Newsletter for the week ending 15th October
14 October 2021

This week and next week include numerous trips linked to various aspects of the children’s learning and we wish Year 5 a fun residential trip at the beginning of next week.

Please read the main section of this article to find out what has been happening around the school and of other local events and activities that may be of interest to you and your children.

We wish you a lovely weekend

From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff 


Shebbear College are  holding an open ‘taster day’ for Year 6 children as the time for secondary school decision making approaches. For more information please click here.

October half term activities for pupils in years 6-9 are being run at Westward Ho! baptist church. Please click here for more information.


This week in Turtles and Dolphins we have started our Autumn theme. We have looked at animals that hibernate and what they do to get ready for hibernation. Today we visited the Jungle to look for signs of Autumn. We have made hedgehogs from clay and painted leaves to make repeating patterns. We have also made some Autumn tree collages

Firstly I wanted to say thank you to all of the Year 1 parents who attended the phonics workshop on Wednesday. It was a great turnout and I was so pleased by the engagement and questions asked. We have been extremely busy in Year 1 this week. In maths, we have been ordering objects and numbers from greatest to smallest and smallest to greatest. In writing, we have been thinking of imaginative addresses for nursery rhyme characters. I have challenged the children to learn the name of the road they live on and to take notice of other road names. In PE this week, the children have learnt about different ways to jump. The children used these skills to tackle the different challenges in the hall, including the snake pit and the leap of faith! Please remember that it is our visit to Exmoor Zoo on Monday. Please can you ensure that the children are in school promptly as we need to set off early to make the most of the day? The forecast is for rain, so please make sure the children have waterproof trousers and coats. Have a restful weekend.

Lundy Puffins had a great time on Tuesday at Rosemoor. They learned about different creatures that might have their habitats in the woods, looked for signs of them and went on a minibeast hunt in groups. They were then able to make their favourite minibeast with clay and make a suitable home for it in the woods. Everyone enjoyed themselves and they listened really well to instructions. In English this week, they have carried on using the book ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ and have learned about different types of sentences. In Maths, they continued to learn about addition and subtraction; please keep practising those number bond facts at home.  Next Wednesday afternoon, we have an outdoor learning session so please bring in wellington boots and waterproofs.

Everyone in year 3 has worked very hard to bring together their dance in a very professional and impressive way. We are going to try and film it next week so we may be asking for some simple costumes for the performance. Well done year 3. Year 4 have also been putting the finishing touches to their dance. They have risen to the challenge and tackled some challenging choreography. We will also be attempting to film it in next week’s lesson in costume but we will let you know. Fabulous team work was shown by year 5 as they worked collaboratively on a creative project to finish the melody of their sea shanty and fit some lyrics to it which highlight the problem of single use plastic. Year 6 began to explore drone and obstinate in their music lessons when learning a song about global warming.

Year 4 have been amazing authors and publishers this week. They have completed and edited their own versions of Meerkat Mail. We have Lion Mail, Tiger Mail, Penguin Mail, Sloth Mail and many more! They have worked hard to include ambitious vocabulary and paint a picture for the reader with their words. Having edited, they are now publishing, creating a series of beautiful postcards to create interactive books. They will be ready to read next week. Look out for some on the writers wall! 

Beechcroft have been very busy completing this half term’s work.  We have been writing a biography on Jane Goodall and then our own autobiographies. We have now completed the reading of the book Holes.  We have looked at reading and interpreting line graphs and tables for our work on statistics.  The science group this week have been investigating chromatography and finding out the colour inks used in felt tip pens.  We have finished our topic work on plastic by writing a letter discussing the problems of single use plastic to the local MP. After a very successful (and enjoyable) sleepover we are all looking forward to the class residential next week.  Let’s hope the weather stays fine!!

Year 6 have had another busy week working on multiplication and division in maths; they have revised skills from Year 5 as well as tested themselves on more difficult problems. In Literacy, they have a new text ‘The Princess’ Blankets’ by Carol Ann Duffy which has some rich language, and within it, their focus has been on re-telling the story orally using the selected vocabulary, as well as writing in pairs using accurate punctuation choices. Science has involved more classification including creating a creature which needed to be classified – there were some very creative ideas! In topic, they have looked at how climate change affects people in other countries and the impact that this can have. In PE, gymnastics has been popular – using the gym equipment where their skills are gradually improving. Homework this week involves publishing their last piece of literacy work which we are hoping to put on the wall. 


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