Newsletter for the week ending 18th June
18 June 2021

Our children have been out exploring this week, including some very interesting collaborative work with Appledore Library regarding local heritage. They have also continued with outdoor learning as this aspect of our curriculum just grows and grows. So much so we are going to Crowd Fund soon to ensure it is sustainable, so please keep your eyes peeled for that and spread the word when it starts!

A primary school has reported an incident where a parent has received a scam phone call from an unrecognised number requesting payment for an Anti-Bullying book. Devon IT Services will be looking into this and in the meantime we ask you to remain vigilant to any unusual calls to them that appear to be made on behalf of their children’s school requesting a payment.  If you receive any calls of this nature, please terminate the call and call us on 01237 474365

Congratualtions to Jack for being awared the Bridge Trust Citizenship Award. Now that is impressive!  

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff


This week in turtles and Dolphins we have been reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have had great fun reciting the refrain ‘Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?!’ We have thought about what the troll might look like and made pictures of him. We have made bridges using different construction kits and tested them for their strength. We have also made goat masks and had a go at acting out the story using them.

This week we have been learning about positional language in maths. The children have used the words left, right, up, and down to give directions and they have used the words left, right, above, and below to describe the position of objects. In our writing, we have started to look at the book ‘What Happens When…?’ which is a book that poses questions and then gives creative answers. The children have written their own questions as well as consolidating their understanding of verbs, adjectives, and nouns. We have also started our new topic for this half term which is castles. The children have looked at the Bayeux Tapestry and looked at the story that it tells. In science, we have continued to look t human science and this week the children have investigated whether children with bigger hands have bigger feet. 

Lundy Puffins have continued with the book ‘Outdoor Wonderland’ and have been learning about the features of a non-fiction book. In Maths, they have been learning to tell the time, so please keep practising at home! The castles topic has continued and they have looked at different castles in the UK and located them on a map. Tennis lessons have been very enjoyable and are every Tuesday so please remember trainers! 

Seahunter have been busy Geographers and Historians this week, finding the answer to ‘Why has the River Torridge always been important to Appledore?’ They visited North Devon Maritime Museum, looking for images, models and information boards that gave clues to answer their questions. They found out about trade, ship building, tourism, gravel production and lime kilns. They have now been gathering together the evidence from their walk last week along with this week’s visit to consider why people settle next to rivers. Next week, they will be working in the woods within school to explore these ideas further, creating their own river. In our PSHE work, they have listened to a story about sharing kindness and explored the impact that has on the people giving and receiving kindness. They used the idea of a boomerang to represent kindness coming back to you if you share it with others. They have created boomerangs using aboriginal art patterns and suggestions for random acts of kindness. We will be looking out for these every day.

In Maths, HMS Echo have finished their learning on ‘Time’ and begun learning about ‘Statistics’. In English, we have been planning our class version of ‘Firebird’ following the blueprint of the story. We have then practised writing where adverbials, similes and expanded noun phrases to use in our writing. In Science, we have started looking at circuits and how to draw circuits using the scientific symbols. We have been continuing to learn what kindness is and the importance of it. We discussed random acts of kindness we could carry out at home and at school. The class enjoyed their first cricket session this week and were really respectful to the coach – well done Year 4!

This week Y5 enjoyed a walk around Appledore in preparation for their Literacy and Topic work this term. It was lovely to think about how much we have so close to us and how easily we walk around without noticing things – when we look up and around there is so much to see. In Art, they have been completing textile work on sunflowers and in science why objects float. Maths has been lots about shape and their properties – children need to learn the facts so that they can then apply their knowledge to more challenging questions. In topic, they have been using maps with 4 and 6 figure grid references as well as looking at photos showing local history. They have also begun putting together their art portfolios ready for their Arts Awards.

Y6 in English this week had to write about what we would experience if we went on a journey to Caligo, an imaginary island where we had to make up what would happen there.  In maths we have been learning how to use protractors and measure angles, we were also learning how to find the area and angles of a triangle. We have been completing our arts awards and we have been doing textiles in the art studio.  Y6 has been doing lots of cricket with coaches that come in to teach us. We have also been taught tennis by Lottie, a teacher from the Atlantic racquet centre.  Both are really fun and we are improving our skills. We have also been doing walks around the village and we tried to spot the parts of Appledore that had maritime heritage. We are making a trail for the local library for children to go and have a look at. In topic we have learnt about Lundy ready for us to go there soon! We have to focus on a main subject eg: sea creatures, birds, buildings. Reporters: Anthony and Kitty


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