Newsletter for the week ending 1st April
1 April 2021

Happy Easter everyone and what a wonderful day it has been in school. Today has included presenting our Values Cup to a truly inspirational child, sowing seeds in our polytunnel and the planting of our new orchard and many plants in our planters and beds. So not much on the last day of term.

We say a fond farewell to Mrs Smale and thank her for all she has done for the school.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter and we look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 19th April.

Best wishes from 

Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff


This week in Turtles and Dolphins we have focused our learning on Easter. We read the Easter story to find out why we celebrate Easter and we talked about the things we do at Easter. We have made Easter cards, made Easter biscuits and baskets to carry our biscuits home in. We have also painted pictures of eggs creating repeating patterns on them. Today we went to The Jungle and made Easter eggs with natural materials. Have a lovely Easter and we will see you in the summer term. 

This week in Year 1 we have been quizzing. The children have been putting their science and history knowledge to the test in order to beat their scores and climb the leaderboard. They have learnt so much about the Great Fire of London and I have been really pleased with their ability to talk about this major historical event. In writing we have finished our dragon descriptions and the children have edited their writing and created truly wonderful dragon books. The books include a cover which the children created in the art studio and features creative dragon egg designs. Have a relaxing Easter break and I hope the weather stays warm and dry. 

Well done Lundy Puffins for a great last week of term! Everyone has written a new story based on ‘Harold and the purple crayon’. They have used some great sentence starters and written some really imaginative stories. Great work! In Maths, they have been learning about block graphs. They found out about another explorer: Ibn Battuta and used a map to mark some of the places he went. In the Art studio they have completed their Easter cards with their clay eggs which  should have come home today. On Thursday afternoon, they worked very well in small groups to find missing numbers in the outdoor area. We wish you all a relaxing break!

In Year 4, the children have been recapping different skills in Math including using the bus stop method to divide and the column method for addition. In English, they have practised writing a page in the style of ‘Rainforest Rough Guide’ and looked at writing complex sentences. In Topic, we looked at food from around the world and placed these on a world map. We also looked rationing during WW2 and the children created a menu using rations. The class have been running and practising their personal best challenge ‘alternative hand throw’. In Science, the children have been learning about the water cycle and writing their own story, song, poem or diary entry to retell this. The class have all worked really hard this term and have transitioned well back into the classroom. Well done Year 4, have a restful break!

Year 5 have been completing space information this week for literacy and topic – it has involved finding numerous facts and then presenting them using google slides. We hope to use some of this information in computing to write quizzes. In maths, we have used decimals and fractions and will be relating this to percentages next. We have also completed more outdoor learning – developing part of the school site. Homework is a project to complete towards an Arts Award – details on google classroom. Have a lovely Easter break.

In maths, Year 6 have been working hard to show how much we have learnt in our end of term tests and doing lots of revision. We have also been recapping long division. The end of the week is when we’re doing mystery maths which is loads of fun and this week we are doing an easter mystery!  In English we are finishing off our ology books (phoenixology, mermaidology, giantology) . We are doing lots of creative bits like adding glitter into a window which makes it look like a potion. In topic we have been learning about the Vikings. We learned about their lifestyle and what jobs they all had. We have also been mapping out Appledore by looking at Google maps, street view. We wrote down the landmarks that we thought had history and heritage behind it. We also did pictures of them and coloured them in for the school website. In Spanish we have been learning how to introduce ourselves and saying different pets and their colours. We also received letters from a spanish school who are our new penpals. They told us what their hobbies are and what their timetable is.  Reporter: Kitty.  Mrs McMorine writes: Y6 have worked extremely hard throughout the spring term and deserve a restful break with their families.  Let’s hope we have a great summer term with lots of sports, trips and transition to secondary schools.


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