Newsletter for the week ending 15th June
15 June 2018

Another busy week, so please read on to find out what has been happening in and around the school…


Summer Fayre
The date is set for the afternoon of the 6th July. Again, more details to follow…

Sports Day
This is now set for Tuesday 3rd July. Apologies for any convenience caused for having to change the date


This week in Turtles and Dolphins we have moved away from under the sea and started to think more about the beach and the things we see and do at the beach. We have read lots of beach stories and started to write our own stories. We have created beach scenes using a variety of different media and changed our role play areas into a café and a beach. We loved walking down to the Library in the sunshine on Tuesday to change our books. Dolphins have also taken part in their own World Cup draw and picked out a team to follow during the tournament.
Just a plea – if anyone has an old swimming suit or trunks that we could use four our beach role play we would be very grateful.

This week we have all worked really hard to complete the Phonics Screening, reading real words and alien words. Everyone tried their hardest and didn’t give up, even when the words were challenging. We have also started our new topic – An Island Home. We have watched episodes of Katie Morag, and then recalled and recorded the stories in our writing books. In Maths we have continued our work on place value, we have also compared numbers using symbols and found one more and one less than a number. In Philosophy session we watched a video of Barnaby Bear working together with his friends to solve a problem, we discussed the question – Why did the king not know how to open the door?

This week Year 2 have been reading scales and practising times tables and division. In English they have been writing part of a story and will continue this next week. In PE, they have been practising their ball skills. In Science, they took apart some flowers to find the different parts and then carried out an experiment to find out how seeds grew in different places. For P4C they watched a video clip about Barnaby Bear helping a friend. The question they discussed was: Why did Barnaby think only the King could be in charge?

Year 3 have been learning all abot pirates, real and imagined, including pirate songs, Treasure Island and real prirates from history. Maths has involved coordinates (treasure map link there!) and the eight times table (pieces of eight of course!). We’ve been learning the cup song from Pitch Perfect.

This week Year 4 have been practising reading, writing and converting money. In English, we have been learning different sentence constructions from our text ‘A River’ and practising writing prepositional phrases. For Science, we carried out our evaporation experiment where the children observed which material dried the quickest. In Philosophy, we read ‘Ali’s Hajj’ linking to what the children had been learning in R.E. We discussed the question; ‘If you were given the money to buy food, would you accept it or not, and why? The children really enjoyed going to ‘The Queen’s Theatre’ to watch ‘The Ministry of Science’ and were amazed that they got to see an explosion!

Beechcroft have had another really busy week. In maths we are continuing to investigate shape and converting different units of measure. We have continued to read and write Anansi stories and learning how story telling is still part of African culture. We have learnt more about how our bodies change when we get to puberty. It was good to get back into the art studio this week and do colourful painting in the style of Tinga Tinga. The class have continued with the Carmen music ready to perform at The Mix next week. We had another really good cricket session with the coach Ian, and skills are certainly improving. In philosophy we listened to the story about The Kings greedy brothers and discussed the question, Is cooperation always the best way to solve a problem? All are looking forward to going to The Queens Theatre today to see the science show.

A busy week that ended with year 6 participating in beach fun as part of the Oceanfest schools’ programme. At time of going to press they haven’t returned so we shall await more information…

We wish you all a super weekend
From Jeremy Cooper and all the staff and children

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