Newsletter for the week ending 13th March 2020
13 March 2020

A fabulous week that involved learning in the jungle for a number of our classes (please read on to find out more) and ended with the whole school walking around the village for Sports Relief. Thank you for supporting this event and we raised £186.30 for this good cause.

Dates to Remember
11th June Sports Day & 16th June reserve day if needed. More details to follow.

I reminder to please check your children are wearing the school uniform. Trainers tend to appear instead of school shoes and headband become increasingly colourful and large! I have spoken to the whole school about it and individuals if required and the repsonse from the children has been excellent. If you are unsure please click here to see what is acceptable uniform and if you are still unsure please do call us before buying new.

Please ensure that we always have your current contact details, including address, email and all telephione numbers. Thank you.


This week in Turtles and Dolphins we have looked at walking as a mode of transport to fit in with our Sport Relief activities at the end of the week. We have talked about the places we like to walk to, we have looked at foods that give us energy to walk and complete exercise. On Thursday we had ‘Asda Man’ visit us, he brought lots of different fruits for us to try.

Last week Year 1 had a visit from Fred the dinosaur who destroyed the classroom. While we were tidying Fred’s mess we found a suitcase in the classroom that belonged to Mary Anning. She left us a letter explaining that she would be setting us some challenges over the next few weeks. So far she has challenged us to find out about her life, to plot her life and our lives on a timeline and to use chalk and metre sticks to measure how long the dinosaurs were. We have also investigated how many of our shoes would fit into a Triceratops’ footprint and used rulers to measure pictures of dinosaurs. In Writing we have planned and written our own version of The Tiger Who Came to Tea called The Dinosaur Who Came to Dinner. The children have worked very hard and have written some incredible stories.

Lundy Puffins have been learning about tally charts and pictograms in Maths and in English they have helped to write a class biography about the author, Julia Donaldson. In their topic work, they’re finding out about a new explorer: Neil Armstrong. They will be writing biographies about his life, so any extra research you could do at home would be really helpful. Some children now know all their 2,5 and 10 times tables off by heart, so thank you for your support with this. In the Art studio, they are working with clay to make a gift for Mothers’ Day. Forest school sessions have continued; children are enjoying working outdoors in role as explorers. Just a reminder for wellington boots to be in school on Thursdays please as it is still quite muddy in the jungle.

Seahunter have had a busy week planning their own ‘Beasties’ stories. They have inveted a Beastie (imaginary creature) in the art studio, which they are creating from modroc. The Beastie will then becone the central character in a story to be written next week. In Science, they have been learning the names of their bones, which isn’t an easy task! Finally, they all did an amazing job coming to school in theior sports gear for an active Sports Relief day. We enjoyed a whole school workout first thing this morning followed by a run in the park and outdoor maths. We then joined the school again for a village walk this afternoon. They had a great time and a really positive attitude.

In Maths this week, HMS Echo have looked at when fractions are greater than one and counting in fractions. For English, we have looked at using brackets in our writing. In Science, the class have learnt about the layers of teeth and tooth decay. Year 4 had their first outdoor learning session this week where they learnt all about the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses and built their own temples!

Year 5 have continued with their space log entries, discovering a range of new planets to write about. They have really focused on using interesting adjectives and looking for exciting vocabulary to use in their writing. In maths they have continued to work on adding and subtracting fractions, especially when using mixed numbers or improper fractions. The music has been listening to the Planet Suite by Holst, thinking of words to describe each piece of music and drawing a picture of how the music makes us feel. Well done to Sophia for being a winner in the Recycle Devon waste poetry competition. Her poem was titled ‘No Plastic Pollution’:

I went to the beach, and what did I see?
Golden sand and blue sea.
But wait, no! What is this?
Plastic bottles, plastic surfboards and fishing nets.
Seagulls eating plastic tags,
Fish wearing the fishing nets.
Has humanity got not regrets?
What do we do?
How can we help?
There’s even plastic drums in the kelp,
We have to help.
The animals and the planet need survival,
I know, shout out loud, there’s one thing to do,

We hope the choir enjoy their day at Woolsery, preparing for their event at Bideford College at the end of the month. The rest of the class will be learning about the benefits of exercise whilst taking part in Sports Relief activities.

Year 6 have been writing about their new locations for Hogwarts this week in Literacy. They have also designed wands and been creating maps. In maths, we have been drawing and measuring shapes accurately, as well as identifying and naming parts of a circle. In reading, they have been looking carefully at how to prepare for a comprehension test and how to answer a range of questions about choices the author has made – particularly in the vocabulary that they have chosen. Please encourage children to ask sooner rather than later, if they need any help for SATs – we are expecting that children will access online resources, through sites such as BBC KS2 Bitesize, to help them prepare. Children have now chosen hoody sizes, please pay promptly online so that the order can be placed when you are sent payment message.

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