 13th.

Seahunter have been busy getting into the festive spirit, making friends of Frosty the Snowman for our class hoop (hung in the corridor). In Maths, they have been finding out about 2D and 3D shapes. They have been learning their names, exploring their properties and identifying both right angles and lines of symmetry. They have all worked hard, particularly to learn the spellings of some of the shape names. In English they have written some fantastic diary entries from the perspective of Charlie, Victorian chimney sweep. Many of the children have worked hard to capture his feelings using inference skills. Finally,  they have started to produce some wonderful pom pom creations to be revealed at the Christmas fair!

This week HMS Echo have been busy completing their felt Christmas puddings that they have been sewing. They have all put a lot of effort into them and they look brilliant! Half the children have finished and the other half will finish on Monday. Some of them will then be put on display in the corridor at the end of term. In Maths, the children have now completed their multiplication and division unit. In English, the class have enjoyed learning the story Perseus and the Gorgon’s Head through actions and freeze frames and focusing in on the language used by the author. In Science, the children have continued to learn more about both human and animal teeth, and enjoyed counting their own teeth.

We have been busy in Year 5 getting ready for the start of Christmas this week. We have made two hoops which can be seen in the main corridor (White Christmas and The Holly and The Ivy). We have made pom-poms for the hoop which link to our textiles art work. In English we have listened to the Anglo-Saxon poem of Beowulf and produced story maps. We will then write our own ‘Overcoming the monster’ story. In maths we have completed our unit of work on multiplication and division. In our topic work we have discovered where the Anglo-Saxons came from, why they came to Britain and how they divided the country into seven kingdoms. The P4C story was an Indian tale called ‘The Professor and the Ferryman’. The theme of the story focused on wisdom and learning. We then discussed the question ‘Is what you learn in school more important than what you learn out of school?’. It was great to see so many of the class in the Christmas jumpers today. The choir spent Friday afternoon singing down in the village hall for the community.

Year 6 have been using their skills working with fractions in maths and have been writing diary entries as Scrooge in literacy. They have been making clay doves ready for the Christmas Fayre and used the carol ‘Little Jesus, Sweetly Sleep’ as inspiration for their hoop decoration in the main corridor. In topic we have been making Viking Quizzes, which has resulted in some amazing board games. We are performing at the Community Hall today and are looking forward to it!

Best wishes from
Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children

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