Newsletter for the week ending 17th March
17 March 2017

Please read on to find out about parents evenings, cross country success, outdoor play equipment, what has been happening in the classes and much, much more…

Cross Country Success
At our annual cross country at Moreton Park our children from Years 3-6 were amazing. They competed against at least another eight school and the extra running they have been doing around school (not in the corridors!!) really helped. Runners placed first, second and third received and from Appledore that included: Tommy first in the Year 6 boys race; Georgie third in Year 6 girls race; Finley first in the boys Year 5 race; Williamsecond in the boys Year 5 race; Daisy first in the girls Year 4 race; Leo first in the Year 4 boys race; Alfie third in the boys Year 4 race and Zack second in the boys Year 3 race. All our runners contributed to our team successes, resulting in Appledore winning the Year 5 boys and girls team cup and the Year 4 boys and girls team cup. I told you they were amazing and here are some of our winners!

Parents Evenings
A reminder that parents evenings for Years 1-6 are planned for the week commencing 27th March. Please sign-up for a time on the list outside your classroom. If you are unable to do so, please contact the school by phone or email and we can place your name on the list. Our Google calendar on the website on Tuesday too.

Special Invitation  – Mothering Sunday  –  26 March 2017 
Families are specially invited to our family-friendly Mothering Sunday service, at St Mary’s church, Appledore, at 10.00 am.
There will be posies of flowers for all ladies, and the children will help to hand them out.
Please be assured that children of all ages are extremely welcome, babies included. We will be enjoying fun worship and singing lively songs.
Please do come! (Don’t forget that we change the clocks that Saturday night!)
From St Mary’s Church, Appledore

Site Security
We have improved the security of our school site and you will notice there are new signs on gates around the school. At the bottom of the car park is a sign informing you that the new gate there will be closed from 9.15am to 3.15pm and anyone wishing to enter the school site is required to go to reception. The smaller gate at the top of this playground also has a sign on it requesting that only parents with children in Dophins and Turtles pass through it at end of day pick up before 3.30pm. This is to reduce disruption to our Key Stage 2 children towards the end of the day. For parents collecting or dropping off children at lucnhtime for the nursery a letter will be sent out to you all.   

Non-Uniform Days
24th March – Wear Red for Red Nose Day (small donation please)
28th March – Wear House colours for House events (no donation please)

Home School Agreement
I reminder that we have in place a home school agreement and this can be viewed by clicking here.

Around the Classes

This week in Turtles and Dolphins we have hopped over the water to Ireland. Nikki, our Irish dancer came to perform to us and she taught us a few steps that we practised in PE to The River Dance music. We have read the myths about leprechauns and fairies, painting them and using split pins to fasten them together so they dance. We made soda bread on Thursday and Patrick, Pierce’s Dad came to talk to us about life in Ireland, we would like to say a big thank you for chatting us. A BIG plea…..our spare clothes box is looking very thin on the ground, if anyone has any old children’s clothes (between the sizes of 3years and 5years) we would be very grateful!

We have had an incredibly busy week in year 1; starting with the multi-skills festival at Bideford College. Everyone had a great time and was keen to get involved. Thanks to John, Shane and Rico’s mum for coming with us. On Tuesday we had a writing morning. We spent the whole morning writing our version of No-Bot the Robot, where instead of losing his bottom he has lost his arm. Everyone worked really hard and as a result the stories are really great. Next we are inventing our own stories and choosing for ourselves which body part No-Bot will lose. In Maths we have been looking at place value, and have used the base 10 to build houses. We have also used balancing scales to compare the weights of different characters from the story of No-Bot. Wednesday was a really exciting day, with Simon from Double Elephant Print Workshop. Thank you to all the parents who came in to help. The art work that the children produced is beautiful, and will be on display in the next few weeks.

The highlights of the week for Lundy Puffins were the multiskills festival at  Bideford college and the printing workshop. At Bideford College, they were able  to complete different activities which involved running, jumping, catching,
throwing and even skipping with a rope! The printing workshop was brilliant and  every child made a printing plate and used the printing press to print on paper and fabric. This week has also seen them improving sentences and practising
their multiplication and division skills. From next week we will be cooking in the afternoons with Isabelle.

This week, Seahunter have been working hard on their tables facts. They are practising each morning using games and testing each and we can already see an improvement.One of the highlights of the week was the Instow Cross Country competition on Thursday. Everyone who took part completed it and they showed a great sense of team spirit. Zak was a medal winner, coming 2nd in the Year 3 boys race. Well done all of you for showing such commitment and determination!

Congratulations are in order this week for winning the Year 4 trophy at the Cross Country! Well done to everybody who took part. I said you could do it! In class, we have been looking at editing our work, to make it better. We will use these skills when we produce our recount for the Exeter trip. In Maths, we have looked at fractions of numbers and quantities. We put our shields to good use, this week, having a Roman V Celts battle. This was after we had practised our drill by marching in time and learning to get into formations. Let’s just say, the Celts put on a good show.

Year 5 have been using squared and cubed numbers this week in maths, creating space stories in literacy and exploring in Science. We had a great trip to @Bristol and enjoyed the Planetarium and looked at many exhibits about forces. We have also had cross country and won the Year 5 cup, an amazing team effort – well done to everyone who ran. We have to mention Finley and Will, who had individual medals in the race too, taking first and second place – fantastic! For homework, ‘Crazy Creatures’ stories have showed great imagination – watch out to see if any of them are published.

The end of another very successful week in Year 6.  On Tuesday the class went to @ Bristol and explored electricity, energy and our world, as well as all the other very  interesting exhibitions.  We took part in an electricity workshop and found out more about circuits.  Thank you to Mr Lawrence for supporting us on this day.   On Thursday we took part in the annual cross-country event at Moreton Park.  It was amazing to see so many boys and girls running but the Y6 were exemplary in the way they conducted themselves during the event.  They supported the Y5 during their races, even running alongside them at the end to encourage them all to finish.  It was a great success with all 22 runners completing the course.  A big well done to Tommy for coming in first and getting a gold medal and Georgie for getting a bronze medal. We have still had time to complete some work back in the classroom.  The writing of the Tempest continues and we have been looking at conversion of measures in numeracy.

Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff and children.

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