Newsletter for the week ending 13th November
13 November 2020

Another busy week that ended with spots and stripes for Children in Need. Read on to find out what has been happening in and around the classes this week. 

But before you do, please be aware that the Government has produced new school opening guidance for parents and carers to include information on the new restrictions that came into force on 5th November. Please click here to view this guidance.

Wishing you all a happy weekend

From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff


This week we have finished off our learning about Autumn. We have been singing some songs about Autumn – ask us to sing them to you! We have made leaf patterns, printed with leaves and made Autumn collages. Today we visited The Jungle and we looked for and collected signs of Autumn, we also had a go at bark and leaf rubbing. 

Another exciting week in Year 1! We are coming towards the end of our current writing unit and the children have been busy gathering ideas about special clothes people wear. They will use this information to write a report based on our core text. In maths, we have continued to learn about addition and subtraction. The children have been using their knowledge of number bonds to solve problems. We have also started our new topic which has the key question, ‘What do you find where the land meets the sea?’ Through this topic, we will be comparing coastlines in North Devon to The coastline in Townsville Australia. We have nearly finished filming all of the children sharing their polar bear books and we hope to share those with you very soon. Just as a reminder, I am running two phonics workshops next week on Wednesday and Thursday. This will be done via Zoom and you should have been sent a link via email. I hope to see you there.

Lundy Puffins have had another good week. In English, they have enjoyed Miss Turnbull teaching them. They have read their new book ‘Augustus and his smile’ and have thought about what questions they would ask the main character. They had fun ‘hot-seating’ the main character and asked some great questions. In Maths, they have been adding and subtracting ones and tens.  The new topic has begun ‘What is it like living in the land of the monsoon?’. They listened to the sound of the rain and imagined what it might be like to live with constant rain for four months of the year. They then located India on a world map and created their own world maps. The other half of the class have completed their outdoor learning session using rain gauges. They’ll be using these to monitor the rainfall over the next couple of weeks. In the Art Studio they had fun using printing techniques to print an elephant shape.

Seahunter have been exploring life in the Caribbean through their English work this week. They have been reading Gregory Cool by Caroline Binch, which involves a boy named Gregory going on holiday to stay with his family on the island of Tobago. They did a great job learning the story with actions using a story map then focused on the emotions of the characters. They then took part in hot seating; playing the part of the main characters and being interviewed. In maths, they have been working hard to learn times tables facts and have enjoyed using BBC Super Movers to help remember the facts. 

HMS Echo have engaged well with live teaching this week! In Maths, the children have continued their learning on measures.They have looked at solving the perimeter of regular and irregular rectangles. Next week, we will be starting our next unit ‘Multiplication and Division’. In English, the children have learnt how to write embedded clauses and written their own information page for a superhero. They have begun to plan and retrieve information to start writing their own information books, on a topic of their choice. For P4C, we read Aesop’s fable ‘The Fox and the Stork’. The class had their first outdoor learning session this week where they learnt about Hadrian’s wall and worked together to build their own wall! Well done on a great week Year 4!

Year 5 have been examining tables for statistics in maths this week – they have also started individual timestable work too. By the end of year 4 the expectation is that they know all their tables with quick recall. Some children still need to be doing this as regular practice at home – it is a vital skill for the areas of maths covered in years 5 and 6. In Literacy, they have been learning about hyphens and semi-colons in order to spot them in reading and to try and use them in their own writing. Science involved a quick experiment with irreversible changes involving milk and vinegar and vinegar and bicarbonate of soda – children may want to have a go at home if they are allowed. For P4C this week we looked at ways that we may see respect: at school, at home, in the community and in the classroom. Our topic work lead us to look at maps and discover where Florida is; this was continued with our outdoor learning finding the exact co-ordinates for our school. I wonder if they can remember what they were? 

In Maths this week Year 6 have been learning how to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and placing fractions on a number line. We also learnt that we need to change the fractions into the simplest form. In English we have been continuing writing our diary entries from the book Friend or Foe, by Michael Morpurgo. We listen to a chapter and then write a diary full of all of David’s (an evacuee) feelings and thoughts.  In Topic this week we have thought more about why we remember people who have lost their lives in the war and evaluated the different air raid shelters used in WW2. In art we also made poppy stamps and did some lino cutting to represent the London Blitz. Well done to those who have completed their level 1 and 2 bikeability.  100% pass rate.  Well done. Reporters: Emilie and Amy


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