Newsletter for the week ending 15th September
15 September 2017

please read to find out about P4C in action, welcoming St Margaret’s School, art training for staff and much, more…


This week the children have started learning P4C (Philosophy for Children) techniques to deepen their understanding and thinking. As a result, some interesting questions have been raised, not least FSU wanting to know ‘Who did push Humpty?’!

Harbour Studio

The children have been using our new art studio and Appledore School ran art training (all about collage) for all the teachers in the nine local school that make up ACCT. We also held our first workshop day here for one of our local schools and St Margaret’s Year 5 were the first group to benefit.


FSU have started our topic ‘Nursery Rhymes’ and focused on HUmpty DUmpty. We have looked at where eggs come from and cooked scrambled eggs. We have painted Humpty and made collages of him. Our P4C question was “Who pushed Humpty?” and we had some interesting discussions! Today we arrived at school only to find a crime scene outside, Humpty had been in school and there was ‘yellow yolk’ on the floor, this continued our discussion of who pushed him and why he was at school.

What a busy week we have had in Year 1! We have been sorting and counting objects. We thought of lots of different ideas for sorting the various objects.
In Writing we have looked at the book Mrs Armitage on Wheels. We discussed the question – Why did she do all that work and make the bike worse? We have also written the end of the story.
On Thursday we had our day in The Harbour Studio with Mrs Harvey. We made collages of Cars, used the different stations in the Harbour and completed a page in our Sketchbooks entitled – What is Art?

This week Lundy Puffins have been reading a story called’Harold and the purple crayon’. It’s all about a boy with a fantastic imagination who ‘draws’ the journey he goes on. They had to think carefully about the story and ask questions about what they wanted to find out. In Maths, they have been looking at 2-digit numbers, using different equipment to show them. In science, they are looking at forces, so had to find out how to make a toy car go faster – they had great fun testing their cars on various surfaces on the playground. With Mrs Harvey they got the chance to test out the new Art studio and made leaves for the tree that will go in our reading area.

This week sea hunter have continued to develop their independence, learning to organise themselves and their work really well. In maths they have been working on place value and we have been impressed with their determination to learn. They have worked on how to write 3 digit numbers and some children have been able to partition them in different ways. In English they have learnt and recited a poem about how to be a pirate. They will work on altering the poem next week so they can develop the skills to write their own. In our first P4C session, we explored how others might feel when they are alone and how we can take responsibility for checking on one another. The children posed some interesting questions and listened to one another respectfully. They have all got stuck in to PE this week, enjoying their first sessions of tag rugby and handball as well as leaping about for ‘Fitness Friday’. We are looking forward to putting all their new skills and experiences into practice again next week.

HMS Echo have been working hard this week. In Maths the children have been learning about place value where they have been representing and ordering 4 digit-numbers. They have been getting stuck into their writing in English, where they have been writing about magical places, linking to ‘Leon and the Place Between.’ The class have been discussing their big question ‘How does the man have enough money for food and drink if he is saving for a motorbike?’ Their question came from watching a video clip about a busker who dreamed of taking his dog to the country side. In Science, the children have begun to learn more about the digestive system and it’s function. They then used what they had learnt to present different parts of the digestive system to the class.

Year 5 had a great morning at ocean school on Tuesday. We did a beach clean and found out about the impact of plastic entering the food chain. Rose came into school to look at the follow up work we did and award us with certificates and badges. In our topic work we have found out about where the Vikings came from and started to write a saga in literacy.

This week year 6 has been working on their Anglo-Saxons topic, and they went into the new Harbour Art Studio to do an Albert Namatjira water colour painting. Also they have started on their new jobs around the school.
Letters that need to be in ASAP are the local SOE3 and the Heatree form (it’s only a couple of weeks away). The kit list and the time table have been given out for the residential. Please make sure all payments have now been made and remember medical forms for any medication required whilst we are away.
On Friday 29th September, Year 6 will be hosting a cake sale for Macmillan as part of the Big Coffee Morning – any donations of cakes will be greatly appreciated.
Don’t forget to apply online for your secondary school places.
Question of the week, from when we had a visitor in school last term ‘How do things you can’t do, turn into things you can do?’
Thank you to Henry P and Lily H who have taken on the role of writing the Year 6 newsletter comments.

Best wishes from
Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children

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