Newsletter for the week ending 13th January
13 January 2017

Please read on to find out about school census, changes to the school meals menu and what has been happening around the classes…

School Census
A census of all schools is being conducted next week and we are required to submit information to the Department of Education. You will soon receive (please look in your child’s bag) a letter requesting information. Please note that it is not compulsory. Completed forms need to be returned on Tuesday at the leatest please.

School Meals Menu Change
Please note that there has been a menu change and the menu for Thursday 19th January will be the following day and the menu on Friday 20th January will now be served on Thursday 19th January.

Gliddon and Squire cross Country

Don’t forget the next race is this Sunday at Northam Burrows. For more information, please see earlier news article on here.

Around the Classes

This week in FSU we have eased ourselves into our new topic ‘The World’ by looking at different types of transport, where best they work and how they work. We have drawn many of the vehicles and had a go at printing with different wheels. We have turned our role play areas into a boat and an aeroplane and are starting to go on many adventures! We have also compared some of the vehicles and talked about which ones we like the best.

This week in Year 1 we have started looking at the new book we are using as inspiration for writing. It is a non-fiction book about Knights. We have found out lots about Knights and what they did. Next we want to find out about other jobs. We would love to have volunteers in to explain about their job. If you can spare us 15 minutes to tell us what you do, what you had to do to become that, and answer any questions we have, please let Mrs Stephens know. In Maths we have continued our work with number bonds to 10 and 20. We made a giant 10 frame on the carpet, we put different amounts of children in the frame and then wrote the corresponding number sentence. We discovered that when we put the number sentences in order we found lots of patterns. We have also started using what we know about number bonds to 10, to help us work out number bonds to 20. With Kay we have made invitations for Barnaby Bear’s birthday party.

Lundy Puffins have been writing their ‘Baboon on the Moon’ stories this week. They will be finished on Friday and published next week into small books. Look out for them on the Writers’ wall outside the hall. In Maths, they have been demonstrating their understanding of ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ and the associated symbols. The topic for this term is ‘Who lives in a house like this?’ They began by looking at different types of houses, created drawings of these and also 3D models.

Seahunter have researched life in the Caribbean island of Tobago this week through reading the story ‘Gregory Cool’ by Caroline Binch. They have learnt to highlight, take notes and use a concept map to organise their ideas. They have used their research to produce some beautiful leaflets about life on the island that will be in the classroom and on the writer’s wall to enjoy.

Year 4 have started their Roman Topic by deciding what they would like to find out about. Hopefully, by the end of term, their questions will be answered! In literacy, we have been writing a description based on a short film. In maths, we are learning how the bar method can help with calculations. Swimming starts on Monday, so don’t forget!!

This week year 5 have watched some small clips about imaginary planets to work on literacy skills. Our focus has been adding extra information to our decsriptions using brackets or relative clauses. In maths we have been trying to explain clearly how to answer a varierty of problems – this has caused a few headaches but the class are starting to think about what they are doing and why, much more clearly. In Science we have begun thinking about Space and what we already know and what we need to know – we have thought about specific questions we need to ask, in order to find useful information. In art we have looked at the artist Joe Van Wetering and started to creat some vivid planet art based on his work. Next week we will be starting our journey to gain an Arts Award with a visit from Tangled Theatre which should be fun. We have also begun cooking in groups this week (thank you to those who have remembered to bring in their £1 towards this).

Since the start of the week, multiple duties have been completed in Year 6 including: maths, science, literacy, reading, topic, P.E and a new project. In maths we worked on rounding decimals up to 3 decimal places and rounding whole numbers. Along with that we also did a lot of reasoning to show our levels of understanding. In science we worked on light and how the eye saw it. Literacy included starting a new book called The Mousehole Cat where we wrote about Old Tom, The Great Storm Cat and Mowzer. We are now reading for half an hour each day and on Thursdays we read with the Year 3s. Our topic work has looked at Grace Darling (history) and layers of the atmosphere (geography). We also did some more P.E where we did gymnastics. We also started a new project where we got into groups and picked a ship that had been shipwrecked e.g. Titanic. We are going to build models of these ships. By class reporters William And Laurence

Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff and children.

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