Newsletter for the week ending 14th October
14 October 2016

For news about what has been going on around the classes and much. much more, please read on…

No netball club next week

Halloween Disco is Friday 21st October

Don’t forget it’s next Friday! Please read the news article to find out more about it if you didn’t receive the letter last week.

Harvest Festival Dates – all welcome
Wednesday 19th FSU, 2pm , School Hall
Thursday 20th KS2, 2pm, St Mary’s Church
Friday 21st October KS1, 2.30pm, School Hall
All non-perishable food donations we receive will be donated to the Bideford Harbour food bank for the homeless. Thank you for your support.

Harvest Festival at St Mary’s Church, Appledore.Sunday 23 October 10.00am
You and your family are all warmly invited to join in our harvest festival celebrations.
The service at 10 o’clock will be very child-friendly and suitable for all ages (the children from Poppins playgroup will be taking part).
Any gifts of food (fresh, tins, packets etc) will be gratefully received and passed on to the Harbour project and the local housebound.
Straight after the service we will move over to the church hall for home-made entertainment and then a shared lunch (no charge). We expect to be starting lunch by 12 o’clock.
If you would like to take part in the entertainment (singing, dancing, joke telling, juggling, poetry …) please let David Foster know (07810 575247 or
Any questions? Feel free to contact Anne Foster (07949 931498 or

Around the Classes

This week in FSU has had a very Autumn feel to it. We spent two mornings in The Jungle collecting natural things to use back in The Unit and having a go at bark rubbing. We also used The Jungle to identify natural and man made objects. We have had fun printing with leaves, mark making with sticks and counting conkers. We also looked at animals that hibernate and thought we might like to do this! Don’t forget our Harvest Festival celebration on Wednesday in the Hall at 2pm.

The highlight of this week in Year 1, of course, was our trip to Exmoor Zoo yesterday. The children behaved wonderfully, and asked lots of interesting questions at the two talks we attended. They enjoyed sharing information they had learnt with each other as well as learning lots of new information. The play park was a highlight too! We also had our House Football competition on Wednesday afternoon. All the players were great team members, and played very well. It has been a busy week with the NSPCC assembly as well. In between all of these activities we have found time for some lessons! We wrote about our Science lesson where we sorted all of the animals into groups. We have finished our tiger collages and some are on disply in the Gallery, the rest will be displayed in the classroom.

The highlight of the week for Lundy Puffins was definitely our trip to Exmoor Zoo. The sun shone and most of the animals were out and about in their enclosures for us to be able to spot them. We learned lots and were even able to stroke a meerkat and hold a snake! This week we have also shown our wonderful homework animal projects – thank you for all your help with these. In English, we have been writing the first draft of our animal books. We have also completed some tiger collages and have been learning about addition in Maths. Just a reminder that our Harvest Festival is on Friday 21st October at 2.30pm in the school hall

Seahunter have worked hard in maths this week, learning how to use column addition. They have been supporting each other to learn through partner work. They have taken turns to instruct, guide and advise each other and developed great understanding. In PE they continued to enjoy and develop rugby skills as well as taking part in a very successful house football competition.

HMS Echo have met the challenge of carrying out calculations using Roman Numerals this week. They have also been busy spotting patterns in Pascal’s Triangle. In Literacy, they have created a poem focusing on the colours of Autumn in readiness for the Harvest Celebration next week. On Wednesday, they made their predictions about which liquid would have the most and least affect on egg shells. They will be carefully looking for changes before next week. The House Football Competition was thoroughly enjoyed on Thursday afternoon with lots of cheering and encouragement from fellow house members.

On Friday Year 5 went to Great Torrington School for ‘The Big Bang’. Most of the class got lots of free stuff from the stalls in the exhibition hall. Our favourite bit was the Rocket show though because we really liked the big bangs – they were actually really loud! We enjoyed the Space Dome and it had really cool music in it – it felt like we were in space. The school itself was actually a lot bigger than we thought it’d be and the science labs were great. In there we did pin hole cameras (we had to stand still for a whole 5 minutes!) and horrible science (we made goo, and wiggled our fingers in cornflour and water) – we made a real mess! We have completed our diaries and covers have been laminated so they will be on display soon. We had the house football which was fun – Atlantic won in years 5 and 6. In maths we’ve done column addition and played games to learn about this. We have also handed our poems in to the Burton Art Gallery. We enjoyed the author visits and loved singing the songs – we have been able to buy signed books and have another author on Friday. A busy week. Report by Lucia and Isla

Last week for year 6 was our residential. On our residential to Heatree we did Team Quest on Monday, Wilderness Adventure on Wednesday and then that is all the three groups did together but we did Archery/Fencing, Kayaking, Climbing/Abseiling, Stream Scramble, Low Adventure. The teachers that came along were Mrs McMorine, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Hodge, Mr Cooper and Mr Lawrence. Each activity was 2 and half hours long so it was one activity in the morning and one in the afternoon. Every group had to do little jobs so that we could get our NOLA award or National Outdoor Learning Award.

This week in year 6, we have done work on our previous residential (Heatree) in English like writing thank you letters to the staff members of Heatree. We have worked on our new maths subject Line Graphs where we have converted miles into km and dollars into pounds, and the other way around. In art we stuck little pieces of paper onto a picture of our Golden Hinde topic. We were also visited by two authors: John Doughtery, who wrote the famous series of books Stink Bomb and Ketchup Face, and Guy Bass, whom wrote Spynosaurus. By class reporter Laurence

Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff

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