Newsletter for the week ending 16th July
15 July 2021

Castle building, trips to the Eden Project and a day on Lundy are part of another busy week. Please read the main body of this article to find out what has been happening in all the classes this week

With today being their last whole day in school due to them having a residential trip at Simonsbath next week, Year 6 have been saying their goodbyes. When I left them 10 minutes ago they were juggling dougnuts and Sharpie pens whilst trying to eat them  and write on one another’s shirts! The weather looks perfect for them next week and we all wish them well next weeks and for their new adventures at secondary school.

Please be aware that whilst the Government plans to remove many Covid protective measures on Monday our arrangements will remain in place next week.

A new relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education curriculum is now in place and a new policy is available for your viewing. Please contact us is you have any questions regarding this.

We wish you all a lovely weekend

From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff



This week in Turtles and Dolphins we have read The Ugly Duckling and thought about how this story links to our Kindness Value. We have looked at the differences between swans and ducks. On Thursday we had our Sports Day and because the weather has been lovely we have had the paddling pools out and paddled a lot!

Here ends the penultimate week of this academic year for year 1  and despite the extraordinary challenges we have all faced, for me, this year has been so much fun. This week we have been learning about money in maths. The children have experienced identifying coins and adding up small amounts of change. They all know some interesting facts about coins so please ask them at home. If you have any loose change around the house, please let the children play and experience what different coins look and feel like. In our writing, we have been constructing short stories based around a cloud maker and his young apprentice. I have been really pleased with how the children have applied their knowledge about sentences, spelling, and grammar to this throughout the week. In music this week the children have been using the boomwhakers to play simple tunes. I enjoyed hearing their compositions and how they followed the notes on the screen to play at the correct time. As we enter the final week of term, I want to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of your children for what they achieved this year. Despite everything that has been going on in the world, they have remained resilient, focussed, and enthusiastic. They are all superstars!

Lundy Puffins are still working hard as we approach the end of term! They are reading a new book: The First Book of the Sea, which is a book full of poems. In Maths, they have been going over addition and subtraction taught earlier in the year. The castles topic is continuing and they thought about where would be a good place to build a castle and used the chromebooks to label a castle. In tennis, they learnt how to volley

Seahunter have been really hard working, kind and cooperative this week in their work and play, particularly on their visit to The Eden Project. On Wednesday we had a very early start for our journey to Cornwall. The children were amazing at sharing and taking turns with the things they had brought to doon the coach and were very respectful of the driver and each other. During our visit, they were trained as rainforest rangers then put their skills to the test in the rainforest biome. The Eden Project staff were really impressed with the class because of the way they walked around respectfully, asked interesting questions and worked really hard to use their ranger skills. They were all very enthusiastic and had many compliments from staff and other visitors. They learnt about the importance of looking after the rainforests and why we need plants to survive. In school yesterday they then produced some lovely artwork and poetry about their experiences.  

This week Year 4 have been continuing their learning on shape and have learnt the properties of quadrilaterals, and lines of symmetry. In English, the children have finished writing up their versions of ‘Firebird’. They all worked extremely hard to use the skills they have learnt and edit their work to improve it. They have now begun publishing their writing into books for the reading display! The class have enjoyed taking part in outdoor learning sessions over the last couple of weeks where they have been making a keyhole garden!

Year 5 have been busy this week completing measures in maths – they have been asked to look at home for measures on packets, tins, bottles etc to get a feel for the size, weight of items. Any talking about this and imperial measures would be great. In literacy, we have almost completed our poetry for ‘Where My Wellies Take Me’. In art, we will carry on with work towards our arts award next year – it has been lots of planning so far. Thank you for all the SOE3 forms for residential – I can now try and finalise details for the trip. Please send your child to school with a suitable bag to take old books home on Monday next week as we try and clear the classroom and prepare for Year 6. Children will also need a PE kit on all days next week as we will try and do some rounders in the afternoons.

Y6 has been learning about the binary number system in maths and how to convert decimals into binary numbers. We have been writing about Lundy and finding facts out about the funicular railway at Lynton and Lynmouth. In art we finished our bird boxes which we started in the previous week. On Tuesday we went to Lundy for the day. We walked around the island and explored it.  We saw a baby seal on the rocks when we arrived.  We also saw puffins, ponies, highland cattle, deer and many other sea birds.  We went up the old lighthouse and at the end of the day we went into Thomas Benson’s cave. Reporters: Ellie-May and Ava


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